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Fasthosts' market leadership claims banned


Am I the only one......

.......Who hasn't had a problem with them?

My site, albeit a smallish gaming clan site (1 mysql db, couple of mailboxes etc) has been hosted by them for the last 3 years and with only one outage (they seemed very efficient on the phone when contacted about it and had the problem sorted within the hour) but apart from that I've not had any problems with Fasthosts.

Have I just been lucky because there certainly seems to be a lot of bad press about Fasthosts?

World of Warcraft: 'The crack cocaine of the computer world'



"[If only there had been some sort of authority to look over the boy. Perhaps someone with the wisdom of age from who's loins he could have sprung, then raised him for 15 years, brought the computer, and paid for his WoW account every month]."

Sarcastic but completely true....Where were the parents then?

El Reg suffers identity crisis

Thumb Up

I would say you are....

A bunch of aggro loner comically angry twats who run an online lesbian magazine which is an ever-excellent technology site but I do not think your either unethical or yellow.

Keep up the good work :-)

BNP list hunters bring down Wikileaks


re: Forgive my ignorance

It's a legal political party but certain sections of the UK populace namely the police and prison officers (there may be others as well) are not allowed to be members of ANY political party.

PC Gamers get Bill of Rights


@ alistair millington

"I have had entire LAN parties die because Steam needs to be run on 20 PC's through one Virgin Media internet connection which is shite just to play a LAN game."

I think the key phrase there is the 'Virgin Media internet connection'......Goes down more times than a whore on a see-saw (putting it politely), running a LAN party on that connection is just asking for trouble :-)

But....I doubt any game released will ever be bug free so patches are inevitable. If the game is an online one then very often the patch will contain extras like maps/weapons etc (in the case of the Call of Duty series and probably others) so a patch is beneficial in that respect.

The Moderatrix: Exclusive boudoir snap


Is that the........

latest set from Playmobil in the "Max Mosley Boudoir of Pain" range?

O2 PR calls Reg readers 'techie nerds'



Just switched from O2 to 3 last month! I guess they didn't like it :)


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