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Killzone 2 to drive XBox 360 owners to PS3, claims Sony

Gates Horns

I would.

£279 or whatever you can pick up the PS3 for is nothing, it is cheap for the kit you're getting. Remember, £279 in todays money is the equalivant of what? £200 in 1995? when the PS1 was first out. I seem to remember paying £300 for it.

Sure the 360 is cheaper but......It's "cheaper" and you really do get what you pay for !

Just wish PS3 had Left 4 Dead, damm you Gabe Newell.

Gates because I suspect he's Gabe's bestest buddy

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite to be pulled from console line-up?


Id rather wait and get .....

one of the 45nm PS3's that'll be appearing towards the end of 2009 instead, Cool running and quiet as a mouse and as a final bonus, It'll use far less electricity.

In the meantime,.... time to fire up Killzone 2 on my original 60gigger, that one needs it's own personal powerstation, lol !

Tiscali shares suspended on titsup fears

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Goodbye Tiscali.... We'll miss you.... NOT !

Jumped ship from Tiscali to PLUSNET Pro package just before christmas, alleluya, what a difference a decent ISP makes. I was getting around 2.5meg download maximum and less during peak times, now I get a rock solid 4.5meg download and I'm over 2 mines from the exchange.

All those who are happy with Tiscali, you're fooling yourselves, jump, and jump NOW !

Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims

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Bottom Line

You get what you pay for !

PS3's Home to debut tomorrow

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Take me home, to the place, i belong

Well, Plenty of decent titles out on my PS3, at least I'm one happy owner and some corkers coming out just after crimbo so I shall continue to be Happy.

HOME has no meaning if it wasn't for the Clan I'm part of ( www.oldnrubbish.co.uk ), we'll have clubhouses so we can all meet up, have a chat before jumping into games. HOME is what you make of it i guess, we've got plans for how we'll be using it so for us at least, It's a great asset.

btw, Argos have a cracking PS3 deal at the moment, 80gig PS3 plus LBP, Resistance 2 & MStorm2 for £283, FC2 is £17.99 on play.com, Fallout 3 £19.99 at gamestation..... I guess we can thank the credit crunch for some things.

Paris, because she's cheap too.

MS confirms European Xbox 360 price cuts

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Spin spin spin and more spin

I love the spin these people shovel. MS is loosing in europe and it's a close fought race in the USA and Japan, whilst less important has been lost already. 360 is loosing ground , PS3 is gaining momentum or at least, is being consistant, It's not a reward to all of us, it's an unfeasibly rich company desparate to win this round of the console war and happy to loose oodles of cash. Disregarding the 'waste of space 360 arcade' the other SKU's are pretty cheap but yer gets what yer pay for.

Paris because She also going cheap.

Microsoft slashes US Xbox 360 to sub-Wii price

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straight to the point

"Team ICO", thats all i want to say.

Western Digital shrinks VelociRaptors for enterprise duty


I wonder.....

If this'll finally allow the PS3 to load from HD quicker than the 360 can manage from it's DVD drive.

US PS3 sales surge

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Time Will Tell

It's all a bit immaterial really, M$ will release a new console doubly early next time around, i.e. 24 months early, such is their desparate lust to beat SONY. They care not for their user base, they mearly wish to beat SONY and add to their coffers. It's all quite sad.

I think Sony & Nintendo are true gaming consoles, Nintendo especially so although I do think the Wii is a nonsense, a Smaller updated Gamecube with a new pad, Clever but boring.

No, for me SONY deserves the prize, it's console reeks quality and who knows, maybe the developers and middleware providers will extract that un-tapped grunt the console has, perserverance gets rewarded.

Paris..... well, something to do with coming in an attractive box.

Sony confirms major PS3 firmware update features

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Horses for courses.....

Being a mature gamer, I prefer the PS3 as it looks cool in my louge, goes well with my shiny black LCD & black Cinema system and as an added plus, i can hear the TV as it's quieter and finally, it's Japaneese and not american so it's NOT a Tastless looking Jug Kettle.

