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Google Chrome 85 to block ads that hog power, CPUs, network: Web ads giant will black-hole 0.3% of web ads



I wanna see a kitten adverting rat poison in sunglasses playing bongos at max FPS, ain't that my choice?

Not Half bad: Microsoft back to 16 bits with new storage-saving type in .NET 5


"For when precision isn't so import"

All the time then with MS product?

Spyware maker NSO can't claim immunity, Facebook lawyers insist – it's time to face the music


Re: end user

is u someone that expects to be looked after? Or are YOU responsible for your actions?


Re: end user

Most people in a pub are intoxicated before they leave... The publican thinks I can sell more beer to this ass before he/she becomes a problem. Same in every industry... How old are you?


Re: end user

They all harmless until used. sleep well in ignorance


end user

is responsible.

Stanley sell carpet knives.... Should they be prosecuted for every poor sod slashed?

I only need a Linux command line to hack. Maybe Linus should be prosecuted.

'Non-commercial use only'? Oopsie. You can't get much more commercial than a huge digital billboard over Piccadilly


if ya make money from it

Pay gratitude to those who have assisted you in reaching that earning capacity.

Forget tabs – the new war is commas versus spaces: Web heads urged by browser devs to embrace modern CSS


I like semi colons

it looks like I am having a shit ; from an empty stomach

Wake up, Neo: Microsoft mulls using your brain waves or body heat to mine crypto-currency while viewing ads


what's an ad?

see above.

If you are seeing advertisements, you are using the internet wrong.

OK, which Dombås stuffed Windows 10 to bursting at Swedish flatpack flinger?


There are people using Win 10

in a production environment?

Microsoft has made an Android phone. Repeat, Microsoft has made an Android phone. A dual-screen foldable mobe not due until late 2020


Gimme root

I might try the phone.

My 5 year old Moto G is getting old and Lineage hasn't been updated for a while, and my screen has a line down it cos I dropped it and the case is getting dirty.

I need root cos I will have to fix the OS and restore my idea of privacy whenever I let Microsoft install updates

The D in Systemd is for Directories: Poettering says his creation will phone /home in future


Someone that wants an OS they can trust which doesn't reset file associations every update?

Mint on Samsung series 9 has never failed me, just works.

Tesco parking app hauled offline after exposing 10s of millions of Automatic Number Plate Recognition images


Once upon a time

many medium to large businesses and corporations processed data in house.

Off the shelf commercial software would be joined together with custom code to do what was needed.

A van with a heavy looking dude might turn up to take some tapes off site every day.

The data could come in from many places in many formats and would go out hopefully exactly as expected, exactly where it was wanted.

The processing and data control was often in the hands of a small, loyal team. Hardware would be supported in house too.

It sounds clunky, not exactly agile, but it worked well for many years. Data breaches were rare, faults were found and resolved quickly.

We now have businesses that contract out almost all of the data processing part of their business, not only car park management. But, payroll, human resource management, data management and data storage, coding, gateways, security controls etc.

And those contracted to do these tasks will sub contract those tricky parts they don't or can't do themselves. And as we move down the sub contractor pecking order, the understanding of and vested interest in the task diminishes. How long can a chain of sub contractors be?

The data will pass through a lot of control boundaries on its journey from a to b, all managed by different sub-contractors few of which will understand or even care about the process end to end.

As we rush toward a pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, numbered, globally connected, data sharing future. A future in which multinational corporations will exist name only, all the actual business function being outsourced. Expect more of your privacy to become public. Expect your corporate puppetmasters to care less when they respond to your pain with AI.

As the distinction between corporation and government becomes undefined, we welcome you to the machine.

UK children's charity: Social media firms rubbish at stopping grooming. Time for a mandatory... AI


Re: AI's not going to help much

What you say makes a lot of sense and should be the default setting for *EVERY* new social media account.

Children and both adults can lie about their age though. And depending on authentication method can easily forge a truth.

Facebook: Remember how we promised we weren’t tracking your location? Psych! Can't believe you fell for that


“Facebook is accessing your location”

when they don’t have the Facebook app open.

I will worry when it tracks my location without being installed

Microsoft follows up those licensing hikes by snipping away costs for Azure Archive Storage


First they trusted

the Sun, it's a fair bet. Its been pretty reliable for the past 4.5 billion years.

Then they trusted the person that said the Sun was a god that talked to him. It went seriously down hill form there.

Non reliance on a third party for business critical systems isn't expensive. Skills are rare though,

It's official: Deploying Facebook's 'Like' button on your website makes you a joint data slurper


Re: No f in button?

What f button?

Block known malware domains at the router

Dutch cheesed off at Microsoft, call for Rexit from Office Online, Mobile apps over Redmond data slurping


Re: ... It is scary

I must check my router, it's been a while since I checked my block list.

I suspect MS would bypass the hosts file for the above addresses?

Sleeping Tesla driver wonders why his car ploughed into 11 traffic cones on a motorway


"This accident was my fault. I fell asleep at the wheel...."


An honest man.

Honesty, a rare attribute these days.

