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Palm launches £399 Treo Pro


Windows mobile...ha ha

...what a crap OS for a phone. Others have stated it that Palm OS is the way to go and I agree. Even the Jesus phone struggles to keep up with the usability of my aging Palm OS Treo 650 for THE MAIN uses of a phone / pda. Much quicker to find / enter a calendar appointment or send a text message or make a call. Whether they can get the Palm OS replacement out in time before the others catch up is debateable though. The iPhone with a real keyboard would get close if it happens.

PS3 DVR add-on launch delayed

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shame there's no satellite tuner option so we can get the Freesat (esp the HD content) stuff in the UK...that would be nice. DVB-T PVR's are old hat really.

MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks


Yawn - again...

sheesh another "Vista is great and has no problems if you have the right hardware" thread. Fact is MS'es marketing backfired this time. A history of crap OS'es meant that the new version was in fact better than the old. Then Win2K came along and after 6 (or maybe that should be 7) service packs it got to be pretty good. XP came along...was a bit buggy (surprise) but again, a couple of service packs and driver updates later and and it got to be OK too. Then...Vista...well MS said you gotta get the WOW factor...a lot of people religiously went for it 'cos MS said so...not knowing really why they were doing it. But uh oh, no-one was going "WOW". Even after Vista SP1 a lot of people find it slow and want to go back to XP. Not surprising when the average punter just wants to surf the web, read email and mess around with their digital photos without having to upgrade their hardware.

NZ hydropower drought could see leccy rationing



Hydro supplying 2/3 of normal output of 75% total electricity. So currently 50% being supplied by other means. Hardly all eggs in one basket!

Amy Winehouse pitches for Bond theme



Amy Winehouse isn't a sax player as far as I'm aware...no wonder she doesn't compare to your, undoubtedly talented, saxophonists! You might as well say Tiger Woods has a much better swing than her therefore she has no talent...

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She'd be good at singing it...

but can she write a James Bond movie theme? Not that many of the recent popstars of the moment have done too well in this respect....hopefully she can, um, crack it

Ballmer bitch slaps Vista

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The SB test

It's simple to tell if an OS of other software is any good, just use the following checks when using it:

1. How often do I swear at the software?

2. How often do I say, hmm, that's pretty cool?

With Vista, I lost count of how many times I've sworn at it. Come pretty close to throwing the whole bloody laptop against the wall....Still looking for something cool...I mean how hard would it be to make that photo resize applet work in something other 'Send to' mail recipient for example?

On that basis, regrettably Vista, 'You're fired'

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices


Yeah Vista is brilliant

I installed Vista on my laptop and I haven't had a single problem...oh, except for when I tried to browse the internet...oh and copy some files...oh that's right, I had trouble getting into my mail apart from that...no wait, it wouldn't resume properly and there's no modem driver so I can't use the cool Fax thing (but I'm sure it works great).

So I'd have to say it was a brilliant replacement for XP, yeah! Those new icons have improved my productivity immensely...

IBM smacks rivals with 5.0GHz Power6 beast


Air cooling aint that great...

back in the IBM water cooled mainframe days it was the AIR cooling devices that were failing, not the WATER cooling. Dead fans caused more outages than anything else. So now there's redundant fans all over the place...not exactly simple...or quiet...or efficient. How many blade racks have caused hot spots in computer rooms due to expelling too much hot air?