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'But we like 1 Direction!' Rock gods The Who fend off teen Twitter hate mob


Re: Thank fuck

As that was their only good album I'd say you've done pretty well for yourself.

Apple branded porno-peddling perverts by Chinese Pravda


Re: Smut in online bookstores?

On the same subject, Popper's "The Open Society and Its Enemies" is a superior work.

Google Doodle honors British bone-finder Mary Leakey


Wallis Simpson was an Episcopalian (i.e an Anglican), and the number of her husbands was immaterial, what mattered was that they were still alive.

LASER STRIKES against US planes on the rise


Re: Bah humbug - simulated picture

"So on a REALLY sunny day, my pupil will be, say 1 mm, then at night, by your suggestion, my pupil will be an inch in diameter????

Your maths are as flaky as your biology....."

25 times the area, not the diameter - astonishing that you can criticise someone's maths when yours wouldn't even be enough to pass the 11 plus.

Work for beer, Neil Gaiman's wife tells musicians


Re: Scientologists

Before you all rush to grab your matches, Gaiman has stated publicly that he is not a scientologist.

His parents are (were? I don't know if they're still alive) and his sisters are, it's possible that he was badgered into handing over some cash by them rather than doing it out of any actual belief.

Burmese junta strongman considered buying Manchester United


RE: Arsenal

Tottenham is the club that is famous for it's Jewish fanbase, but Arsenal also have a large but less well known Jewish following as well... however, Arsenal also have large numbers of Muslim supporters (natural, given the demographics of Islington/Camden and nearby boroughs) and I remember reading that they have the highest proportion of non-white attending supporters in english professional football.

As for Bin Laden, the source is a biography from a few years ago that claimed he attended some games while staying in London in the 90s - link to the bbc news article about it here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/1650069.stm

Gadget-buying Taliban 5th column in Blighty - shock!


bit careless.

'silly' and 'uk-centric' is a bit harsh. the general thrust of the article is well thought through and i like the sentiment, but yes you were too credulous as regards the original telegraph story.

gadgets like these really aren't so hard to get hold of that you would need them brought over from the uk. mayhap you should have spent a little more time in port and a little less time on the boat.

Jail for Oz drug-running onanist speed merchant


He'd better be walking home from prison.

What I want to know is: will he serve his driving ban concurrently with his prison sentence, and if so, why bother giving him it in the first place?

Austrian official fuels Skype backdoor rumours


@'Someone is lying.'

Not necessarily. If this is a governmental official, it's far more likely that he/she just doesn't have a clue what he/she is talking about than someone is being dishonest. Government types get technology wrong so often it's more suprising when they get something right.

Microprocessors are the new cigarettes


He would say that.

So the investment bank scum would like to remove one of the most the most worthwhile aspects of the technology industry (advancing the technology itself), slowing the old glorious march of human progress to a crawl in order that they can get down to the dirty business of further stagnating the world economy and finally buy that second yacht.

Yeah, that's right, take money out of R&D and give it to shareholders, they do all the hard work after all. Definitely the way to run a successful business.

Apple store detains teens for installing iPhone game


Get them in the dock

Sounds like false imprisonment to me. Get those Apple bastards up before the beak.

Stem cell researchers claim victory in battle with Church



"The second vote will decide whether to cut the upper limit for abortions from 24 weeks. Recent medical advances have meant that very premature babies born before this point have survived."

From yesterday's Grauniad, quote by David Field, professor of neonatology at Leicester University, president of the British Association of Perinatal Medicine: "At 24 and 25 weeks there is no doubt that survival is improved. At 22 and 23 weeks we found no evidence whatsoever. Survival at 23 weeks in the first six years (of my report 1994 to 1999) was 18.48% of those who admitted to a neotnatal unit. In the second period (2000 to 2005) it is 18.52%, which is a .04% difference over 12 years. It was almost as identical as you can get it. There is no change."

Just because your Catholics and similarly religious types are saying survival rates pre-24 weeks have improved, doesn't mean they aren't lying through their teeth and assuming (correctly) that the vast majority of people won't actually check the truth of their statements.

French won Waterloo, says Italian telecoms chief


Wellington would have taken issue with that

R Callan: at Waterloo, the general was Irish

i remember a quote from Wellington, on being called irish, he said: 'being born in a stable does not make one a horse'.

mine's the one with the union flag on it.