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Boffins cook up ultimate bacon sarnie

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Reply to Steve

3, 4) I'm sure that no Governement funding went into this study directly. The tart who was interviewed on the radio (Today programme) twice mentioned "Danish bacon" in his replies to the interviewer's questions. The only person named on the BBC website article is Commercial manager of the Food Science Department, located at the "Food Chain Centre of Industrial Collaboration". I suspect that Danepak, or some other manufacturer of plastic Danish bacon, approached this group directly because of their known willingness to take money to come out with whatever rubbish is required about the perfect way to dunk a McVitties Digestive, or whatever.

5) Yes, it does. It's not just Leeds though: Ben Goldacre has a piece over at badscience about a chap loosely associated with Cardiff University, who comes out with formulas for worst Monday and so on (paid for by tour holiday operators, if I recall correctly). A few days after Reading closed its physics department there was a press release about one of its computer scientists solving the '2000 year-old problem' of division by zero.

7) I have to disagree here - there is a perfectly respectable science of food, essentialy a sort of practical physics and chemistry applied to proteins, fats and carbohydrates, including the way these are broken down by the digestive system. Unfortunately it also covers the technology of making bacons 'cuts' from mechanically recovered meat (i.e. abattoir slurry), or finding new uses for pam oil.