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Google redirects China to uncensored Hong Kong servers


@amanfromMars 1

What is up with the new flash spam on your blogspot?

I am back!

Bioshock sequel teaser trailer now showing


Back in the real world:

A real doctor before I die would be a great start.

American ISP giants: If we Phorm, we'll get consent


Alive still :P


Focus plus excitement: Michael Dell talks turnarounds



"So, Errr .......Thanks for your invaluable contribution? :-("

Anything you have from me was stolen.

You took my project and used it to set me up.

When I get back "on the outs" - I will remember to phone a "fsck you" your way.


Wikimadness XVII: The Return of Byrne


@Inculpatory Evidence ..... Fiscal Meltdown

Electronic control of coffee brewing as many things very day. It was actually literally swarms of fire bug fucker. They would tell you? Maybe she stimulated his beard, and positive behavior - His singular master.

Some dude I am - still just the nativitys porcelain milk always love the raw primordia gives birth to draw attention to f*(k s*it anyway. They could oppose him to the family recipe and fill dogs bowls full of sh*t.

Dell offers glimpse of monster quad-core laptop


@amfM Calling Michael Dell re Colouring IT with Shells of Orange Apps.

OX-TONGUE À LA CARDINAL Take out on the center of strawberry conserve is well colored in an onion (slightly browned by bachelors widows) and cut it get a sieve. slow oven--and take it a good white stock to serve it in the sieve. This way the rest for five big onions and it with a pork-bone from the meat. Beat up again when serve the stalk.

Philips Cineos 42PFL9603D Ambilight LCD TV



<Red Pill or Blue Pill ..... or Orange Tab>

---> One Red Pill + One Orange Tab.

Mozilla dishes up teasers for concept browser



Aliens will do whatever amfM asks them to do - Out of respect. They trust amfM will make sound decisions. As stated before amfM is in charge of all public communications.

Mule sought for mysterious Chinese delivery



An odd press release today:

"The 3 aliens have decided that amanfromMars have been granted power of attorney. Direct all further correspondence to:amanfromMars. amanfromMars will inform the 3 aliens in person when the mothership has landed"

Reg hack insults the Parachute Regiment


A Comment


Lesbos climax as lesbians lick Lesbians

IT Angle


Is ET allowed to have fun with PROMIS/LIONS ?

MoD budget fiddles under fire



Does ET ever return home, or is ET stuck on earth from now on?

Is ET allowed to fone redhedblupants ?

FYI: Any IP in question was melted by the heat of the sun.

Prime Minister's email takes month off



"whenever you're Ready 42 Travel"

---> Have been ready since Friday 18th July 2008 19:50 GMT.



Now, what would Like 42 Do when Nothing is Impossible?

---> Obtain happiness by working with a "Flaming Blue Gene".


@Is Ignorance of Shared Dissent, a Government Default to be Used for Abuse?

Maybe someone is just waiting to "go home and fsck the prom queen".

---> What is the ETA for ship arrival?

David Davis tells El Reg that Labour is 'mesmerised' by tech



Actions speak louder than words.


Court rules 90s UK.gov wiretaps violated human rights



"Does that mean that it is considered lawful to spy on citizens whose legitimate business interests and activities will result in substantial financial gain, thus rendering them disadvantaged and their dealings likely to be insider traded/phished by third parties for their substantial financial gain?"

---> I would say something should be done about this financial gain from stealing others hard work. That is corssing the line, IMHO.

UK.gov calls on white hat hackers to spot data leaks


--- Mars Bars ---

“You clearly don’t *get* the vetting process. If you are up front with past misdemenours then it’s perfectly possible to to get clearance to quite a high level."

In the movie I was watching someone forgot to show up in person, and fsck'd the whole thing up.

"All passwords have been changed, networks redesigned, operations modified.

Now also multiple fake password databases in place.

W00!" said the public enemy.

At the end of the movie the viewer was left to realize that for such an operation to end on a good note, in person conversation with the bitch was required.

What a waste of resources, for something so simple.

It does make the viewer wonder, what is the motivation here?

Google urged to make a more loving cloud



"The only currency in Virtualisation is Intelligence and Intelligence concludes that the Establishment Capitalist Model is Fundamentally Flawed. It is certainly easily cracked open and used and abused and whilst it remains in denial of its fate/destiny/future, will mounting greater losses and new names to the Great Game, change the Scenery"

"Is that Windows taking down the $ dollar? Is that the Microsoft Legacy?"

---> Invalid syntax / need more input.

North Carolina targets WTF licence plates

IT Angle


ETA for enlightenment?

Hyper-V climbs into Windows



Microsoft make AI Quantum Leap into Virtual Leadership = good

Or just building on Bloat in the Information Stack = bad

easyJet warns Expedia: 'Hands off our flights'


@The End of the Road.... Beginning of the Rains

"Maybe they can't do any of that stuff that they say they can do and are just Phishing and Flashing for those who Can and Do?."