The 360 has more great games but less great gamers.

Date set for next major PS3 firmware release

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General off the chest moment

As already mentioned, the In game friends list feature is useful, some games already have it to a certain degree but it's not that vital, saying that, having it hanging off the PS button would be a nice addition. For me, PlayTV is what I'm hankering for, now that is a nice to have. 250gb HD already installed and ready but I do wonder how much I'll have left as every game seems to require an install.

Choose the thumbs up, shame I can't pick Paris as well as I'm sure she'd enjoy a thumbs up.

PS3 update fails to fix Grand Theft Auto IV woes


Router problems

I've had no problem with my original 60gb PS3 however I know a few guys in our forum who have. The patch sorted most of them and changing to a nice modern router sorted out a couple others ( silly thing tio need to do admitedly but there you go).

I haven't heard of any freezing problems now.

As to the chap who took this as an opportunity to jump on the PS3 back and praise the 360. Do stop it, you look stupid !

my VCS2600 still works today, i bought it in 1978 !

Still play ADVENTURE often...

LG displays world's largest circular LCD


W.Hank or swatch?

Can't see the batteries lasting too long unless someone designs a clever wrist movement charger...... the perfect watch for all those single men/women that enjoy their own company, as long as they wear it on their prominant hands wrist of course.

Spyware targets frustrated GTA IV gamers

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Good ol SHOPTO

Pre-ordered from Shopto and as usual, they delivered on time. Have PS3 version and it's very nice indeed. A massive achievement by Rockstar North. Makes me proud to be British which doesn't happen too often anymore.

Nintendo says no to Wii price cuts



Clever Ninty, almost every new game demands you by the latest hardware controller, the latest being the wiiboard. Not so cheap really and where are you supposed to store all that plastic. I'm not knocking the machine, compared to the Vtech kiddies rubbish in Toy'r'Us up and down the country, it's proper Bo!

I think, as an adult, i'll stick with a proper next gen console that plays proper next gen games *cough* GTA4 *cough*.

Coldplay in digital and vinyl giveaway


I'll get me coat

...... I actually thought 'Paracutes' was an excellent albumn, saying that though, the missus was in the process of becoming an ex-missus so i guess that might of clouded my judgement somewhat

Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty


No brainer

Let me see... if i had £300 in my sweaty hands and the option of spending £300 on a PS3 or £200 on a 360 which would i go for.... hmmmm, bit of a no brainer. Id go for the console that will more likely survive an extended gaming session, won't cook me in my lounge and won't annoy the neighbours with it's deafening cooling system. ok, i may spend another £35 on an imported DuelShock controller and maybe £65 on a nice 250gb drive but so what, I'm set for the next few years, wonderful.


@ Matt Kemp

"Unless you really want severely broken backwards compatability"

Are you sure it's severely broken? I'm very impressed with the BC in my UK PS3. Of the 30 or so games I've still got, 21 work perfectly, 5 work with some slight glitching ( nothing major) and 4 don't work at all, I'm really happy with that and even happier that SOTC looks brilliant on my HD Tv with the games Progressive scan option enabled.

I suppose you think the Orange Box on PS3 was also Serverly Broken and not just ever so slightly dented !

Price cut fails to push Xbox 360 past PS3 in UK


@ @Mark

"Actually it's looking like the PS3 version of GTA IV trumps the 360 version, with better graphics, more populated enviroments lack of famerate problems (the 360 has ample of this apparently), and exclusive multiplayer splitscreen. (360 lacks this too)."

Has it? How do you know this? Please tell.

I will be getting the PS3 version myself as I don't have a 360 and don't think I'll be getting one any time soon. Don't get me wrong, the 360 plays great games but let be honest, the hardware is underdeveloped, much like dropping a V12 in a Morris Marina, lol

NASA gets intimate with Phobos

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@Nick Palmer

Have to agree, Nothing like PHOBOS from UTIII, what do these NASA types take us for, fools?


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