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iPod saves lightning-strike teen

Mark Rushforth

If it had been an iPhone.....

They've probably got an ap for lightning measurement!!

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 notebook-not-netbook

Mark Rushforth


I have got Vista Home Basic on mine (unfortunately) I didn't see an option to get XP otherwise I would have done. I purchased the mini via Dell in the UK in February.

Orange punts two year lock-in

Mark Rushforth

Something desirable enough to keep for 2 years

When they come up with a handset that you actually want to keep for two years, then I'll consider it. Lets face it the present handsets are:

1. Not durable/tough enough to last for 2 years without some sort of damage/malfunction.

2. Full of useless features that you're never going to use in a million years.

3. Overly complicated when trying to get at the features you want to use like bluetooth.

This is a bit general, some manufacturers are better than others, Nokia are fairly durable and Motorola are better than they used to be but some of this is dependant on phone model as both manufacturers have made a few turkeys and other manufacturers are in competition with Bernard Mathews!

For me 2 years would be too long, I don't even like having an eighteen month contract and I tend to change my phone anyway halfway through because I'm fed up with the one I've got.