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ISP redesign unites the web in nausea



Perhaps the singular most visually offensive example of web-design work I've ever seen, unless you count the stuff I did when I was 10. Actually, nope, wait, that was better.

Too dim to set up your phone? Pay someone else to do it

Jobs Horns

How ironic

How ironic... WDS global provide Orange's remote setup service... free

Steve jobs, because it's a nice idea, but they're f***ing you over with the price

BAA boots Vulture from T5 frequent flyer club


Terminate! Terminate!

Sceptical Bastard... they're called "Terminals" because right now it's as far as most of the passengers are getting :)

I work in Hungary, and I've taken to flying to regional UK airports either on Ryanscare or via Schipol because Heathrow is utter crap. Last time I arrived in T1 it took 90 minutes to get the bags off the plane. Flying from T5 in May though... handbaggage only methinks

Fasthosts customers blindsided by emergency password reset



Great - fantastic, they've reset my Control Panel, FTP and SQL passwords (which also takes down my website) with the mail set to go in 10 days... no need to panic though as they're sending a new password via Post...

... which is nice as I'm working in Hungary for a year and post forwarding takes 4 weeks... if you're lucky.

Tried calling them, but that's not happening. Maybe I should have paid attention to the first email... what a shitter.

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K800i photo phone



Hmm, yes, where is the review of the phone?

I've had mine for a few days now, the intial battery life and indicators were awful, but after a couple of full overnight charges it seems to be running at a pretty similar rate to my K750i and W810i.

The one downside is that no memory card is supplied with the handset, and I'd love to have used the one from my old SE phones but the apparent change in standard means that it's time to go and fork out for another one.

The handset itself has an updated version of the Operating System which feels a lot smoother. The keypad suffers from one flaw for me, and that is I frequently press the button to launch the WAP browser whilst trying to press the back buttton.

Another nice touch is the ability to configure the phone to automatically connect to the net when plugged in via a USB cable to a PC - and the PC assumes it's USB ethernet, which makes connecting stupendously easy. Now only to get it to work with my Mac...


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