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Secret US spontaneous human combustion beam tested

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@Kurt 5

Pass the popcorn!

BMW to ride in with 115-mile range e-scooter?

Damn Yank

Saw one in Rome...

.. it was an ugly brute.



Coppers prowl Sheffield's Letsby Avenue

Damn Yank

Dense Dumb Yank

"Letsby Avenue" - I don't get it........

Swine flu apocalypse: Batten down the hatches

Damn Yank

Flu2.0 mashup


'Miracle' bra saves Detroit woman from robber's bullet

Damn Yank

four men seen escaping from the scene in a purple Dodge Neon..

A.K.A. "Clown Car"

Sun Sparc guru splits for Redmond

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Marc Tremblay

Marc Tremblay is a fellow, senior vice president, chief technology officer, and chief architect at Sun Microsystems. He has been instrumental in the design of various microprocessors at Sun, including MAJC, UltraSPARC I, UltraSPARC II, UltraSPARC T1, and currently the Rock processor. In the process, he has been awarded more patents than any other Sun employee [ [http://www.hpcwire.com/hpc/499609.html Sun Employee Awarded 100th Patent] ] .

He received his bachelor's degree from Laval University in Canada, and both his M.S. (1985) and Ph.D (1991) degrees from UCLA.


External links

* [http://www.sun.com/aboutsun/media/ceo/bio.jsp?name=Marc%20Tremblay Sun Microsystems biography]

* [http://research.sun.com/dmp/patents.php?uid=16638&show=all All his patents, at Sun Microsystems web page]

* [http://www.parc.com/cms/get_article.php?id=530 High Performance Throughput Computing] , Marc's talk at "PARC Forum".

Bacon sarnies cure hangovers: Official

Damn Yank


Recipe please!

I've got some venison sausage (well, kielbasa and brats) in the freezer... (from a hunter friend)

Damn Yank

@Simon Ball

Thanks! I saw plenty of HP sauce on the tables during a trip to Ireland last Easter... But didn't know what it was.


In Hawaii, I've seen SPAM on the McDonald's breakfast menus. Spam, eggs and rice! That'll jump start your day... (no, I didn't try it)

Damn Yank


What is in the 'brown sauce'?

Realtors charged with Glengarry Glen Ross-style rival hack

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A title is required.

Second prize is a set of steak knives... Third prize is you're fired...

Google admits data center podification

Damn Yank


Note the street name... "Crates way".

Obama CIO on leave after cuffing of former employee

Damn Yank

Move the US Capital to Illinois

We'll teach the world a thing or 3 about graft, corruption, bribery, extortion...

Ryanair may charge cattle to use the bog

Damn Yank


Couldn't make it past "PikeyAir". Now I need a tissue...

Hitler ordered Luftwaffe to spare Blackpool

Damn Yank


Sorry, we had nothing to do with that one...

iPhone app simulates political corruption

Damn Yank


Now I have to read about our fine (disgraced) State Of IL here on The Register...

What's next, "The Roland Burris USB reporter dodger!" ??

Robot 'Spider-man' casts net to nab burglars

Damn Yank

Looks a bit like Cato..

Doesn't it??


USAF cops seek netflinger rifle to down ultralights, paragliders

Damn Yank

able... to... bring... down... parachutists...

Or, just wait a few moments.

Boffin seeks $300,000 to build eight-wheel 230mph EV

Damn Yank

"where all/good steering wheels belong"

If you are a Driver's Ed instructor, perhaps... ;-)

I had rented a right-hand drive Versa in Ireland and I still wince at home many times I bashed my right elbow into the door when I went to shift on the first day...

Anyway, I rescind my previous comment. The wheel is indeed on the right.

Damn Yank

anybody notice the steering wheel?

It's in the middle...

'Kidnapped' child tracked by mobile phone and Street View

Damn Yank

@A J

Google "Amber Alert" and see why.

NASA warns of 'space Katrina' radiation storm

Damn Yank

I'm with Gordon Pryra on this one...


IBMers hear sound of axe being sharpened

Damn Yank

I used to be in management (I got better)

Ha! I love it...

(applies to myself as well... I too 'got better'.)

NASA will give away old Shuttles for free

Damn Yank

"climate controlled display space"

Quite the little hot-house orchid, isn't it??

Apologies after teacher's 'Linux holding back kids' claim

Damn Yank

I also tried Linux during college...

... but I didn't inhale.

Hawaii says 'aloha' to Phoenix electric SUVs, pick-ups

Damn Yank

100 mile range?

At what speed? Does stop and go driving make it worse?

I'm asking, because I've been to Maui, and the traffic is terrible.. And there are long stretches (road(s) to Hana for example) where you could easily get stranded...

CSC orders staff home in cost-cutting shutdown

Damn Yank

@Anonymous Coward

"Is that by business unit?"

It must be... I got wind of it from a buddy of mine who works for CSC in the Midwest. We assumed it was company wide.

They figure that come April, there will be another large round of layoffs. (after getting 3 months of work out of them, and not having to paid for accrued vacation during that time)

Damn Yank

the article doesn't mention...

