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Female Chinese astronauts must have no scars, straight teeth

Scott Thomson

Bad Breath

I remember hearing that on space missions, bad breath isn't much of an issue because of the oxygen rich atmosphere.

Apple seeks permission to kick Kodak's corpse

Scott Thomson

I wonder...

Is there a direct staircase from the gates of hell to the Apple Legal Department?

Sony SVR-HDT1000 Freeview+ HD DVR

Scott Thomson

Doesn't even compare to the PS3

I bought a PS3 for £150 an PlayTV box for £50 and have a significantly better setup than this.

The playTV GUI is the best I've seen on any set top box/ TV plug in thing. Why do they need to reinvent the wheel when they could just integrate together what already works.

Starship Voyager dumped into skip

Scott Thomson

Don't throw it in the skip!

I'm positive that the bloke could make a mint selling off different parts of the decor online.

Throwing it in the skip would just be a total waste.

Teen net addicts pee in bottles to stay glued to WoW

Scott Thomson

It won't be too long

Given that people are being expected to work in excess of 60hrs a week, it won't be long until management decide that it would be more "productive" to give employees pee bottles so that they don't ever have to leave their desks.

Because obviously people can remain at 100% efficiency when they are working 10 hour days, 6 days a week.

<---Foamy Glass under WoW players desks

NASA to recruit fresh batch of astronauts

Scott Thomson
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Like the crew of Deep Space 9...

these guys will be boldly going nowhere.

Innovatio targets Wi-Fi users with patent suits

Scott Thomson

Scum, Scum, Scum, Scum, Scum.

Not only are the rich stealing from the poor but they are stealing from the rich too. I hope they drown in their own money

HTC sprouts smartphone for shoppers on a shoe-string

Scott Thomson
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Why can a budget 600MHz phone have an offical HTC Android 2.3 build yet the more powerful Desire can't?

Getting your business software requirements right

Scott Thomson

Interesting white paper but

it does really just point out the obvious facts that any systems or software engineer have figured out for themselves. Another bit of software to capture requirements won't make much difference given that the vast majority of schedule slip issues are introduced by the customer themselves and the poor management of the changes by team leads.

Draw and fold working circuitry with the silver-ink pen

Scott Thomson

Is there another link?

I'd like to find out more but don't want to have to sign up/pay to read about it.

Samsung names date for UK 10in Android tablet release

Scott Thomson


Shirly you must mean 802.11n?

Comet in bad way after big losses

Scott Thomson
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Perhaps these companies might finally learn that customer service and product knowledge should be of greater priority.

I'm always hearing horror stories of people being sold freeview boxes when the TV that they are buying at the same time has freeview built in or people being sold £40 "Gold Plated" HDMI cables when a £10 would do the job.

BT Home Hub 3 ADSL Wi-Fi router

Scott Thomson

You know the best thing about BT Home Hubs?

Its that handy reset button that's missing from so many other ADSL routers. Its very handy given how many times each day I have to press it.

Nokia flings out WinPho 7 phones

Scott Thomson
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They look very nice..

shame they don't run Android.. or Meego.. or even at a push, symbian..

Software suppliers not ready for HMRC online tax filing system

Scott Thomson

Simple solution...

Make the software companies part of a trial run whereby they will have to complete their own tax return in the iXBRL format.

Nothing like a swift kick from the finance department to get development going.

Samsung Android tablet sales smaller than thought

Scott Thomson


I wonder why people might not be buying as many Android Tablets when Android 3.0 hasn't been released yet......

UK tech retailers are rubbish

Scott Thomson

My 2 pence worth

Went to buy TV from Curry's last year after having seen an advert for it at a decent price.

I trolled the member of staff a bit to ask whether it had freeview built in (knowing it had), he disappeared to check the computer and came back to tell me it didn't but that they had an offer on freeview boxes and tried to flog one to me.

Then i asked for an antenna cable.... TV store... must have them.. surely... They only had a cable in a kit that included numerous other things that i had no need for.

HDMI Cable... he handed me an HDMI cable that was in the region of £90 for 2m and they didn't have anything cheaper. He tried to sell the benefits of gold connectors to me and how "electrons flow better in it, mate"

I went to a local supermarket and got both cables for under £20.

Garmin tells iPhone users where to go

Scott Thomson

As an Android User...

<Smug Mode>

The (Free) Google Navigation App on my HTC Desire gets me where I want to go and it is considerably more up to date and accurate than my 18 month old Tom Tom for which I would have to pay for updated maps. In a side by side comparison the Tom Tom failed to plot a route to a destination that the navigation app found with ease.

Gov decides not to have scientific advice on drugs any more

Scott Thomson

"La la la la I'm not listening"

Is our country being run by adults or 8 year old children?

I'm sure looking back at history would show that governments who have decided to silence their advisors haven't lasted very long.

Blu-ray barely better than DVD

Scott Thomson

Such primitive technology!

I wonder if the people on this planet will ever discover the superior sound of vinyl?

How I invented Desktop Publishing

Scott Thomson

I Invented the Internet

but nobody else liked my idea at the time.....

I was also almost the first man on the moon

DWP CTO predicts the end of Windows

Scott Thomson

How Ironic..

When browsing to this article about the prediction that Windows will become no more, I got a full screen advert for Microsoft...

Nokia N8 smartphone

Scott Thomson

What I'd really like

Is a Nokia built Android phone.

Nokia's hardware has always been good but the UI has alway been poor.

It'll never happen but I can dream can't I

North Lincs pilots victimisation index

Scott Thomson

You can't use a computer systems to replace good policing

As above.

If fewer hours were spent by officers entering data in to countless databases and more time spent of the streets then they would know where the potentially vulnerable people live and where the problem youths target.

European Parliament: If you don't pay, you will pay

Scott Thomson
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Does this mean...

That big companies who have 90 day payment terms will no longer be able to hold off payment for so long?

Happiness: Yours for £50k a year

Scott Thomson
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I just need to double my salary. Easy.

<-- Likely outcome of that happening in my current industry

Toshiba touts £329 Folio Android tablet

Scott Thomson
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Bet Apple are loving this!

There is a whole new raft of companies that they can slap patent lawsuits on for infringing on some ancient and incredibly vague patent that hints at some of the technology used on tablet PCs.

<-- Steve the Devil..... because he really is!

ISS gets bay window onto Earth

Scott Thomson

What are they going to use the Robot Arm for?

Answers on a post card please

French poised to seize Port of Dover

Scott Thomson

Aren't the airports Spanish already?

Aren't all the BAA Airports owned by a Spanish company?

Doesn't mean that we have a Spanish border as you pass through security. Ownership by a company of forign nationality doesn't mean that it becomes part of that country.

AMD merges processor and graphics biz

Scott Thomson
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I'd still rather have......

An AMD Processor and an nvidia graphics card in my machine.

Royal Navy plans world's first running-jump jet

Scott Thomson

Why not just make the carrier faster

Surely the obvious answer is that if the carrier moves along faster then the relative speed difference between the deck of the ship and the fighter will be less.

Perhaps that is too obvious.

Teachers give toilet CCTV top marks

Scott Thomson
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If I was a teacher

I'd be quite happy if cameras were fitted in classrooms especially considering the large number of attacks on teachers and pupils.

Its all about common sense really, if the head teacher is going to use it to spy on his staff then its not on but if it is purely going to be used for a safety perspective and only viewed in the event of an incident then what is the problem.

BBC to launch iPlayer for Wii

Scott Thomson
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Can I have iPlayer for Linux please?