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Microsoft Mojave 'outs' secret Vista lovers


ok where do i start

Ok the average windows lover is about as intellegent as a goat specially the ones that can't tell that they are using Vista.

not to mention if they did tweak it enough to through intellegent users off the scent they probably were very impressed as we were with longhorn with an alpha/beta release with lots of promises. Not release software thats missing everything advertised in the development cycle.

Microsoft, just start flinging poo at each other please and leave O/S dicissions to us. What happened to "the customer is always right"

Enraged devil dog lover locks on to Reg photo team



If they can't take a bit of piss take then piss off and grow a thicker skin.

As for some media fear mongering i agree some of it does make you think, "jeeze what shit are they stiring with this" but if 90% of the world population wasn't a dribbling idiot that believes anything they're told then there'd no problem.

My 2 pennies worth

Vista provokes user synaptic collapse



Does that mean you can't few the permissions but you can blindly change them?

And after you've blindly changed them do have you then have the permissions to view the permissiosn that you already changed or does it still deny you permission to seee the permissions you changed but have permission to change :-) still...... i think

head implossion

Shampoo boffins decode dandruff fungus' DNA



Yep and as soon as they figure out how to delay it not cure it itll be released for profit, they cant have you not needing their shampoo anymore

Balls: Schools should police the net


Laugh at it and you are a part of it

I am sorry but a granny losing control of her wheel chair and crashing into a headge, I'm sorry but it IS FUNNY.

Happy Slapping i'm sorry to say IS FUNNY

I was bullied heavily at school, I'm ginger for christ sake, accusing people of being a part of it it cus they laugh is stupid, shoot everyone now.

Parents need to bring up there kids properly and irrisponisble parents need dealing with, as a lot of parents round my area are worse than the kids.

If you want to try anything at school try encouraging comedy, staged happy slapping in drama classes or something to detract from tis value.

PC superstore suffers breakdown over Linux notebook


PC world to everyone who referes to the base unit as a hard drive

Yep my experience of PC world is that, they don;t know what they are doing, they don;t know what they sell and generally only one person there has an IT qualification and usually he/she's on holiday.

PC world to me is "oh shit my hard drive died and need a new one oh god its Sunday where do I go"

no normal situation would I buy from them.

Cadbury bows to 'bring back Wispa' net campaign


What about the King Size Snicker

The King Size Snicker they ruined, they released a Snicker Duo bar during the big obeisity upraor when mcdonalds started doing salads and reducing salt.

all the other snickers bars lack the vital caramel to nougat and nuts ratios, the must re-introduce kingsize snickers, nestle get on this now PLEASE.

BOFH: New toys



yeah i do that to all our new servers, my boss has now resorted to hiding the screwdrivers when we get new kit.

Chav-hunting toffs cop some flack


Legalise it

Can;t we legalise it, i mean they will be a good substitute for foxes and will help managing out of control the pest population.


Council worker develops PC energy-saving program


wow simple scripting

How did this make the headlines, this can be done with simple scripting, its nothing fantastic and nothing special.

my main questions is how the hell can he get his users to not only know what an I.P address is but also find it and add it to an exclusion list?

How the hell can he trust his users simply not to leave their computer in the exclusion list permenantly?

Also after looking up their i.p address once i'm sure at this mircale of user intellect will mean its now on a sticky note on the users monitor and not updated when DHCP decides it fancies a change?

Christ the most i can get out of my users is double clicking correctly even that is sometimes too difficult.

Save money by all means but not at the expense of my own sanity

eBayer mails UK lad £44k


i would have kept it

nothing on this planet would part me from that money, you just tell the police of harrassment if the seller contacts you but i can imagine he would think the police were envolved anyway and call it a loss at that.

44k would deffinatly be in my loft gradually paying my bills off as to not arise suspicion

Derbyshire cops get into deep water



you can say that again brings a new meaning to {mentally retarded voice} Special constable.

Rufus quits Gadspot


Will the real rufu please stand up

I really want the real rufus to make himself known he's my hero, although his origional assessment of the problem was flawed the way he handles customers is great, they need to be put in there place.

The world has gone too politically correct if the problem is that the customer is as thick as two short planks we should be able to tell them straight, instead of wasting our time.

Boeing rolls out 787 Dreamliner


save the world

I just saw a new article about this on Telly, at the end it said "Green protestors still believe it isn;t green enough"


How green do they think a plan is going to get in today cost effective technology

Oracle sends bloke cardboard laptop


its a decoy

Its their idea to save MI5 some money by giving their agents cheaper useless laptops to lose instead.

O2 gets UK iPhone deal


I can't see the hype

Its a phone, by the comments its sounds like apple just mugged your dear old grandma.

what the hell is wrong with a phone the phones, god i actually hate smart phones, they do everything so annoyingly poor that you wait till you get home anyway.

yes i am a techy, but untill i have an employer that will let me admin servers over ssh while drinking beer on the beach i really cant see the point in smart phones.

MEP plans EU build ban on cars faster than 100mph


wow who employs people that think like that

wow, ok lets just get rid if all the roads, kill all the farting cows, ban curries and ban the burning of anything ever.

Wow look i cured emissions problems and global warming, i'm a genious give me a job in government.

Teenagers prefer mobiles to sex


Sex please

sex for my mobile sounds like a good deal, where do i call?


