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Climate change apocalypse NOW

Dead Vulture

And then there were three...

<i>I’d certainly describe myself as an expert on the issues around climate change (though not a scientist)…and the fact that I am likely to be publishing extensively in that field over the next 12 months suggest that others agree with me.</i>

I fully agree with the poster above who commented that this neatly encapsulates everything wrong with the original article. The arrogance is breath-taking - maybe the Reg should actually ask some real climate scientists to write on climate science, or is that too much to ask?

Apple reels as Steve Jobs Flashturbates

Dead Vulture

"Ahab-like pursuit of Flash player"?

Really? Adobe started this with their Flash CS5 attempt to do an end-run around Apple's App Store, and their OTT response when Apple (unsurprisingly) told them to go to hell has been the match to the current row. If anyone's "Ahab-like" about Flash, it's Adobe.

As Jobs has repeatedly challenged them: produce a Flash runtime that actually works on mobile devices. We still don't have a shipping full Flash on such gadgets...

New wave of superphones poised to challenge iPhone 4

Jobs Halo


""Our hope is that we won't lose as many customers this year as we have in the past," he said during an interview, claiming that AT&T's well reported network glitches and its new tiered data pricing would make Sprint look more attractive.

He was also quick to distance himself from Sprint's previous 'iPhone killer', the Palm Pre, which delivered disappointing results. "The Pre was for people who didn't really want the iPhone," he said, as quoted by CNET. "But the EVO is a phone that people can get instead of the iPhone.""

Steve Jobs – Apple's not business, it's personal


Give the guy a break?

First he had the Mac OS stolen out from under him with Microsoft's Windows, and now he has umpteen parasites copying everything Apple creates in the mobile space literally as soon as it becomes known.

So yeah, he has a right to be pissed.

Patching is a pain...

Dead Vulture

Pity that's not true

"Sadly, despite all the facilities built into the iStore that have simplified application updates on iPhoneOS devices, full-fat OSX users suffer the same level of third-party neglect that Windows users do."

Umm, Sparkle? http://osx.iusethis.com/top?sparkle=1

(Better tech wri.. oh, why do I even bother?)

Apple building its own Flash, says rogue Tweeter

Dead Vulture


So, the "own Flash" is just Javascript (and presumably HTML5? Better Reg tech writers, please.

As to this:

"Plus, his commitment to open standards goes only so far. For web video, Apple uses the patented H.264 codec, not the open and license-free Ogg Theora. Jobs has even go so far as to throw FUD at open source codecs, claiming that unspecified people are putting together a patent pool to "go after" Ogg.

Like Microsoft, Apple is one of the patent licensors behind the H.264 codec, which means the company gets money when it's used"

It's a certainty that some tosser - and likely more than one - will sue on Ogg implementations (as soon as there are some in popular use, that is!). Patent trolling is a profitable business. And given that Microsoft have already stated that they pay more into MPEG LA for the rights to use H.264 than they get back, it can be surmised that Apple are in the same boat.

Still, +1 for not being a shill-piece on politics or the environment, which is a nice change these days.

Scammers plunder gullible iPad owners' backdoors

Dead Vulture


This is nothing to do with iPads per se, but is really about a Windows trojan?

Better Reg headline writers, please.

Why the banks aren't scared of the Robin Hood Tax

IT Angle

@Tim Worstall

"Some taxes are, without a doubt. Some are not. The trick of "good" taxation is knowing the difference. The whole subject is called "tax incidence" and it's something the Robon Hood guys should have looked up before they made their proposals, not after."

That's a convenient excuse though, isn't it? Why, you could claim that *any* tax on business was a bad thing, if that were really true.

By the way, you claimed that this wasn't something that the bankers weren't afraid of, because there hasn't been squawking about it yet? Well, we'll see what happens should the EU or the US adopt this. In the meantime, a quick Google gives back:

Goldman Sachs getting caught trying to fix an online poll on the Tobin Tax:


The FT covered it:



The Tories are against it:


The Adam Smith Institute Institute is against it:


(The above written by a "Tim Worstall" - perhaps someone you know?)

The Torygraph really, really doesn't like it:



Wall Street Journal:


US Chamber of Commerce:


Dead Vulture

Tim Worstall in "Don't Tax The Rich" shocker!

"So, the Robin Hood Tax is not a tax on bankers, it's a tax on us and a very expensive one to boot."

Yes, well, I'm sure that Tim and his buddies would argue that every super-tax would really be a tax on us the plebs, dontcha know.

Why is this news, or even in the Register (which is descending into an online Torygraph)?

Adobe clutches chance to bury Steve Jobs 'hog' insult


@ Henry Wertz 1

I've just Googled, and the oracle tells me that Flash for Blackberry is claimed to be arrived in "H2 2010", i.e. not at the present time. I'll reiterate that full, proper Flash doesn't seem to be on any mobile device at this moment. Call me again when that changes.

I think that in a few years, no-one will be able to believe that there was so much brouhaha over this. No-one's getting upset at Java not being included, are they? I suspect Flash will go the same way (and good riddance frankly, on any platform).

Dead Vulture

Flash fact

"Make Windows the lead platform for new features and functionality and then backport them to OS X"

How is this different from what Adobe have been doing for years, exactly? (Premiere, Adobe Acrobat, 64-bit, Cocoa, hell even the Mac OS X migration...)

Are Adobe a 'Microsoft Gold Certified Partner', one wonders?

By the way, perhaps the Register can tell us how Apple "killed" Flash on the iPhone and iPad, given that Flash wasn't on these devices to begin with...? (and full Flash isn't on any shipping smartphone today, as far as I can tell)

Microsoft's 'record' quarter can't match Apple

Jobs Halo

@ Trixr

Graphs of Apple's revenue, broken down by division:


And Microsoft's:


By the way, nowhere do I see commented-on that Microsoft's Windows 7 was very heavily discounted in advance (no doubt helping adoption this time around). I personally got two Win 7 Pro licences free via academia, and bought two Win 7 Home licences for half-nothing off Amazon.

Mind you, they're all now the secondary boot OS on various Snow Leopard Macs...

Conservative US shock-jock to sue Wacky Jacqui

Dead Vulture

Shame on El Reg's Research Division

Michael "Savage's" real name is Michael Wiener.

(Hence his nickname among the non-retarded section of the American public of "the Savage Wiener").

Fire that intern!

Obama CIO a confessed petty thief


Traffic Cone thieves are evil!

I notice that the 'Complainant' in the original court records is a cop.

God knows what silly, stupid thing (especially as we're discussing <i>American</i> cops here) he was brought up on, so. If he's stolen a couple of million, he'd be made an Irish banker...

p.s. to the Reg - HotAir is a hangout for Bush-lovers who would make Fox News seem like pinkos in comparison. It's more than likely that they're just a conduit for Republican smears. FYI.

Adobe proposes open access to app stores

Dead Vulture

Reading crap off the "interwebs" oughtn't be a licence to be an "analyst"

<i>Apple's store, despite popularity with consumers, is still criticized by some programmers for being over-controlled and mean with the revenue split so there is still an opportunity for operators to outshine it.</i>

I had to double-check that this article wasn't being written by Rob Enderle. In which universe are (i) the telcos/handset manufacturers not going to put the kibosh on apps they don't like (VOIP springs to mind) and (ii) Apple's 30:70 split not the best currently on offer.

My assigned grade for the author of this junk is "must try harder".