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How can the BBC be saved from itself without destroying it?


Distribution lists in use?

It seems that an awful lot of BBC people have been here today down-voting anything that might disturb their cosy little closed door world.

I'm guessing it's because Orlowski was one of the tiny handful of journalists - not including the BBC, I might add - who even bothered to attend the court case that started this.

He must be a marked man.

As for the summary of the climate issues given in the article, anyone with any technical, scientific or engineering experience should agree that it is absolutely spot-on.

Latest El Reg project: Rise of the Robot Sheep


Robot Naming

General-purpose Autonomous Over-engineered Trimmer (Special Edition)

Facebook deletes hacked Pages, destroying years of work



But the fact of the matter is if you run a business site on Facebook, then the information gathered - whilst being important to you - DOES NOT BELONG to you.

"....means handing over your details to companies and organisations that do not have the know how to protect those details."

Oh, the irony.....

90% of visitors declined ICO website's opt-out cookie


Slight mistake here...

The article should read "....There's only one site I know of which *PARTIALLY* currently complies with the law: the Information Commissioner's site."

ico,gov.uk does indeed have the clicky ticky box, however if you go to the jobs section on the main page it launches a new tab at ico.jobs.

No clicky ticky in sight there....

Ho hum.

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?


@Glad someone agrees with me


So Lulzsec having this information = bad...


UK Gov, US Gov, EU, Arms Corp, whoever else the Gov sells it to = good?

NOBODY should have this much info, plain and simple.


Oh God, I hope so....

Please, Jim, can you fix it for me for this to be true?

Speaking as someone who's form "was posted, honest, it must of been lost" there was no way I would of trust *that* much information to the British Government and a single war-mongering organisation.

Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade


But, but, but...

...Gordon Brown insisted, INSISTED dammit, the science was settled.

He wasn't telling fibs, was he?

Middle England chokes on Nice Baps


The Crusty Loaf Fellatio Buggery

Is that the one on Cumming Street near Kings Cross?

Tesla Motors sues BBC for defamation







Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!


Effects to be played out?

I suppose, then, you can also apply the same logic to the 2,000 odd nuclear weopons tests - both subterrainian and airbourne - our masters have carried out in our names?

Anti-religious campaigners smack down census Jedis


Bugger the title...

My religion is going down as "Smoker".

419ers strip lonely heart mum of £80k


You are all shits.

1. The lady in question was not a techie - i.e. not readily aware of these scams. I am fairly sure she is not the CTO for Microsoft.

2. She was divorced, lonely, and looking at profiles on a dating site - i.e. wanted another human being to communicate with.

3. Mum of 3 - so has very low expectations of *actually" meeting anyone, let alone someone who says "I think I love you" or, indeed, "I love you".

4. Our Hero sends false pictures and bollocks about serving in Iraq. She is hooked.

5. About 98% of you reading this have never served in an operational theatre - apart from "CoD BlAcK oPs - Ki113r SniP3r LOZZss!!ZZZ".

Think Northern Ireland / IRA / Op Granby / Op Telic / Op Palliser / Kosovo / actual people who want to shoot you / blow you up / murder you by any means.*

*delete as applicable

If you are doing any job in *any* operational theatre then you *do not* talk about that job unless you are either very thick or very stupid. I would say Our Hero knew this and mentioned this to her. I refer you to Point 5.

6. Our Hero even posted pictures of a "daughter" of his. She thinks that he is, perhaps, maybe combining the family.

7. The 20k document thing. US soldiers in Iraq are typically on a tour for either 12 or 18 months. Without knowing the contents of their emails - maybe, just maybe Our Hero suggested that he could not get to she her (due to the aforementioned rule) without bribing somebody and getting earlier leave to she her.

8. In *my* conclusion...

This is a very, very sad example of manipulation. The lady in question does not deserve your ridicule, indeed any ridicule. She was decieved in a wholly inhumane way by Our Hero, who prayed upon a lonely, middle-aged, naive lady by posing as a lonely soldier in a war zone in a way to garner money by deception.