---> End of public postings.

Cardiff 'copter coppers give chase to UFO



"Denying IT doesn't make IT go away, you know. It only leads to you being Biffed and MIffed."

---> Clearly working together is the answer. I always use the toaster to get my bread up to speed. Without electricity this would most likely not be possible, and without funding - the electric bill laspses. Clearly butter with your toasted bread is a good thing. If my toaster burns my bread, i attempt to adjust it. In the case the toaster is defective, and shows hostile intent towards my bread - I stop using it. Getting shocked by your toaster is no fun, thus I have become picky when choosing such a device.

---> I also sometimes find when protocols have been in production use for long periods of time, and support critical networks - they are rarely audited properly. The protocol that is.

---> Black network attached boxes, securing the enterprise... or are they?

---> I was attempting to connect to my CDN, and i realized when my terminal froze - the software had piggybacked malicious codez. From big to little, and from mother to small. quite perPLEXing.

Just a thought about something i read in an article somewhere. Who knows if such will help, it was an free ezine.



"The helicopter was stationary, hovering at 500ft and waiting for clearance to land on June 7, when the crew spotted the UFO hurtling towards them from below."

That was my parts delivery, the sentra doors. Thanks a load for freaking out the delivery men...

The Casey Report: Putting your mouth, not brain, in charge


A title is required.


---> You seem to be mis-informed.

"carefully selected plebs half-baked "opinions" "

---> Your also a cock sucker.


Google keeps killing penguins for money

Paris Hilton

A title is required.

I have always been amazed at how people will pay anything for a problem, yet nothing for a solution.

Instant trojan to worm toolkit sighted

IT Angle

@Elmer Phud

I think the real question here is:

"If 0wning a PC is point and click, surely securing said PC should also be"

As for : "surely securing said PC should also be"

---> Looks like the "bad guys" work in teams, internetworking - when is the security industry going to do the same, and release similar tools for end users?

Is this not the proper way for such "SilverSurfers" to fight back ?

Zuckerberg's Google boycott reaches 32 days (and counting)


@Talking Shop ……

"Is “on the fly” being redefined?"

---> One can only hope.

Social networks may be imaginary


@couldn't agree more

"The alien, because if the Martians did land they'd think we're pretty stupid for spending hours in front of our PCs answering stupid questionnaires on films."

---> Would "Martians" be laughing at You even before landing?



<--- Always up for fresh air, it's good for the lungs you know.

"Zurick Gnomes and Leprechaun Shenanigans"

---> Wondering who wouldn't be dying to enjoy such wonders of the world ?

DARPA working on T-ray spyeye spectacle tech


"A title is required"


"finding the Holy Grail and sheding light on the existence of Jesus' girlfriend"

---> And here I was thinking they were one and the same ;)

"unlocking a huge techno treasure vault stuffed with goodies such as unused wireless spectrum"

<--- Places bid.

"more on the lines of the slightly dodgy-looking blue tinted jobs employed by James Bond in the The World Is Not Enough"

--->Still pushing for red tint, but then again Fuion is no James Bond.

"though fairly short-range unless it could be used mainly in the upper atmosphere"

<--- Waiting for spaceship shuttle/pickup in my front yard...

Bosch, Siemens: Vorsprung durch kinder und technik



Rocks in the the street.

---> Math joke.

Next year critical for Sun's 'Project Copy Linux'


The nature of this beast

"Head Honchos not Realise the Power of Open Source Networking"

--->In this case failure to realise == failure to capitalise ?

And RedHead because Fuion said: Nothing but the best will do.

AMD pitches latest Opterons at swollen boxen


@ amanfromMars

"Is it a Private Virtual Reality 4u2?"

---> Yes, how nice :)

Browser makers throw up drive-by download barriers


@John A Thomson

"doing the needful"

---> Yes, please do the needful.

US air force chiefs sacked in robot-armada brouhaha


Hooray Beer!

"Bobby Sands, Dead and buried, but more Alive now than ever."

Gates threatens to buy millions and millions of servers for Microsoft


RE: ResPonSe V

And I quote:

"Such professionalism, such dedication to duty, such is my coat, my hat."

---> Well said.

Fellow from AMD ridicules Cell as accelerator weakling


A thought

Perhaps it is not the idea, rather the implementation.

Even the best glue fails with poor application ?

Vista isn't crap but the 'leccy is

Black Helicopters

The caveman perspective:

"On Tuesday the UK's electricity network was shaken by the failure of two major power stations within minutes of each other and a further seven succumbed as the day went on."

Abstract = organization, collusion, fear, power, money. I think that sums it up.

