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YARR! Library Wi-Fi PIRATES can't be touched by Queen's men!


Re: When signing up for wifi at our local library

Um..Sorry but in fact it is piss easy for most library staff to do that. We do monitor walk-in access and we do come down like a ton of bricks on folks who think we're all little old ladies with their hair in a bun. There have been computers in libraries for more than 20 years. What did you think we were doing all that time?

Boffins glue self-righting ROBO-VELOCIRAPTOR tail to car


Motorcyclists and Dirt Jumpers use the rotation of the from wheel to control the nose of the bike. If you hit the front brake at the apex of the jump it drops the nose so you can hit the rollout with both wheels.

Christmas gamma burst stupendo-explosion DEATHMATCH



10,000 light years? Isn't our galaxy only 100,000 light years across? That's practically down the street. Feel the burn.

Hubble snaps mystery green death nebula in NGC 1846


The greenfly conversion has begun...

BlackBerry nicks iPhone's UK smartphone crown


Blackberrys just work

As this was my 1st smart phone purchase, i just wanted something with no issues. I don't have a lot of money so a free handset for £8.99/ month was cheaper than my pay as you go so I jumped. Apple phones are out of my price range and they seem to keep getting basic technical elements wrong. Antennas and batteries aren't new so what's up with that? Like I said, BBs are proven tech and I wasn't bothered about having the latest whatever, just a good phone that's reasonably durable with WiFi. Job done.

I was worried about the tiny buttons as I have big fingers but I was surprised to fine that typing is quite agile.

DARPA project seeks immortality, suspended animation


I'm worried

First DARPA wants ideas for starships. Now it wants folks to work on suspended animation among other things. Do they know something we don't? I really need to buy a telescope.

Haumea: Mysterious radioactive rugby-ball world


Paking is rough

You come all this way in your 2000 km long ship and some noob engineer leaves the bloody reactor on. Thetans took all the best staff.

Student accused of posting bogus coupons to 4chan


wire fraud

"Wire fraud, in the United States Code, is any criminally fraudulent activity that has been determined to have involved electronic communications of any kind, at any phase of the event. The involvement of electronic communications adds to the severity of the penalty, so that it is greater than the penalty for fraud that is otherwise identical except for the non-involvement of electronic communications. As in the case of mail fraud, the federal statute is often used as a basis for a separate, federal prosecution of what would otherwise have been a violation only of a state law."

If he'd have kept it to himself he would have been a lot better off. He wanted to be Johnny Big Biscuits Hacker so he played himself going for glory.

Dubya to speak his mind at Facebook event

Jobs Horns

A Dunya Icon...

...would be great to commemorate this momentous event. Better still if you could give it the same treatment as the one displayed.

Google Chrome OS: unlike Android, it's open source


Apple of the future?

"We are working on the Chrome OS image - the software - but in addition to that, we are actually going and working with partners to specify components at the hardware level," Google VP of product management Sundar Pichai said last fall. "We really want software to understand the underlying hardware so we can make it much faster and more secure. It's an important part of what we're trying to do."

In 10 years I will chuckle to myself as son takes his Googlepad off to university, if I can afford it. Hmm...remind me to buy some stock...

New prototype US spy satellite rushed into active use


Environmental uses

We all know that military technology filters down to the private sector eventually. this type of technology is exactly what is needed to track events such as toxic waste and oils spills, such as the ones happening in the gulf at the moment. All of the toxins that were too dispersed to see with the naked eye would be readily visible to such a satellite. I can't imagine how much something like this would help in tracking events in real-time, disasters or geological. The density of ash clouds from volcanoes for instance. Amazing stuff.

Virgin Media boasts more subscribers and more losses



on the XL package 20Mb/sec, you get a 7gb limit between 10am and 3pm. if I break 7gb in those 5 hours I get throttled until 20:00. After that it's unlimited. Playing MMOs all day and the odd usenet download still doent rinse it. After 3pm the internet is your oyster.

US military shows off hack-by-numbers battlefield gadget

Black Helicopters


So, would they be able to fit these devices onto UAVs and use them to help penetrate networks from an even greater range with less risk to a squishy human? Speaking of which, why use a human operator at all? Just hardwire the capability into all military drones and then give them the ability to 'adjust' their own programming. That sounds like a winner to me.

