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Microsoft slams OEMs over XP SP3 install cock-up

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@nay sayers

It *IS* an example of the fragility of Windows. Take a Linux HDD out of an Intel box, throw it in an AMD box and (assuming a generic, modular kernel) watch in amazement as it boots. Taking a stand-alone drive and attaching it to a RAID controller... well that *might* work but don't get your hopes up. And no putting an x86 build on to PPC will probably cause hilarity.

Latest version of OS X, take Intel mac drive, attach to PPC mac. Voila, it'll boot (allegedly).

Windows falls over due to a known issue, that apparently happens with a clean install from non-OEM media? That sounds like the Windows install routine can't figure it out.

But to sum up. SP3 makes random boxen go bang, MS blame HP, HP goes WTF? STFU! AMD go STFU, Intel go MUHAHAHA, MS return to assimilating lesser species... erm... fixing it sooner or later... or never.


Lenovo ThinkPad X300 sub-notebook



Of course I'd have expected Vista to recognize an SSD and react appropriately to it. Obviously another failing of the Borg.

US warez sitemaster jailed for 30 months

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Free Stuph rocks!

Personally I'll say this to all the artists going "Whaaa Whaaa, P2P makes baby jebus cry... Whaa, Whaa, o noes my money!" Shut! Up!

If you were any actual good at what you do then your records would sell. If you were good then the P2Pers would be downloading your stuff and then going off to buy it (which a percentage of them do). If you were any good you'd have gigs comming out your rear and a nifty line in merchandise that was selling 'quite well'.

If, you were any good that is.

No, I don't want 'tight guitars' nor do I want YADFTB (Yet Another Dumb F****** Tribute Band) you're not ABBA, Blur, Queen or whomever your tributing. You don't sound like them, actually, you suck!

Stop sucking and work hard. That's all you have to do, but you won't do the first bit and as your incessantly whining about P2P you're obviously not going to do the second either. So you'll always suck and be lazy. If you didn't suck and you worked hard, you could well live off your original content... but here's a newsflash people are going to pay only so many times to hear a new version of a classic song, if you can't make original content I suggest you give up.

P2P isn't the cancer killing the music and movie business. Lazy assholes, producing naff content then whining that they could of been big time if only P2P hadn't taken it from them are! Give me something new, something dynamic, something original and I'll pay you for it. Give me "Hollywood Action Movie #3434234" and I'll torrent it then bin it after a single viewing.

Virgin Media distances itself from Phorm 'adoption' claims


I call BS!

One of the two statements is plainly false. I suggest it's VirginMedia's one and act accordingly. They have a habit of lieing, double billing and generally being mischievous and devious.

What's that? Shut up or I'll be in the bus lane?

Microsoft kicks out third Windows XP service pack


Would they?

Would Microsoft screw over XP just to ship more units of Fista? Yes.

Would Microsoft kill Yahoo! by forcing them to move to Windows if they merged? Yes.

If you can think of the worst case scenario there is some manager, at Microsoft, thinking "that'll work AOK."

BBC vs ISPs: Bandwidth row escalates as Tiscali wades in

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Yep, I understand the ISP's costs in this. Not my problem.

If Virgin or whoever want to change my package from 'unlimited' to 'limited' then I expect a big, fat, pay off from them for changing the contract and admitting they can't deliver on their end of it.

Which, is precisely what they do to us.

ISP's you've made your bed. You've had your chance, time to burn.


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