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Oldham murders owl with whalesong

Bob Holness

It's about oneness...

Which is a truly odd thing to say when it's quite obviously about zeroness.

Frattini blows off Brussels to join Berlusconi.gov

Bob Holness

Abominations unto Frattini

If he gets stuck thinking up new things to ban then perhaps he can turn to Mr Pratchett for a handy starter for 10....


Yahoo! Flickr video play sparks online revolt

Bob Holness
Gates Horns


Flickr, or at least it's active users, have always seen the service (rightly IMO) as a cut above the rest of the unwashed Web 2.0 masses in terms of 'quality'. Even the hint that the service has an association with Yahoo! makes the pro user community shudder, as was shown by the kafuffle around forcing users to login with YahooIDs.

Perhaps there is a case for not dumbing-down with endless hours of pointless content (I can get that on Freeview), but it's not going to make me cancel my subscription - not until this happens:


'Patricia Hewitt' donates £6m to charity

Bob Holness
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Looming towers

I say good on hon_patriciahewitt for this amazing feat, a stack of 6,300,000 Great Britain Pound coins would be, by my fag-packet calculations, about 20km tall – not sure I’ve seen one of those looming over Whitehall recently.

PS: My SI units are a bit rusty, just how big is one standard orphanage home nowadays?


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