Manhunt 2 banned


when do we get a say

honest to god when do we get a say, ratings mean sod all if they aren't enforced now instead they are going to withdraw me from my depravity.

I want depravity, slicing someones head off is more fun than picking daisies. Besides i can legally and morally pick daisies in real life if i want to i can't on the other hand with maiming and killing.

Outrage over 'sponsor a boob job' website


I have my 3 year old head on


Red hair bullying cases could end up in court


I'm a ginger too

Yey I'm a ginger, see you all in court you brown haired blond haired tossers.

No on a serious note, it depends how bad the harrassment is then i'm sure its covered by law anyway. I can take a ginger joke as well as the next guy, but i supose in todays age theres houldn;t be harrasment, noone gets the piss taken out of them for having brown or blond hair. No gingers get the piss taken because it less common or different and the stupid majority don;t like different.

I think if people would grow up there wouldn't be any need for harrassment laws like this.

Ginger FTW, say yes to a ginger britain.

Fancy an earful? Click here for tech support


Go Rufus

If getting sacked wasn;t on the cards most my customers would get this treatment.

Remember customers sincerity is all lies i tell you, LIES, in fact we actually want to see you maimed and dying in horrible ways. Well using your brain is usually enough but seeign as miracles never happen maimed and death is more fun.

also remember that most people are stupid and retarded and do want spoon feeding with answers,they have little regard for learning they are not only stupid but happily ignorant i think Rufus is well inclined to answer in this maner.

My apologies for anyone with braincells that function

Britons are workaholics, survey says


Work-a-holics? OK.......

We are not work-a-holics, we work long hours to actually earn enough money to live. The salaries in general up here in Stoke are apauling 25% less than most places else in the UK, house prices have risen to stupid amounts that now you can't get a job here that pays enough to even buy your own house, unlesws you are in a highly skilled highly qualified position.

Then again in london salaries are a lot more but so is cost of living, all these salary surveys saying the average uk salary is like something £35k want to do a survey up here and ask some real people.

Paris Hilton dragged back into court


mmm prison

no don't lock me up in a celeb jail out of harms way of others section away and in comfort oh and to spend the rest of my sentence in a mansion unbearable please let me go.

they should not only send her to prison but they should also treat her no differently than any other prisoner.

Killer Wi-Fi panics London's chattering classes


Its bigger

I'm witnessing the same thing, I work as a sys admin and netowrk engineer for a finanace company and i've been met with damn right hostility while upgrading a wireless bridge connection since that panorama, cus the old Accesspoint had one antenna this has 2, its obviously morw powerful and they want it removed not upgraded.

They even have people comming out to test it becasue they say illness has been up since they moved offices.

Yet they work next to the Microwave oven and have just invested in Wireless DECT phones.

to be honest what aspect of anything is 100% safe, is your car 100% safe, is the air we breath 100% safe, the best anyone can do is best guess.

I live with and accesspoint next to my bed and 2 next to my desk and i feel fine.

Pay-as-you-drive roads coming to the UK


this is crazy

this is nuts, this governemnt is not listening, governments should be affraid of the people not vice versa.

I for one will not pay it, they can arrest me do wha tthey like im not paying to use roads ive paid for

Satnav driver's car totalled by train


Stop blaming the design

Come on stop blaming the design, we shouldn't even need gates.

There should just be lights like traffic lights, its your own damn stupid fault if you run it isn't it.

we do too much protecting the stupid from themselves and they still manage to darwinise themselves with that.

Cash machines get a voice


Announve to the world MUG ME!!!!!!

Image some unsavoury folk hanging around the cash point or even near buy

"Your Current balance is £4456 and 72 pence"

"withdraw cash"

"You have Chose to Withdrawn £300"

"Have a nice day"

Yeah you are now a target for getting the shit kicked out of you cus they now know you are worth the effort.

Chinese translation software blamed in racist sofa outrage


FFS what i8s it with people

"She said the matter had "taken a toll on her family", and is accordingly seeking compensation."

WTF if a label on a couch is taking a toll on her family she has a lot more important problems to take care of.

"I had friends over from St Lucia yesterday and they wouldn't sit on the couch."

perhaps next time don't buy a "nigger brown" sofa <sorry i have a bad translator too I'm donwloading the patch.

WoW players learn value of Windows updates


Thick bastards

Come on I mean appart from the odd legitimate sites that have been hacked which must have caught about 3 people. The real reason they get havked isn't trogan, spyware or hackers. The real reason is stupid users that don't know how to use a computer let alone protect it.

I use M$ Windows XP SP1 Semi patched for performance no Antivirus, no anti spyware and no firewall program I am however behind a linux firewall, just blocking ports. I have never had a virus, only the common spyware that comes with windows and tracking cookies and never had my WoW account hacked. WHY i'll tell you

I dont download illegal music from bareshare or limewire i use reviewed Bittorrent sites and binary newsgroups.

I dont open every last peice of crap i get on e-mail only stuff im expecting

I dont surf porn in internet explorer actually i dont use internet explorer i use firefox full stop if a website wont work in forefox it isnt worth looking at. Firefox handles my porn viewing and ever ANI exploiting sites.

These people really should not get there items back at all and call it a good hard lesson of use your brain and learn