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Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'

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Icon just for u

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How times change...

I dunno if I'm more upset at the absurdity of apple's claim, the ludicrous world we live in where they just might succeed, or the fact that I'm rooting for Microsoft in a lawsuit...

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'Car' is not a noun ...

... it's an abbreviation for carriage.

Lone Android dev 'almost brought down T-Mobile'

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Google spits back at Oracle's Android suit

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Halo version not required

>Evil Larry icon

This already. Or Reg risks slipping into anachronicity.

3PAR CEO to run HP StorageWorks

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Called it.




Dell throws in 3PAR towel

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Integrate into HP XP Storage?

Why would they - I expect a phased cross-over from HDS to 3PAR (now HP) kit. Existing HP XP kit will can be well supported by HDS under contract to HP when HP decides to drop it. The line about HP XP being HDS kit 'with HP software' is 99% rubbish - it's extremely close to native HDS.

@James : "HP storage strategy - what storage strategy" has been so true for far too long - but the question is now answered. In the near future, it will be HP:3PAR for anything above teensy-SAN.

NZ woman pays motorised tribute to A RYAN 1

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You are right ...

... you fail. Now please leave before you embarrass yourself further.

VMworld: Oi, no sneaky meetings!

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That is all.

Hardware hackers defeat quantum crypto

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If I were a bank

I'd be more interested in better lockdown of widely-deployed existing PSK approaches, than playing with quantum goodies. Any bank that has invested in quantum crypto for key exchange is doing little more than demonstrating how gullible their CTO is to fancy marketing. (And is probably a good target for simpler physical attacks).

VMware boss: we rise as Windows falls

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The question is what is the best guest OS

As we move further and further towards one-'app'-per-server thinking, it makes less and less sense to have a fat, all purpose OS sitting between the VM provider and the app. Windows as a server OS was always a marketing driven success story (with the technical success slowly coming along behind); but if you're going to run app X on leased server X, and app Y on leased server Y, you want the bare minimum of OS management hassle in the middle. If whoever you're leasing from is handling all the networking and storage etc etc etc, and the virtualisation - what do you care what the OS is between your DB and the hardware, etc, so long as it performs.

So yes, of course a guest OS is required - but the criteria for choosing which is changing - and thinner will come to dominate, at least in the leased 'server as a service' space.


Novell had it right before they got it all wrong

Welcome to the world of Bureau Computing 2.0

Systems monitoring: what’s possible, and what really happens

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Lesson one

Service Management != Systems Management

The longer and harder IT pushes better systems monitoring as THE way to ensure service delivery, the harder it will _continue_ to fail to impress management. The sooner IT wakes up to the possibilities that could be offered through proper service monitoring, the better.

Focus on forever "improving the integration between tool sets and _systems_" draws attention away from where it actually needs to be to achieve ITs potential to deliver service improvements to the business.

Hackers spoof car warning system

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"the trick reportedly took a great deal of ingenuity to pull off."

WTF - that's like "what do we do first", "well, duh, sniff the wireless data"

ten minutes later

"tooooo easy!"

Given the total lack of security considerations, I wonder if hardwired sensors in the car are tied into the same protocol, perhaps they could be targeted just by changing some sensor ID bytes in the wireless message.

Oracle hates discs, loves tape

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The tragedy of it all

Tape, rightly, SHOULD still be the default, mainstream option for anything that isn't required to be online.

It SHOULD be massively cheaper than disk, for everything beyond a primary, online copy.

It is inherently much more flexible, automatable, reliable, scalable and manageable than any system that bundles the electronics and read-write mechanisms with the media package.

(it's also massively much more dense, requiring less physical estate)

Somehow, the tape manufacturers missed out on the opportunity, They let the disk guys sell to management on the basis of lower cost per GB, without challenging all the downsides; when they should have been offering a much lower cost, with all the advantages.

It LTO had been price pitched correctly, and staged file aging been readily pushed onto the desktop, every home user would have one - you want to watch a movie you downloaded three years ago and haven't seen since - no worries - two minutes later it's back on disk.

You want to have every document your organisation has ever scanned readily available on every desktop - no worries, within seconds of your request the robots either got it online, alerted the op to get it from the near-online racks, or issued a request to the offsite facility.

You want to have triple redundancy of everything, ever - no worries, the robot spends it's evenings defragging and replicating everything you think is important for multiple offsite copies, and requesting back tapes that might be aging a bit to reduplicate.

etc etc etc.

Tape should, by all rights, rule the off-line data world. Sure it requires a bit of management, but mostly, the tape vendors have no-one but themselves to blame.

No Freeview HD kit in time for launch, warns telly exec

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Any reason the Kong Kong or New Zealand recievers won't work in the UK?

It's a risk, but it's possible to just order one online if there's no major difference in the tech specs.

No snapping: Photographers get collars felt

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WTF reprise

"It disturbs me that you even try to justify this attitude on their part."

Felt it was worth repeating...

Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunction

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ding ding - round three

With apologies to suppressedperson over at entubulation.org, who's words these are - but I knew reg would like them:

"In the blue corner, the Church, on a heavyweight supersecure DDoS-proof steel tank of a server, with an armada of lawyers ready to fire barrages of legal missiles, a mountain of a boxer in the heaviest of weight divisions, raging on roids and ready to rip an ear off somebody...

Versus Wikileaks, who aren't in the ring. They're in Sweden. And they pissed in the protein milkshake you drank this morning."


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