Black hole swallows Barbarella rehash



If they are going to remake this film one day, please make it hardcore straight to dvd release? It will make up for a really disappointing night 22 years ago.

Spy chiefs size up net snoop gear


OK then

This is all beginning to make sense now. Phorm, the BT trials, government officials with shares in the company, it all fits. The UK government would never have been able to take any meaningful action against Phorm/BT because that would be admitting that their own plans for the technology were unethical. Very interesting indeed. It would seem that BT and other other ISPs considering this technology are the least of our worries.

Virgin Media switches to Gmail

Thumb Down

This really sucks.

What the heck is this about? The whole point of me choosing to use locally stored email services instead of web based ones has always been that I don't want anything to do with advertisers skimming my content to launch adds at me. Wasn't advertising the main reason behind the creation of Gmail?

I realize that I may be missing something with this but i really am not happy about this at all. Will this mean that i will have no access to my stored emails unless I'm connected? i know my broadband is always on but i have always been responsible for my contact lists, stored attachments and inbox space. i really don't see how handing all of this over to the Umbrella Corporation will improve things.

Someone please tell me i have the wrong end of the stick.

Apple iPhone police censor South Park


Not surprising.

Aren't the distinctive feelings of a dictator/monarch/autocrat 'I can do whatever the hell I like, when I like, to whomever I wish.'?Apple is inconsistent in this case and others because it can be inconsistent and there is nothing anyone can do about it. They just can. Whatever they do, it's not like folk will suddenly stop using it.

And I would truly love to see an 'Apple' episode from South Park. They handled scientology so sensitively.

Microsoft's IE 8 beta adds 'special' list


Compatible Sites? You must be joking.

Wow, it's like 1998 all over again. I suppose I really don't have to explain why this is one of the most pathetic things I've heard this year ( the years young I know). Anyone who is 'web savvy' will have ditched Internet Exploder about a decade ago.

Jaw droppers of 2008 - what they'd rather you forgot

Paris Hilton

Faceparty, lol

Don't know if anyone has check out the 'Christmas Show' intro on the faceparty website but i think it sums it up pretty well.

Paris because I was aroused and appalled in equal measure.

More execs quit Phorm


Doesn't matter

Phorm as a company may cease to exist and that is a good thing. It won't really matter though in the long run because for as many companies that go tits up, there are just as many others waiting round the corner to buy their technolgy at a knockdown price. The specs are now out there for any number of organizations to create an off-the-shelf DPI network. It will appear under a different name with a different company. The only difference is that they will be keeping thing a lot quieter after this train wreck.

Apple update purges 21 security vulns from OS X


What's all the agro about?

It's a patch. No big deal. And If you really, truly beleive that the computer you own says anything about your personality then you are in need of serious emotional counselling. It's just a tool. Nothing more.

Google gives Chrome spit 'n' polish treatment, says report

IT Angle

Re: When will we finally have the browser-in-the cloud?

'The web browser is a means of accessing applications in the cloud, how would you get hold of the web browser if you have no web browser to access it?'

Didn't we used to get browsers from magazine disks? Can't you still get browsers from magazine disks?

EU cybercrime strategy backs law enforcement Trojan



I wonder if they remember that child porn existed and was traded before there was a WWW? And anyway, any AV outfit that that leaves the door open for Gov't spyware will just leave it open for similar stuff by the hackers. Once users found out, can you really see that AV company shifting a single licence of their software ever again? Ever?

Warrington first to get Virgin Media 50Mb/s



I am one of the 'heavy users' its aimed at. currently I have the XL package and get 60gb plus /month of video/music and play 2 MMO games nearly continuously. If you have a brain you will never fall fowl of the speed restriction. It's really not difficult.

US kicks off secure hash competition


Secure Hash?

I had visions of small ziplock bags with a a login attached. Guess that's not what they meant.

House key copied from photo


Key inherently secure? - Not!

Who thinks keys are totally secure? Any lock can be bypassed give enough time and the right tools. All key locks do is make it not worth the effort to bust in for the gains and agro that you will get for it. If someone really wants to get into you house, they'll just bust down the door or drive through a wall.