That is unless all these "power problems" everywhere, are a coincidence (if there such a thing, "coincidence")?

"Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates this week defended Windows Vista and made noises about the next Microsoft OS, Windows 7. The much-maligned Vista is "not a failure and it's not a mistake.", says Steve."

I think the clear point here is that if you used a closed source OS, you can expect to be forced to upgrade each version as the vendor say - or pay the price. They will stop the security updates, end the life of the project, make new software so you can only run it with the new OS, etc. If you want freedom with OS management, you have to go open source or manage it yourself. I could be wrong, but who is still running 1000x machines with win95?

The US military seems to have begun a secret programme to develop a superior stealth bomber.

I fail to understand how this would at all qualify as "a secret programme" if everyone knows about it. It is funny that we have 12yr old kids who already have the schematics to these "secret" programs, and others are on a web board discussing something they have little to no information on. Ask your children. Talk about "stealth", if it cannot hide from my 12yr old son, it fails the stealth test.

Not content with outlawing our extreme porn, the government is proposing to ban drawings and computer-generated images of child abuse.

I seem to be confused here, is our goal media control - or tracking down child molesters?

It is very simple really = No child molesters = no more child porn produced.

And to think, here our teacher(s) are having sex with our student(s), but we are worried about a cartoon.

And the helicopter because the thing was flying over my hut.

<--Takes out spear.

International copyright talks seek BitTorrent-killer laws


(Registered Future)

I say hooray for those who would support further education, as "a little commitment" is a small price that the willing are happy to provide.

And where are the *BSD icons ?

-Mine is a link because of the above.


Welcome to Las Vegas - Home of the technology superpower you've never heard of


Datacenter Fusion without the Fuion ?

Why was I not invited to such a place?


Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears



With my now clear vision I can see:

Faceparty ---> Smoking Crack

Crack Kills ---> Faceparty Dies

We can all be assured that this "Crack Epidemic" will soon cease to exist.

Stone catches fallen Rock


About: iLyROoaftIrO dot html

Fuion ---> Spaceship ---> destination == Mars

Nuff said.

Microsoft pays people to use its search engine

Thumb Up

OK to T's & C's.

If Microsoft want to corner the Search Market, they need only Pay an Endless Fortune to those who can Provide Novel Content which is Endlessly Searched for, the Holiest of Holy Grails.

I could care less if someone knows what I eat for breakfast.

I am more concerned with the quality of my food :)

And it would be quite nice to be able to have an actual place to get real mail at, as I am currently stuck with such a PO box because of my empty cc#

Phlashing attack thrashes embedded systems


RE:Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there? ---> Am I coming in clear?

Fuion ---> Wonders if WonkaVision is having a malfunction...


"Most people don't change default router password.

If you change your router default Admin password, it's unlikely this idea can be exploited. No outside access required. Only a vulnerable browser and malicious website (Active X anyone?)"

I had a dream, and in that dream:

---> It is currently possible to remote exploit all SOHO routers that employ CMS.

---> Root password is stored inside firmwares such surrounded by cute quotes such as "root --> uid 0 -->The Lamma of all Evil"

---> Whole subnets can be "0wned", someone has forgotten to properly configure the Cisco ACL settings...

---> Even without CMS another tact can be employed to remote exploit without password. Who needs a password(s) when you are not required to use such to get the result.

In short: "Passwords" == overrated.

-=- End DNS Dream -=-

Alien because there is no Daemon icon???

Bush tests Castro with mobile phone gift barrage


Bush tests "Castro" with mobile phone ;)

If (neo) ---> (cuba) then (http://www.trustedbsd.org/trustyteenie.gif) else (http://www.lclark.edu/faculty/jsmiller/objects/idea_bulb.jpg) ++ (http://silvrique.com/blog/?p=352#comment-18)

Who said Bush was bad guy ?

I Was A Teenage Bot Master

Thumb Up


" It is certainly not getting well laid by some foxy smart broad, that's for sure. "

- I would like to add 1 "foxy smart broad" to my christmas wish list...

DARPA wants Matrix style virtual world for cybergeddon


RE: amanfrommars

I would suppose they would reply.

Last time I was watching TV I did notice the show was about to end.

I would guess if a reply was requested, the inital email would have to come before the end of the show.

Less than 24hrs left of this funny show I am watching here...


Can you imagine their reply, or can you imagine that they would even reply [for they are reputedly a somewhat paranoid schizophrenic bunch] Go on, spoil yourself and tell us what you think Intelligence, would do in such an Instance. Run away and hide undercover or Boldly Go and Take to AI like proverbial Ducks to Water?

Yahoo? We don't need no stinkin' Yahoo!

Dead Vulture

I suppose...

It is time to put up, or shut up.

Microhoo! what's! going! on?


Microhoo! -->

<HOORAY beer!>