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Ohio voting machines have 'backdoor', lawsuit claims

Steve Lubman

Audit Trail

I voted in California tonight. It was an electronic machine. In addition to the electronic tally, it makes a print out of your votes as a paper audit trail which each voter checks against the on-screen votes before casting their ballot.

No idea what other States / Counties do.

Also noted tamper evident seals on the IO ports of the machines.

Realize nothing is fool proof, but its not like we are voting using a nintendo here.

Totally understand the concerns regarding fraud however.

Aussie Sex Party in evangelist head-to-head

Steve Lubman

We need our largest scales!

So basically,

If the tower weighs the same as a duck,

It floats,

and therefore.......

A witch!!!!!!!! Burn her!!!!!!

What unbelievable morons. Whoever said it is correct - this kind of evangelism is surely the result of mental illness. Toss 'em into the booby-hatch.

When ISPs hijack your rights to NXDOMAIN

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The only whining I see is that of the author.

Breaking standards to make a few bucks is OK because it only impacts a few?

Did one of the guys from Phorm write this article? Seems like the same logic. And most people aren't worried about their privacy.... Just whiners, right?


Amazon Kindle doomed to repeat Big Brother moment

Steve Lubman

Ray Bradbury was right

Fahrenheit 451 is the story about burning books. Orwell is so passe these days!

Never could understand the appeal of the Kindle - and I always thought the device would be kindling to start some kind of bonfire. This story simply confirms my worst fears.

Sure, what they did might have been legal, but that still doesn't make it right.

Some of us remember when we used to actually visit libraries and flip pages as we read - all without fear of the 'Fire Department' kicking the doors down and torching the greats of literature.

Perhaps Amazon should stick to selling shoes? No one minds when we walk all over those.

'Let me use poo-flinging Roman siege engine against burglars'

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Whats Brown and sounds like a bell?


EU threatens 'formal action' against UK.gov on Phorm

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Too Much!

First, the US Anti-Trust folks announce they are seriously looking into the proposed Ticketmaster merger with Live Nation,

Now the EU does the right thing and prepares to clobber Phorm and their apologists.

And all on my birthday!

After this, I don;t need any other presents other than the inevitable follow thru and *itch-slapping of these greedy crooks.

Thank you for making my day!

US bandwidth gets new caps

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Goodbye TW

When this rolls out here Ill cancel TW cable. Sod those guys.

Man robs convenience store with Klingon sword

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"He's probably a huge hit with the ladies."

You have outdone yourselves again!

Long live the Register!

Nigerian car thief turns into sheep

Steve Lubman

Please help free my relative from Nigerian prison


I proposition you with grat change to profit and help free my dear brother who is held captive in jail.

If you help we will lovely share treasure which brother hid before his arrest.

Please send via correspondence your banking information so that we share may the treasure in thanks for your donation for bail.


Char Ickthumpitywham

Brother of wrongly incarcerated sheep

Texas lawyer sues Citibank over fake cheque scam

Steve Lubman

He's lucky

Don't mess with Nigerians, or they'll turn you into a sheep!

Microsoft Songsmith ad trumps Seinfeld shocker

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Now I see

Now I understand the article a while back about a drug that deadened hearing.

At first I thought it was silly - I mean, why not simply use earplugs - but what if one of those suckers fell out?

Jeeze, MS is in a death spiral for sure. Kind of like the GOP, but MS didn't wage an illegal war and crash the global economy in the process.

Wait - I see a new ad slogan....

"Microsoft - Hey, we still suck less than the GOP!"

Coming soon: Pills to 'turn down' your ears at clubs

Steve Lubman

@ Sam York

SAM offered "I want to hear the music as it was originally intended, not a muffled mess."

Some artists / clubs seem to prefer the sound of eardrums slamming up against the stops. Been there, done that, won't ever allow that to occur again.

The $10.00 musicians earplugs are not perfect, but as a photographer who spends significant time pressed up against the stage monitors craning for a shot, I have to say that they are indispensable and far superior to the foamy plugs you pick up at the hardware store that are designed to protect you from the growl of power tools etc.

Always willing to look at something better. Have you any suggestions?

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This is daft

Musicians earplugs are fine for this application. No drugs required, they are reusable, and I highly doubt that any pill is going to avoid damage to the ear when exposed to high sound pressure levels for durations exceeding the current allowable integrated exposure.

Why resort to drugs when simple earplugs (about $10.00 for the good ones) will do?

This is daft.

Goat hangs self in Canadian zoo

Steve Lubman
Black Helicopters

Not the real story

The goat succumbed to 'waterboarding' and it is all a coverup.

Same with the Stingrays, except that was 'airboarding'.

The USA has changed regimes now, not sure there is much hope for our friends to the North. A pity that.

US doc demands $1.5m for donated organ

Steve Lubman

Never mind the Kidney

How will they divide the contents of their trailer and who gets the Chevy pickup thats up on blocks on the front lawn?

San Francisco enters Agassi's electric car dream

Steve Lubman

Perhaps charging is not as big a problem as you may think?

CAL ISO currently shows the state's electrical generation capacity peaking at around 40,000 MW. I think that rises and falls as plants go online / offline, but that is what they are showing today.

Source: http://www.caiso.com/outlook/SystemStatus.html

Electric vehicle charging would shift more load onto the grid at night, but historically the peak capacity the system had to be designed for was correlated with hot summer days and air conditioning usage.

You should see that usage chart during a heat wave!

And if we got a hot summer night, and blew the grid, we'd all just head to the beach for holiday :)

The return of Killer Chlorine

Steve Lubman


The California Brown Pelican was almost wiped out - IIRC as a result of their eggs becoming so weak that they would collapse under the roosting birds. DDT was implicated.

Since the ban, the Pelican has done a good job of coming back.

I believe other species of birds (such as eagles) were similarly harmed by DDT.

Surely there is a different method to combat mosquitoes. Why insist on continuing to use something that has harmful side effects elsewhere on the food chain? That would be extremely foolish don't you think?

Ban using mobiles while crossing street, says US legislator

Steve Lubman

I suggest....

I suggest that from now on, before a new stupid law is to be added to the books, several existing stupid laws must be repealed first. Over time this should solve the problem entirely.