BT's secret Phorm trials: UK.gov responds



This is crap. This response is a joke. The undisclosed text no doubt contains the part about how this technology is vital to the UK's war on terror......or that there was no text but a very large cashiers check.

Most likely not but it's pretty clear that the only folk who take this seriously are us. I was talking to a friend of mine who works in the games industry on the network side of MMOs: he didn't have a clue what I was talking about. No one does. No one cares. As long as they get their email, BBC iPlayer, euro millions results and loads of porn I doubt most net users have any interest will even know what' happening. I'm still hopeful though. We'll see what the Euro Commission has to say in their reply.

Boris' crime map plan comes unstuck



This is a great idea. Now all the crooks can see which streets have been burgled the most in the past and estimate:

1. which ones will likely have alarm systems fitted on account of a local theft problem.

2. predict which houses likely have lots of juicey pickings as the street has never been burgled and the residents and police will be complacent.

And any map that tells you where you can score some drugs is a good thing in my book. It would really take the hassle out of asking your mates who their dealer is.

Burn London, burn.

Virgin Media rubbishes P2P throttling rumours


usenet throttling?

let's just say while I understand the need for ISPs to manage bandwidth, I myself have been ,ahem....monitoring several large usenet downloads via virging cable and I have seen no drop off in speed. The current policy is not to go nuts during peak hours. Seems to work out mostly for the best as I game heavily and download heavily and have only been stung a few times before Figured out the rules. It pisssed me off a bit that unlimited means unlimited at such and such time but its do-able. There are larger issues with virgin media that have yet to be resolved so I'll wait and see how those turn out.

mine's the one that says atl.bin on the back.

Phorm failed to mention 'illegal' trials at Home Office meeting in 2007


UK's Echelon

This has gone on so long with so little action that I think it's a bit bigger than an advertising model. I'm sure it does tat too but i am beginning to wonder if the civil service/government is trying to construct a UK version of Echelon. doses Google have meetings with the home office? Does Yahoo? What the hell did they talk about and what was decided?

Cuz it's fire sale time.

Californian boffins find Elixir of Eternal Youth



i wonder if it would be better to keep our natural lifespan but maintain near perfect health for most of late adult hood.

BT's 'illegal' 2007 Phorm trial profiled tens of thousands


Sorry, we lost the disks.....

Today the national advertising company Phorm has reported the loss of 2 disk containing the non-anonymised details of over 250,000 internet users.

'Two disks containing the internet browsing habits information of some of our client ISPs were lost in the post. Due to a server malfunction, the details had not yet been anonymised and were being sent to a third party facility to be prcocessed. The disks apparently never arrived. While we don't normally store any of the data, in order to maintain the service level agreements with our clients, it was necessary to store and send the data to a third party. Phorm takes this loss of data very seriously and we are putting processes in place to make sure that this cannot happen again. We would like to assure our clients that it is unlikely that the information will be used by criminals for any unlawful purpose.'

You know it will happen.

Paris Hilton


Ok, if they have to ask permission next time for a trial run, presumably those who have been following this story will refuse to take part. The problem is how many actually know about all of this. My wife asked me what I was reading the other day and I told her about all the stuff that was going on with Phorm and their trial. That was the first she heard of it and she was rightly shocked. No one in her office even knew it existed.

I have this horrible feeling that, as on-the-ball as all of the reg readers are, we make up a pretty small group compared to everyone who has a net connection to the big 3. If enough people opt-out, then their service to ISPs becomes worthless, but I don't anticipate enough people doing that without some kind of major headlines in all the national press. I just can't see this stuff on the front page of the Sun and the Daily Mail or any national newspaper really. Even on the big news websites, unless your looking for this story, it doesn't jump out at you. I used to do user support for BT and a few of the other main ones. I have a pretty good idea of what their main customer base is like and they are not a group that will change ISPs over this. Especially if their connection is 'free'. The only way to stop it is if it's deemed illegal. If the opt-out they have isn't cookie based they good for us as our web traffic will not be processed. But that also means it's totally legal and they will stick it in the T/C. If that happens Phorm will win by the force of customer indifference.

Paris because I suspect she's quite an average sample.

O2 PR calls Reg readers 'techie nerds'



A bit late but we appriciate the sentiment.

Flame cuz I bet he's feeling it now.