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Phorm papers reveal BT's backwards approach to wiretap law

Lewin Chan

Phorm Cookies

I read somewhere, perhaps even on el-reg, that provided an overview of how Phorm works. IIRC whenever you browse, phorm asks your browser for your phorm cookie, this contains your unique identifier so it can work out your habits from your previous sessions.

So, how about just deleting your cookies. Sure, you won't be "opted-out" whatever that means, but you also won't get ads targetted to your browsing habits, they'll have no data to go on. . It's not like googlemail isn't doing something similar when it displays your email. There's no privacy objection there is there? I'd quite happily sign up to phorm if they, I dunno, gave me an ISP discount of 50% for opting in, there wouldn't be any privacy brouhaha then would there, you're getting a benefit for signing up.

Every one has their price, you just have to decide what yours is. I am currently a BT customer, and their service has been reliable enough to keep my custom. There are plenty of technical work-arounds for phorm (Tor?, VPNs and the like) so I'm not bothered.

Wanted: Gordon Brown's fingerprints, £1,000 reward

Lewin Chan

Renting out my biometric data

Personally, I'm quite happy for the government to have my biometric data on record providing there is some suitable recompense for keeping that data. I suggest something in the region of 50GBP per month per instance. For sure, it being on two separate database is two separate instances.

Of course this depends on the whole "biometric data is my property" argument. But then if they compel me to submit my biometric data (rather than following me around for a couple of weeks getting my data off pint-glasses), I'd consider it like somewhat like a in-voluntary sperm bank.

Anyway it's not about whether they have your biometric data or not, it's about the implementation of the system that contains your biometric data. It's not like the government have covered themselves in glory on that front.