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PC World website went titsup on Boxing Day

James Gartland

Oh well.

I got banned from a PC World store for 1 year for [literally] not buying anything. That was nice. :[ So this is of no importance to me until.. oh wait. My year is up! I could return!

.. Nah.

Sony Vaio TT slim'n'light laptop

James Gartland

Nice laptop

But... They've got to be joking with that price. You can get that weird Lamborghini laptop for just a bit more money! I'd rather have THAT in the office.

Nvidia nForce 790i Ultra SLI chipset

James Gartland

The LED Switch

I still hate that button. Stupid idea. I wish they removed it - all it does is confuses my customers!

Great board regardless. Ordered one today.