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Same old iPad? NO. The new 'soft SIMs' are BIG NEWS


Re: Genius!

Yeah, I was right:


What is the problem? If you do not like your AppleSIM on EE, just swap it out for a Vodafone, O2 or Three SIM!


Re: Genius!

Er, is this a problem?

I seem to remember that the SIM card will still be a SIM card in a SIM slot, so it is swap-out-able, otherwise other, non-Apple-SIM-providers will not be able to put theirs in.

The only advantage to having an AppleSIM in the iPad will be that with the AppleSIM inside, you can swap carriers without removing it.

Boffins find hundreds of thousands of woefully insecure IoT devices


Re: Surly... (or Surely?)

Hmm. He did ask for the absolute minimum number. There are two "one-hundred thousands" in 200,000, thereby satisfying the criteria and 200,001 is more than the absolution minimum.


Re: Minimum

200,000? Literally?

BT Tower to be replaced by 3D printed BT Tower


Re: Re too obvious

Er, *WHAT* Scottish pound coins???

iTunes-for-corporates private app stores put firms at risk – survey


Corporate Software Stores are great (if there is some control and approval).

I have worked with Corporate Software Stores and they are really effective for allowing users to just install the stuff that they need, as long as there is a process for approval by someone who needs to pay for it.

Also, it is not beyond the whit of man to include detection abilities for software that then also tracks the software installation to a license and therefore to make sure that everyone knows the license position BEFORE FAST/Microsoft/Adobe come knocking on the door.

Furthermore, it is also possible to monitor software executions, so that when someone has got a premium product installed, you can then find out if they are using it (and whip it off if they are not)!

Software Licensing (once you know how it has been paid for) is not that difficult to work with...

New Bitcoin exchange launches in the UK


Re: Multiple underground vaults

...and so did Microsoft?

BAN THIS SICK FILCH: Which? demands end to £1.50-per-min 'help' lines


BT gives us FREE 0845/0870, then these become 0844/0871!

What I hate is that BT have included 0845 and 0870 calls in the deal these days, however, when I try to call the 0845 or 0870 numbers, I find that they have been moved to 0844 or 0871 (whihc are not included).

This is a con - we think that we are getting a good deal and companies move away from the deal (or are encouraged to move) and we get the bad news again!

Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back


So... we will have Windows 8.1?

Er, if Windows 8 is Windows NT 6.2 (after Windows 7 being Windows NT 6.1), then will Windows 8.1 be Windows NT 6.21 or Windows NT 6.3, or what?

Former Gov.UK sweetheart Logica evaporates after CGI swills it down


93 million citizens?

"The company has SAP and Oracle expertise and says it has successfully implemented more than 400 government ERP systems, managing in excess of $700bn and serving more than 93 million citizens."

Last time the ONS did their servey thing, didn't it say that there are 62 million citizens in the UK? Or is this including all of the illegal immigrants? I knew that this country was getting crowded?!!?

Ten... e-cars and hybrids


Re: Tesla...

Maybe so, but a lead acid battery can be replced for under £100 and a Tesla battery will cost $40,000!

Brits trapped in confusing council website labyrinths - survey


Quite agree...

Can the councils include popular tags on the useful web pages, like the opening times for "refuse/recycling centres"? When I search for "dump", can I find the dump, rather than the site saying that there is no such thing. There is! it is very close by and I went there recently! I just need to know if it is open now!????!?!?!

RIM PlayBook price cut specials become standard


Any lower than £125 for a 16GB Tablet?

If the price went any lower than £125 for a 16GB tablet, that means that RIM are going to drop them completely, with virtually no development (like HP, where they just reduced their Dev Team to less than 350).

Raspberry Pi signs big-name sellers


BBC Micro?

What are they trying to link Raspberry Pi to? Model A and Model B? Anyone else have a BBC MIcro Model A or B?

BlackBerry PlayBook OS gets RIM spit 'n' polish

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Royal Society of Chemistry requests 'Italian Job' ending


Erm, what is the problem, again?

I think that there's been a lost negative somewhere in:

Contestants must assume that 30 minutes after Croker's last line, the bus will topple down the mountain. A 150-word minimum explanation, calculations, and a diagram must be included.

I can write a very easy explanation - they all get out of the bus and the gold sends the bus down the mountain, then they go down the mountain and pick it up again. The hard one would be recover the gold without the toppling, surely?

Lateral thought saves sizzling server


Which reminds me of this one...

GM had a similar problem a number of years ago. Have a look here:




US Army cyber colonel in call to network arms

Paris Hilton

The "speed of megabytes"...

...and that is?

I think that someone needs some "education"...


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