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Labor raids IT piggybank to grease election promises

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Being a Brit in Australia, I still use Vulture Central as a source of IT news; so I like to see news about my new home. Anyways I always saw the register as a world news source and not just UK. Keep the good work...

Liquid electrocar batteries could be replaced at pumps

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Hydrogen powered cars (hydrogen extracted from water using energy from non fossil fuel source) with ultracaps/batterys/dynamo system for the regenerative braking system. Use the fossil fuels to make plastics that we can recycle for the equipment and vehicles etc and for where alternatives yet to exist.

All possible now, so lets get going.

The main reason companies are looking to find and promote alternative methods is for the patents and money they can bring in.

Oz gov suggests world's worst copyright protection scheme

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Save trees, instead deliver it as sound files of the morse code being played.

Government defeats Tories in 'McKinnon' extradition vote

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Private Prosecution

Maybe someone should take a private prosecution against the UFO hunter and then ask for a delay in proceedings until, say, after the next election. Then when/if the Tories change the treaty - drop the case.

Triangular buttons key to touchscreen typing success - inventor

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Gates Halo

Windows Mobile

Maybe iPhone doesn't support keybaord replacement but I believe Windows Mobile does.

US nuke boffins: Multicore CPU gains stop at eight

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> any of you that did any work on the Inmos chips in the 90's will know what I mean.

yup I miss my transputer arrays and OCCAM language

Paris - I bet she has parallel access

Boffins bust web authentication with game consoles

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More info here

More details here http://www.win.tue.nl/hashclash/rogue-ca/ - even lists some MD5 only CAs. Why though am I not surprised that Equifax (RapidSSL) are at the top of the list with 97% of certs found being issued by them - buy cheap - get cheap.

The others are surprising though, I suspect legacy reasons.

An easy kill for Rapid SSL cert on my machine.

BT withdraws Wi-Fi access to The Cloud

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Monkey (Great Sage, Equal of Heaven) has a real cloud? That is what I want, not some hotspot rubbish but personal flying transport. Where's my flying car!

Mines the one with the staff in the pocket.

Pandora prepares to join titsup.com club

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Have you been to www.titsup.com? NSFW ...

well not from the initial landing page.

Paris cuz I expect to find pictures of said lady on that site.

NXP sues to silence Oyster researchers

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"Worse than that - many Bothans died to bring us this information."

Why? If the empire were killing Bothans to stop the information getting lose then surely they knew about the problem and... oh... I see... so should we expect an opening in the University's Security Research Department.

UK developer trio accused of game plagiarism

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I think SBOVIS is one of the the developers involved


Mine's the one with the CTRL+PRTSCN

Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears

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I think the article was about Faceparty

French won Waterloo, says Italian telecoms chief

Shaun Wilde

@@Cartload of surrender monkeys...

1066 - Was a Norman victory and hence why it is referred to as the Norman Conquest - Normandy was not part of France then.


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