UK cops blasted over 'disproportionate' slurp of years of data from crime victims' phones


We all do what the fsck we like.

Unless we are being watched.

Unfortunately, these fsckrs are the watchers

Braking bad? Van with £112m worth of crystal meth in back hits cop car at police station


I wonder...

What would have happened if they just stopped and got out of the van, apologised, asked if everyone was ok and exchanged insurance details.

Do not raise suspicion, first rule of criminality. Why would the police search the van unless they suspected something?

Caveat: van has to be legal, driver must be legally allowed to drive the van, not be under the influence or have any previous and be able to act as if he had nothing to hide.

Most people expect the expected and do what is expected. Even suspicious policemen can be manipulated.

The drugs were still in the van an hour after the incident? ffs... Simon Tu is not a smart man.

Microsoft breaks out checkbook, turns Hungarian 'bribe' charge into a mere 'settlement'



The poor get convicted and a criminal record, the rich pay a fee.

Fuck this corrupt system.

Pair programming? That's so 2017. Try out this deep-learning AI bot that autocompletes lines of source code for you


my code is often a mess

I never get a full spec, it has to be done yesterday.

It's a maze of twisty little passages that all look the same, yet produce different and occasionally the right results.

It works and seldom fails even if it is an unstructured mess that is hard to maintain (for anyone other than me)

I welcome a machine coding for me, I was thinking of sub-letting my job any ways.

Beer because it helps me care less about the shite I produce

British ISPs throw in the towel, give up sending out toothless copyright infringement warnings


Creative Content UK, the organization that terrified British internet users


see title.

SSL Usenet, before all this chasing piracy ever happened. I guess if someone tried really, really hard they could have detected what I downloaded over the years.

Although the quality of Usenet posts has gotten real bad over recent years. Encrypted rar/zip files needing a visit to websites and marketing form filling required to get the password. Bit coin miners attached to exe files, Trojans attached to exe files. Mostly done so amateurishly it is easy enough to separate the wheat from the chaff... Still it's a pain in the ass.

Fortunately my desire to see or play the latest derivative shite has decreased in proportion the the increase in garbage posted to Usenet.

Don't give it away, give it away, give it away now, bot busting biz tells reCAPTCHA data serfs


PageRank algorithm

Was once the way pages were ranked.

Now it seems, unless I am mistaken or my dislike of Google business practices/tax avoidance is colouring my opinion, the sites with more links to Google properties... adwords. tag manager, double click etc. lead the rankings.

Dear El Reg, Will Windows 10 break my VPN? I read it on the web so it must be true


incremental improvements

They mean changes. An improvement is like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder.

When a manufacturer of anything spouts new improved recipe, it usually means they have used cheaper resources and have improved their bottom line.

Amazon: Carbon emissions from our Australian bit barns aren't for public viewing


Any laws being broken?

If so apply them. If not create them.

Front-end dev cops to billing NSA $220,000 for hours he didn't work


Give and take

I do some work in an office. I have a key card to enter areas of the building. There are two floors and three doors, one door leads outside.

There are rules about start and end times, break times etc. Understandably so, my employer expects me to do some work for my pay and thus pays me for the hours I work. I consider that fair play. (if not pay)

I am tracked when I enter and leave the building or change floor. I expect this, I have to swipe an ID card. Did someone say this guy was a developer?

I don't exactly follow the 'rules', I don't stick to the x minutes for a break x times a day. I do what I need to do to think and do my job. I break those rules but I don't take the piss. I like my HR Dept, they leave me be because I don't take the piss.

$30/month email upstart Superhuman brought low with a blast of privacy Kryptonite


Re: Hang on a second ....

Anyone that own/admins a server that any kind of data passes through or lands upon has access to everything that lands on or passes through it.


Re: $30 ? A *month* ????? Fuck that.

"But $30 a month to have an ad-free, sponsor-free search engine with a decent grasp of language - now you are talking. Shame it doesn't exist."

I have thought about this, I think it is a good business objective... Being totally fucking honest.

I know this can work, I have tried it... One earns loyalty but does not get rich.

Now if one can find some venture capitalists who are not greedy and are looking to earn a comfortable living with financial returns that they could actually spend in a lifetime.... And are prepared to wait a couple of years for a return.

Get in touch via the register here... The totally honest, no track, don't take the piss, don't sell customer data can be applied to any online business, not just email. I believe it is possible to earn a good living using the honesty method.

Perhaps after a few years, by being honest, one can only afford only one yacht or holiday home? How many do you fucking need?

Curioser and curioser: Little Mars rover sniffs out highest ever levels of methane



@ 21 parts per billion, and that being "unexpectedly high levels". Perhaps Oxygen is easier to gather than the methane?

Reality really can be a bitch, I been trying to avoid it for a very long time.

Alexa, am I having a heart attack? Here's how smart speakers could detect their masters spluttering to death


Rather die

Than give a corporate kudos for saving my life.

Viva revolution!!

