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iPhone and Windows Mobile get the (Gmail) Push

Grae Stafford

Its very bad but....

.....many people feel their lives aren't complete without Twitter feeds, Facebook updates and email alerts .Now they can have them all delivered to their mobile phone without so much as a prod. ®


Scientist warns against technology addiction

Grae Stafford
Paris Hilton


My names Grae,

I have a blackberry and an all inclusive data plan.

Let me get this straight this is an addiction that except in its worst case scenario will it cause absolutely no health problems. At all. NONE!!! Damn yeah we should ban it!!

So now I cant smoke, drink or use my Blackberry at work. Urrrr what am I supposed to do?

Paris because very soon there wont be any IT so she wont be confused.

Apple targeted in DRM monopoly suit (again)

Grae Stafford

Urrr riiiiiiight.

MyPS2 won't play Halo2 which is locked to only play on xbox. So I can sue right?

T-Mobile UK slides out latest Sidekick

Grae Stafford

SK slide

Its Motorola. Nuff said. Enjoyed the last experience I had with a PDA of theirs. 4 in a year and it ate my info daily.

This is the SK Slide and the proper SK4 (which actually kicks!!!!!) is going to come soon. No idea if T is going to get it though.

O2 updates Orbit to WM6

Grae Stafford

and what if im not an o2 customer!!!!

I've got a tmobile vario2 and a generic treo 750 andi want some of this Mobile 6 action!! Buggering thing is that the only updates on the TM site is from 03 to 05.

500 dead in Hungarian motorway lapine bloodbath

Grae Stafford

Hare today and gone tomorrow

<quote>...due to predation and disease.</quote>

and obviously hispeed crashes in transit.

The jokes are dire. Go back to he classics.

A man walks into a bar.......Ouch.

*/ looks shamefully at feet and shuffles off.

Orange punts two year lock-in

Grae Stafford

The future could be orange......but probably not.

The most interesting thing is to hear that they will be running contracts with no handsets with minimum line rental and no handset. I know from my experience that customers fall in to one of two VERY broard catagories.

They either want a fashion handset (bought for looks)and want the latest. In which case they be willing to pay out up front for a handset and at the pace that the fickle phone industry moves they will still pay for a sim free fone regularly or just sign up for another contract to get the phone they want.

Or they are a data customer like myself (bought for capabilities). I bought a Treo 650 and 2x M5000 SPV's from Orange a year ago and for the uses that I have for them Orange hasnt got any replacement. Simply because there hasnt been anything produced. I have an upgrade in July but apart from getting 3x 8800's to flog I cant feasibly see anything worth getting but with an upgrade due Id feel I was wasting it if I didnt take advantage of getting a discount im entitled to.

For me I havent got any problem with signing up to a 3 year contract with Orange on a Sim only deal at a reduced rate and supplying my own handsets as and when I decide that a model has come out that would suit my needs better than the one I have at the moment.

However untill they want to start doing that. Ill be taking my 3 Sciroccos in black please.


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