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Nikon D40 entry-level digital SLR


@Arthur Daley

Ok, I'm a wooting Nikon fanboi but the D40 isn't exactly, er, new. what is happening here? Did the credit crunch hit Arthur Daley at the Reg at the end of 2006? I won't buy a D3 until I read you review in Winter 2009.

Anyway, 90% was deserved in '06. it's a nice small DSLR with low noise.

3G iPhone not ready for the enterprise?

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@ Bill Ray

So JesusPhone 2.0 isn't read for business because handset security is poor or it's too cheap???

If the former, then that's a fair point. However, there has been no detailed public announcement regarding this [typical Apple]. So, unless you have access to the latest beta firmware, you don't know what is/isn't being implemented. Seeing as the Gold Master of the firmeware hasn't been released it may yet have more [better] handset security features. You'll have a pretty good idea on the 27th. BTW, Jack Gold's analysis hasn't stopped the US Army from evaluating it [yeah, I've opened a can of worms here].

If it's the latter then I don't understand your point. too cheap for business?? Or that rogue employees will go and buy one and demand that the Exchange admins grant them access? Is this how you see businesses run?

Ether way, it's a crap article. It also must be a slow news day because the original source was published on the 10th.

Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport


@ Rolf Harris

How exactly does refraining a pissed passenger from imbibing during a 5-30 minute tube journey reduce drunkeness? If BoJo wants to tackle the problem of drunken & abusive passengers he should change the conditions of travel so that inebriated persons can't travel. Back that up with significant Police presence on the Tube at closing time. Said pissed persons will either have to get a cab or walk.

Surprising as it may seem I'm not some tut-tutting pious git. After a hard day being an alpha male IT geek I occasionally enjoy a pint or seven after work. Unsurprisingly, I'm pissed by the time I hop on the tube home. However, I'm never abusive during my journey. When hungover the next morning I don't vomit and pull the emergency handle either!

I did vote but not for Bozo!

Apple rewards developers with bricked iPhone

Dead Vulture

Hardly bricked...

...the current beta firmware has expired, necessitating a download of the updated SDK which has a replacement firmware. iBricked? Nah. Very poor headline.