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Lester Haines: RIP


So long...

And thanks for all the articles.


Condolences & good wishes to his friends and family.

Corel receives bigger buyout offer


Ah the good old days...

Never been able to warm to anything beyond Jascs PSP 7... good luck to them though. A little competition is always good.

MS patch system poses 'significant risk', say researchers

Paris Hilton

Paris... but i'm on a phone...

and don't want to go icon hunting...

i'm still... Slightly confused...

a third are exploited before or after...

does this just mean two thirds never have an exploit?

(Wasn't so hard to find after all... thankyee opera)

Ofcom taps water network for next generation broadband

Paris Hilton

Tomorrow's headlines:


The government has announced a browsing ban due to overwhelming demand for it calls an "unexpected" paris hilton video.

This despite the fact that IT experts had previously warned the govt about this phenomenon, known as GLOBAL PERVING.

Customers in this region are already hard hit by fibre operator, THAMES FIBRE's inability to repair data leakages which apparently cost the online shopper millions.

A spokesman for the company said 'it isn't our fault that other operators can fix their lines. our mangers need those bonuses'.

</ end news>

Yes... umm, tomorrow is a bit optimistic eh?

And sorry, global perving was the best i had.

Downing Street removes Labour Party link


Why it matters...

Downing St should not be advertising the newlabour party. In my eyes it's the equivalent of them stringing vote labour across the roof of the commons, just because they lead parliament.

Ethical issues aside is not against 'guidelines' to use public money to fund a campaign for a party?

I doubt that newlabour pay for the bandwidth, hosting, design etc of the site.

UK.gov password protects Aryan Governance Summit site



The swastika represents prosperity in hinduism.

Any chance the design was outsourced to india?

seriously though... it's at a slant, couldn't be more NAZI if it tried.

Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)

Gates Halo

@Aubry Thonon

While making an Image of your HDD with a fresh install is a good idea - to get an installation disk with all the updates - follow Greg's advice.

I used nLite and it saved me so much time and energy I could have kissed whoever made it.

I don't recommend you slipstream SP3 - but rather SP2 and the individual updates following - mainly because I'm against the way WGA works, and if i remember right, it's bundled with SP3.

It's nice to note XP will be supported for longer? But err... who uses MS support?