A really, really, really shitty deception.

The other sad thing about this?

People shouting....




I weep for humanity.

I really, really do.

Facebook launches location-tracking Places Deals

Thumb Up


Lose privacy! Buy crap!

Unfeasibly vast amphibian found croaked on video card


plural #2

I personally always thought the plural of doofus was "Parliament"...

Cameron promises a 'right to data'


How about a "right" to a referendum on the EU...

...as was your "cast-iron guarantee" before you got your sweaty mitts on the keys to No. 10?


Cameron cocks up UK's defences - and betrays Afghan troops


IT Site?

This is something that is really starting to wind me up now. El Reg is NOT just an IT site - it is a technical and scientific news site. Check the banner at the top of your browser....

"The Register : Sci/Tech news for the world"

Seems fairly clear to me. Defense uses lots of tech and scientific research. Hence the inclusion.

Florida cops tase naked jogger


It gets better down under...

Improvised water-boarding, anyone?


Nobel Prize winner on dodgy World Cup ball


I call fake....

...that picture is obviously a fake. Robert Green was not wearing a baseball cap on that fateful day the USA "won" 1-1.

Ten Essential... BlackBerry Apps



...in my opinion is way, way better than CNN at financial matters - tie that in with Thompson Reuters and you will never go wrong.

Ash cans flights for another day


Peace in London

I was out in the park on Saturday with the missus and we both remarked how quiet it was without aircraft coming over every 90 seconds. It was a completely different vibe and was really good.

I really hope that this gives impetus for Boris Island rather than the third runway at Heathrow - it would make such a difference to London.

Police issue lock-up-your-chihuahuas killer owl warning


Appropriate Equipment...

...a shotgun?

Oh, and does Ronnie Corbett live in Wiltshire?

Climategate hits Westminster: MPs spring a surprise



These are not "very confident statements unsupported by evidence", but rather are statements that various scientists, Universities and other scientific bodies have made in peer-reviewed papers who are not tainted or corrupted by the IPCC, and even noticed but not mentioned by CRU. Remember the "hide the decline" email. Not, I fancy, a badly worded email by the good Professor as he now states, but rather an admission that in fact the world has not increased in temperature in the last 15 years and he would rather not have the fact in the public view.

Also, if you read on I am not cutting my analysis off at the last 15 years. The MWP was a little longer than 15 years ago, I think. Hint - check "Medieval" in the dictionary. As for sea ice extent, it has been shown that there has been no decline by satellite analysis and other studies from Universities and the like. None of my statements are by my own judgement as I readily admit I am not a climate scientist, but as already mentioned are views made by people with the relavent letters after their names who ARE in a better position to make such statements.

And since such people who are making these statements are finally being heard without being shouted down as heretics or deniers, one would have to argue that, in fact, the science is not settled. And, as such, I would prefer that my Government would take an objective view to these issues and establish whether or not climate change is in fact caused by man, and not, say, affected by sunspots and solar flares. It's quite powerful, that big yellow thing in the sky. Notice there again I did not say Climate Change is not happening. Climate Change has been happening way, way before Mankind was a shit-smear upon this planets surface.

I am all for recyling and generally living better with the environment. Can't argue with that. I would just like not to have Gordon Brown spunk away yet more billions that we as a country can ill afford, taken from us by force and threat of incarceration, based on inconclusive evidence from corrupt institutions. So, yes, when people point blank say "the science is settled" without even acknowleding any other point of view, and call people "flat-earthers" for even daring to entertain other such points of view, it makes me angry.

You remember Brown shrieking "Fifty days to save the world!!!"? Well, the sun is still rising in my little corner of the planet.


A few facts, m'lud

The world hasn't warmed in the last 15 years, the Medival Warm Period was warmer than now, sea ice extent in both poles has not depleted and the glaciers in the Hymalayas ain't going to melt any time soon. The climate is changing, yes. The climate has ALWAYS changed and if cnuts like Brown call me a flat-earther to my face because I might not agree the science is settled just quite yet then they will get their lights punched out.