CSC employees (at least in the US) can *not* accrue any new vacation time through the 1st quarter of 2009. So after they use their mandatory 7 days before Christmas, and if they don't have any other vacation days banked up, they won't be able to take ANY time off until April '09.


Networked multipack cruise missiles in successful test

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screw the semi-auto assault rifle..

I want one of these for Christmas.

IBM authorizes OpenSolaris on mainframes

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Hercules! Hercules!

(what movie??)

We have Hercules (and, ahem, z/OS) running on a Macbook - and it actually performs quite well!

It is good for porting and lightweight testing.

I wouldn't want to fire up CICS & DB2 or anything like that.

zLinux is slow on real 'z' hardware - there is so much emulation and other voodoo going on under the covers that it is and always will be a slug...

Mobile shields man from death bullet

Damn Yank

been fired in nearby woodlands

nearby woodlands = 9th Ward?

Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'

Damn Yank

come on over...

We have plenty of room in Wyoming/the Dakotas. The weather is probably similar to the UK, and you'll get your very own assault rifle to play with in the private 400 acres you can pick up for the price of a 500 sq foot London flat...

US stocks up on semi-automatic rifles

Damn Yank

god help us all..

The next 4 years should be, well, interesting...

Kalashnikovs??? How ironic. 15-20 years ago no self-respecting gun junkie would own some damn commie ruskie hardware..

I'd go for a Walther PPK, just for the 00 cool factor...

Anyone know where I can pick up an Aston Martin - cheap??

BBC has newsgasm over Obama's dog

Damn Yank


And don't forget Teddy Roosevelt. He was (if I recall..) presented with a Koala bear. Fast forward and little kids all around the US have "teddiy bears"...

Damn Yank

why American Presidents are apparently required to have a dog?

Clinton had a cat. "Socks".

Cue the jokes about having some extra p*ssy in the white house...

Lightning to thunder with speed-creep beating V8 roar

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Meet George Jetson... (flying car)

That's the sound I want.

Morning voting in America

Damn Yank

@Richard Gadsden

Actually, I voted this morning with a just a black pen and both sides of a ledger sheet of paper. Fill-in-the-circles, that sort of thing. The machine that tallies the votes was sitting right there in the room. You insert the paper (through a cardboard sleeve so nobody can peek at your choices) and it scans the blacked out circles and immediately processes your vote. They'll come collect it later after the polls are closed and the information will be downloaded to the county systems. If any problems arise, they can go back and review the paper ballots by hand.

Piece o' cake.

The True Confessions of an Election Official

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Good article

I was just there 45 minutes ago... Number 17 in line at 6:14AM. That's quite a turnout in a tiny little village of coal miners and farmers. (and one IT geek)

Our 'blue hairs' have retired over the years, and a younger (50-ish) crowd of women have taken their place... They'll have a long day ahead of them. Hats off to them.

Bono bikini babe party pictures loose on Facebook

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not so much


Plasma rocket space drive in key test milestone

Damn Yank

They must have hyperjets on that thing..

And what do we have on this thing? A cuisinart???

BBC's TV detector vans to remain a state secret

Damn Yank

TV Licensing??

You have to pay a license fee for over-the-air television??

UK asks to buy next-gen spy planes from US

Damn Yank

Nimrod ???

You've got to be kidding..

Brown promises £250bn bailout will save SMEs

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@ jeremy

Amen, brother!

DARPA seeks Special Forces submersible aeroplane

Damn Yank

@ Jesse

It had Roger Moore and was terrible, as I recall....

McCain laptop theft sparks conspiracy theories

Damn Yank

re: Bricking it

This is Missouri we're talking about. Think screen doors, engines hanging from trees, and tires-holding-the-roof-down....

Reg reader completely loses the plot

Damn Yank

@ StillNoCouch

We were both close... From a SNL transcripts web site.

Season 3: Episode 18

"Jane, you ignorant, misguided slut!"

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you complete f*cking spunk bubble

Love it! That'll be my standard retort here at the office next week...

Almost as good as the old SNL "Jane you ignorant slut"

Happy Friday!

Tiny MyCar named electric vehicle of the year

Damn Yank


... looks strangely similar to my garage Roomba:


Chrysler grows iPod Peapod

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living in lardy-arsed yank land..

"Or maybe it's just designed for getting lardy-arsed yanks to and from the McDonalds a mile away..."

No, because a true blue lardy-arsed yank would be going through the drive-through... I don't see any functional windows in that thing.

25MPH isn't even fast enough for most residential streets here, much less a multi-lane main road. Forget about the freeway.

Ditto to the Escalade comment above.

And given it's a Chrysler, I'm sure the tranny will go out shortly after the warranty ends.

Can't wait to see it on Top Gear... (with a 2 year delay before it arrives on BBC America)

Boffins calculate true speed of 'Lightning' Bolt

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What's the velocity of a Lightning Bolt in a vacuum?

Depends if there is a camera pointed at him... Then he'll jump around and act like a jackass.

Boffinry bitchslap brouhaha: Higgs and Hawking head to head

Damn Yank


You're gonna need some more legos...