UK.gov whacks export ban on 'grotesque' crab made by famous Brit potter bros


Reminded me of

City of tiny lites


Anyone else find it weird that the bloke tasked with probing tech giants for antitrust abuses used to, um, work for the same tech giants?


He knows ya know,

he knows ya know, he knows ya know,

He's got experience, he's got experience, he knows, you know

But he's got problems, problems, problems

Light switch, deciet forever, crawling from a corp to corp

Singing psychedelic praises for the good that the lies has wrought

You've got venom in your stomach, from all the lies you're fed

You shouldn't have listened to the Jobs at the confession

When he offered to give you head

He knows, you know, he knows, you know

H e knows, you know, but he's got problems

Fast geed, corporate fever, swarming through a fractured mind

Chilling truths they freeze emotion, it's best to keep them blind

You've got Google in you stomach, you've got Apple in your head

When your conscience whispered, the vein lines stiffened

You walked off with the bread

He knows, you know, he knows, you know, he knows, you know

He's got experience, he's got experience, he knows, you know

But he's got problems, problems, problems


A good choice for the position maybe? Depends how easy he can be manipulated or his honesty buried.

The best and worst of GitHub: Repos wiped without notice, quickly restored – but why?


"I can't believe how easy it apparently is to have someone's life work taken down from Github"

That's the power of a bash shell... rm -R is beautiful bitch.

It's easy enough to git clone back to the repo from your backup though right?

Please don't tell me you trust a third party to be your sole back up solution.

Crime doesn't pay? Crime doesn't do secure coding, either: Akamai bug-hunters find hijack hole in bank phishing kit



"Many phishing kit developers have a background in application security, and chase bugs like these for money and notoriety."

Yet they write insecure phishing kits like the ones lifted from GitHub?

Is this on purpose so they can feed of the copy/paster clueless?

Just a thought

Facebook ordered to open internal docs for investors livid about losing cash following data slurp scandal


Re: A Joy to Behold

It appears to me that a journalist asked him a question.

"Are you a honest and truthful person Mr Zuckerberg?"

Apple hits back at devs of axed kiddie screen-time apps


Re: Do Apple

How about educating me instead of just down voting and running away?

Please tell me why Apple are so awesome. Or at least tell me what I have misunderstood


Do Apple

abuse MDM? Do Apple follow their own rules?

I am not slighting Apple, at least no more than I would slight *ANY* other corporate that collects/processes user data.

I'm just curious, that's all.

Sky customers moan: Our broadband hubs are bricking it


Sky wanted to charge me

extra for not having Sky TV. I was a forcefully imported Be user.

Sky TV has nothing I am prepared to pay for considering the amount of advertising they show.

imho Sky TV should be free. Fsk 'em

The difference between October and May? About 16GB, says Microsoft: Windows 10 1903 will need 32GB of space


Windows 10

Simply installs all that is needed and nothing more.

All that is needed in every possible scenario that is, drivers, frameworks, telemetry, code libraries etc., regardless of your system config, hardware or software requirements.

Eggheads confirm it's not a bug – the universe really is expanding 9% faster than expected


connected to increasing obesity in the general population

Then wouldn't the universe be shrinking? Some people carry a lot of gravity.

Who's using Mueller Report Day to bury bad news? If you guessed Facebook, you're right: Millions more passwords stored in plaintext


Re: They make billions

"I first thought PoC was Piece of Crap, but then guessed it could be Proof of Concept"

My code is quantum based... It is both at the same time.


They make billions

and cant be bothered to employ competent coders? Is it a failing of HR, or is this the way agile development works?

I dunno. I get shit from my gaffer because testing and refinement takes much longer than the quickly thrown together PoC I developed in order to say.."yes this can be done"

Idiot admits destroying scores of college PCs using USB Killer gizmo, filming himself doing it


People are strange and as a stranger I would like to say...

Some kill computers for fun, perhaps a sense of achievement. Others kill people because they are gay, black, white or don't do the right god.

Facebook: Yeah, we hoovered up 1.5 million email address books without permission. But it was an accident!


Re: "Please, pardon us as it looks we don't know we're doing what we actually do"

Well I just copy/paste from Stackoverflow, I haven't got a clue what my code does.

Hey, remember that California privacy law? Big Tech is trying to ram a massive hole in it


Money not only talks

it defines legislation.

Started with priests pointing at the sun, then it was kings, now it is corporates.

NPM apologizes for ham-fisted handling of recent staff layoffs


Re: oh please please

if ya can'y build ya own code libraries...

Intel shortages, weak-ass consumer spending, 'peak' Win10 refresh. No, global PC market didn't grow in Q1


Sales may rise

when they build a CPU that is more than 50% faster than 6 year old CPU's at less than a 100+% price premium that doesn't need a new motherboard/chipset.

When is a phone not a phone? When it's an Android security key


Re: Suits me


yup Google is good for search. Nothing else they have interests me. My 5 year old phone runs Lineage and I have a huge hosts file. And I still don't trust it with information I do not want to be shared with second parties, never mind third parties. Go ahead and laugh at me for being paranoid.

When is a phone not a phone? It is always a phone, its just a spying device too.