New cig peril: Third-hand smoke coats puffers in poison


Why not ban it outright?

If smoking if sooooo dangerous to the chiiiiiilreeeen and costs so much the NHS , then why not ban it outright?


Crap science?

A bit like wobal glarming then.

UK Border Agency suspends 'flawed' asylum DNA testing


Who suggested they do it?

And how much cash was spanked on this waste of time?

Small biz warns on contractor law


@Chris Thomas Alpha

You're not a yank are you? If you are then I fear for your co-workers - you are one blue screen of death away from rampaging through the office with a semi-automatic rife.



MySociety denies role in Blears sacking



"Five seconds of research finds that this fake outfit called Theyworkforyou is in fact a project of mySociety. mySociety is part of UK Citizens Online Democracy, a registered charity, number 1076346.

Sounds good.


The "charity" UK Citizens Online Democracy is mostly funded from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, to the tune of £336,000 to date, Department of Transport to the tune of £25,825 to date, and the Department of Constitutional Affairs to the tune of £12,000 to date. There have been some smaller "private" donations."

My other post about funding.

Now, one of the other projects mySociety run is the site WriteToThem.com where you can write to your MP directly, be they Labour, Conservative or whoever. Very noble, and something I am sure some of us have done using the site. However, the T & C's state that -:

"We will never sell or otherwise distribute any information you give WriteToThem.com to organisations or individuals outside of mySociety, except where so required by UK law"

Cool. Secure, then?


One of the individuals INSIDE mySociety is one James Cronin, who sits on the UK Citizens Online Democracy board of trustees. He is also a Civil Servant who works inside the Prime Ministers Strategy Unit. So, your private message to your MP can potentially be read by the Prime Ministers Strategy Unit. Trebles all round!

Office admin sacked for Blears abuse



Five seconds of research finds that this fake outfit called Theyworkforyou is in fact a project of MySociety. MySociety is part of UK Citizens Online Democracy, a registered charity, number 1076346.

Sounds good.


The "charity" UK Citizens Online Democracy is mostly funded from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, to the tune of £336,000 to date, Department of Transport to the tune of £25,825 to date, and the Department of Constitutional Affairs to the tune of £12,000 to date. There have been some smaller "private" donations.

They work for you?

My fucking arse.

Cyber security minister ridiculed over s'kiddie hire plan


Have said it before...

...Ministry of Technology. Staffed by competent people who know about this fucking stuff.

It's not hard....

Baffled-by-tech MPs expense IT support


Scart leads

Actually you can get a male/female SCART lead used to extend male/male leads. Perhaps the staff had the wrong lead in the first place and were too stupid to realise.

PETA pronounces on Obama fly-swat


PETA can go fuck themselves

I'm sure that members of PETA slaughter millions of flys everytime they drive down the freeway.

Hypocritical fucking idiots.

Site news: Unique commenter handles coming


I'm suspicious...

...they have our details already, and *now* they want us to use unique handles. So when we bitch about Jack-boots and the sorry-arsed sadsack that is our Dear Leader, we can't hide anymore when the spooks demand details from the Reg.

Consider my subscription cancelled etc...

School worker's Facebook post prompts suspension



...doesn't "bad" mean "good" in down-wiv-da-kidz-lol-speek these days?

Footy star sues Facebook over fake fascist profile


Interesting problem...

I personally don't have any sort of FaceSpace profile, nor am I likely to. However, as shown hrere, there is nothing to stop an aggrieved 3rd party creating a malicious one in my name. Am I meant to check these things every so often, or should it be that some sort of verification system should be set up? You set up an account with a valid postal address, then a verification password is sent to that address. Only after activation can the MyBookArseSpace profile be viewed/searched etc.

Street View vehicle kills Bambi



That is all.

Israel hacks Arab TV station


And whilst I'm at it...

