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Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk and Kill


Mr Norris they know not what they do

OMG I have to get out of here. I f Mr Norris see's these posts, were all in big trouble.

Irate New Mexican workers ward off alien attack


the aliens are attacking now as we speak

for christ sake, everyone today wants to stop this group or that group from doing this or doing that, hello its a free country , well as least it is here , I know you Brits are still working on that one, anyways back to the point if the aliens want to attack, then, let them, who knows maybe they got fueling stations where you can buy petrol for less than $2.00 a gallon , or maybe even some new vista drivers , Look if you dont like the aliens just ignore em maybe thell go away , at the least they might abduct you and plant you on a planet that you were looking at space.com anyways . jeez everybody just chill. thanks have a nice day

Readers win with Reg Hardware


reg hardware winner

yea sure I know how it works you guys picked the bosses nephew for this thanks a lot reg I still love ya anyways