My own personal view is that although yes, Israel has been on the receiving end of Hamas rockets, nobody seems to asking the reason why. Let's look at a fact the Americans and Israelis seem to ignore - Gaza City and the West Bank are the biggest concentration camps in the world. They have been blockaded for years and the Palestinian standard of living there is appalling, if not sub-human. Israel has been on a land grab for years. Not enough imports coming in, not enough exports going out. If Israel had let more supplies in so the quality of life improved for the Palestinians, then perhaps they would not had felt desperate enough to elect (note for the Yanks, ELECT), Hamas. You cannot disagree with the results of an election and call the winners Terrorists just because you don't like the result.

That, in my view, is the problem.

And Israel should be tried for war crimes - what they are doing now is barbaric. 500-plus dead Palestinians so far, with 2500 injured. Oh, and FIVE Israelis.


Remaining UK plods to get mobile-data gadgets


@AC 12:31GMT

What an absolutely fucking absurd notion - you really have signed up to the twerror crap Wacky throws out, haven't you.

How would killing a policeman just for his device help to "rain down death and destruction"? Do they all carry plans for Downing Street on them? Or nuclear launch codes? Is the device not password protected, do we think? What's that you say....they tortured the password out of him first? Does that now mean the twerrwists can then access the Queens travel plans by bumping off PC Halfwit in Milton Keynes.


Fucking Moron.

In the ditch with DAB radio


Competition Time - Yay!!

Duck-arsed bollocks!

Jacqui calls Vodafone man to run massive snoop database



Good forecasting there, then.

Never mind, my children's children's children can afford it. Trebles all round.

I fucking hate this Government.

FBI warns NY officials of Thanksgiving Day terrorist plot


Panic Lemmings.......Panic!!

We're all going to die!!!!




(Maybe. This message was brought to you by the FBI, a division of Fox News)

MPs declare their ignorance on the web


A Solution, perhaps?

Maybe the answer to GOV.UK's woeful ignorance of all things technical is to set up a new department, say the Ministry of Technology. This department could be staffed by people who actually know what they are talking about, in terms of IT, the Internet, Communications etc. They could also run Government systems and bring the current abysmal outsourced contracts back in-house. This would help the economy by employing people in the UK and so increase tax revenues. It would help Government debt, because they could keep projects manageable and avoid unforeseen costs. They could do reviews of proposed new projects and so help mitigate the massive risks and costs involved such as in the NHS debacle. If none of the current idiots know much about the big scary interwibble, then get people on board who do.

What am I saying? It's all far too sensible, and as such will never be implemented.

Batman sues Batman over Batman


@batman? (AC)

Methinks you should not be commenting after drinking. It scares people.

That is all.

Defra drafts proper pet practice for the daft


The Nanny State strikes again...

...whilst I agree that this is A Good Thing, one cannot help but think that once again Labour feels the need to legislate for idiocy.

Was there a real need for this to be done?

BT Global Services boss falls on sword


"non-arrival of expected efficiency savings"

In other words, the out-sourcing of all those jobs to monkeys in India or Eastern Europe didn't work.

Quel surprise!

Rackable does cookie sheet servers


Google is your friend...

When its not spying on you...


Orange ditches Phorm


@Adrian Midgley

I've noticed some odd things on my VM connection as well - London, if your're interested.

Mandelson's dept mulls UK internet power grab


A tax on the internet?

Why else would uk.gov be looking to take control? Oh, wait....control...

Official who lost secret al-Qaeda report pleads guilty


This man is a rarity in the Civil Service

Granted he made the mistake of leaving the stuff on the train in the first place, but at least he owned up to the fact and has taken his punishment like a grown up. Shame the rest of them can't do the same.

NASA: Google Gulfstreams not science experiments


@George & @AC02:35

Or, perhaps AC is well versed in the beautiful art of sarcasm?

I would suggest he is a Brit, as the level of prose displayed obviously has confused some of our colonial cousins.

US forces want man-hunting robot wolfpacks



Sorry Lewis. Confused you with Lester there.

I need a drink...