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You don't need a PhD to phish a Brit university: Nonprofit claims 100% hit rate is easy peasy


Re: Wot no web filtering

Ugh... Our university has since gone the trendmicro-URL-mangling route too.

So one either has to hide URLs as links in HTML / RTF - or send as plain-text + give up sending a legible / permanent link.

It turns users into idiots once again, after years of educating them not to click a link unless they know where it's going to... now every link has to be trusted because f*ck knows where it actually goes.

Whatsmore the system cannot cope with unique links or bespoke attacks as by the time it is flagged as dodgy, the first wave has already hit.

Lester Haines: RIP


So long...

And thanks for all the articles.


Condolences & good wishes to his friends and family.

Six charged for 'hacking' lottery terminals to spew only winning tickets


Re: Expect a lot more charges

Care to explain WHY you're not surprised at the names?

A curious comment to make without qualification Bob.

Hey, folks. Meet the economics 'genius' behind Jeremy Corbyn


Re: European-style health system

Spitting into the void, on a 4 day old comment...

But the "known fact" is due to the higher taxes being used to subsidise a national health service for those who can't pay. As it should!

If Private Healthcare providers were forced to take all patients, even those who can't pay, and also not just cherry pick the most simple, profitable procedures* then you'd see those private insurance premiums shoot up.

*They currently choose to offer their services to the NHS for a number of procedures, at a profit (naturally). This of course is beneficial to the patient (reduced waiting times) - but is it sustainable to be pumping money out in the long term?

UK parliament presses for pardon for Alan Turing


I changed my mind

I was initially in the "of course we bloody well should" camp when I first heard about this, but commenters on past articles convinced me otherwise.

I'd like to know if a pardon is legally equal to "you were wrongly convicted" or to "it's okay you broke the law, we'll let you off"?

Neither is appropriate as the first is revisionist - Turing broke the law of the time, and he admitted to being a homosexual. The conviction was therefore entirely legal and correct.

The latter allows someone who is clever / famous / politically of the moment / did some good stuff to get around the law. Turing will not benefit, but it's a cynical ploy and sets a terrible precedent.

it's not the same, I know, but if Jessica Ennis, or a medal winning soldier commit a crime today, should we or a.future government grant them a pardon or immunity?

Instead, I believe strongly that the conviction should stand as a poignant reminder that as a brilliant man was treated horribly and driven to suicide by the nation, and a government just because he was gay... despite working to fight for his country, and against genocide.

That many people, less well known but equally important in their own right, suffered similarly. That there existed such a terrible law in living memory.

Hopefully it won't rise again, and we will fight against similar laws elsewhere.

The best course would surely to be to declare all convictions spent if they aren't already, and to allow survivors to wipe their records of the conviction (if it still shows up), so that it no longer affects them.

Also a cross party / parliamentary commitment to repeal discriminating legislation and prevent any future such laws being passed.

We unfortunately don't have a constitution into which that can be set in stone, but at least they promised...

Corel receives bigger buyout offer


Ah the good old days...

Never been able to warm to anything beyond Jascs PSP 7... good luck to them though. A little competition is always good.

Remembering the true* first portable computer


Me Three

I too believe it was a very well written and witty article.

I'm sorry to say i didn't read the authors name. Well done, whoever you are.

Fennec leaps into beta


NO! I must object!

It isn't THAT often that something on here gets to me, BUT seriously- are you a journalist for theregister.co.uk? Are you sure?

I expect you to have done a little research. For a start, many a fanboi will tell you, the best 'Ff innovations' for the desktop were operas, but that's arguable.

This 'UNIQUELY' business however isn't. Android's browser supports both numbers and addresses, and Opera mini/mobile- which work on pretty much everything including your wristwatch if you tried it- have had the number capture capability for YEARS.

Now yes... it's pedantic, but honestly, you'd think as a journo you'd look a little into things like THE MOBILE BROWSERS AVAILABLE before writing an article comparing them.

I want one hundred lines from you by tomorrow morning- 'I will research before i write.'

That'll teach you for hurting my opera's feelings.

O2 to axe iPhone prices?



at Orange? I object your honour! the defence has been drinking the koolade!

Yes... i know it has little to do with the story but please do allow me the little victories... they made me miserable for 18 months.

Opera lances 'extremely severe' jpg bug


Should any of you return:

Of course i wasn't -really- suggesting that Opera worked less well in order to get me to upgrade, it was just coincidental - and the timing rather amusing.

It's more likely something hadn't launched right when i first started it and the update caused opera + plugins to restart, or that youtube had made a minor change on their site, which adversely affected Opera, and was subsequently fixed along with the vuln as AC said.

And here was I thinking that the joke alert icon was just a joke. Apparently, you really need it!

Thumb Up


It wouldn't allow me to scroll youtube pages last night, while on 9.63, as they'd go really funny... but service resumed as normal when i upgraded to 9.64.

just found that odd, as it worked perfectly the night before.

Opera's break the internet until you update tactic worked a treat methinks. They're always one step ahead... 2nd only to microsoft whose tactic is just break the internet.

Google mistakes entire web for malware



While i admit it's not my most attractive trait...

I'd love to know how the internet was affected in those few minutes. Was there a sudden drop in site visits? did Amazon, mybook, facespace, BoBe and the like go silent?

It would probably be quite a significant drop in visits as even i, tech savvy as i am, google more often than i type the TLDs.

CPW aims to keep recession victims connected


This is weird...

Normally i wouldn't touch talk talk or the cpw with barge pole. From what i hear CS, their terms, and physical service is poor...

and yet i want to shake their hands. It's actually a very reasonable plan.

The cynic in me wonders how many people will be allowed onto it, and just how much grovelling would be required.

Sony Rolly dancing MP3 player


He's so cuuuute.

I wouldn't hesitate to spend £240 of someone elses money to call him my own.

UK e-tailers scurry to scrap dodgy Heavy Metal covers


For the first time, i can be a pedant!

If i read the article right, it states that much of wikipedia is banned which is incorrect.

only two of the several means of accessing the image/entry are banned- and return error messages/blank pages.

yesterday's article had this right.

apart from the censorship of our internets, the problem is that now all traffic from those isps to wikipedia is via a selection of proxies that do not forward real ips. leading to millions of hits, and edit attempts, from millions of users, originating from 6 ips, which is impossible to police.

while this was made clear yesterday, it may be helpful if something of the consequences of the IWF/ISP method is mentioned in followup articles too, because it will have effects on even those that DO object to the image and want it to be censored.

yes. all three of them. and jacqui smith.

Counter-terror police arrest Tory frontbencher

Black Helicopters

You realise why this happened, don't you?

Where there's a jacqui, there's no hope.

First they came for the tories...

Motorola TLKR T7 two-way radio


@ Why.

Several possible reasons-

1) el reg staffers wanted to go skiing and cycling, so asked to review these.

2) the author was supposed to hand in a tech review of the latest usb foot stool, but spent the weekend on a jolly, and rushed this out.

3) you can claim it back as an expense/ claim the tax if you review it.

4) it's nice to have SOMETHING by motorola to review!

All perfectly good excuses! keep up the good work.

Reg readers in Firefox 3 lovefest


where do i fit in?

Surely atleast half of your traffic must be me browsing the reg on my mobile in order to distract myself from work/ the world around - i'm the one on operamini.

oh, i see... this is the traffic from all the other visitors who don't love you as much.

Jacqui Smith prints seized by No2ID in daring dabs grab



If I remember correctly: The systems to be used have already been foiled by photcopies

and it's extremely easy to create a plastic/latex model of them too... I could do it at high school.

A bit of wax/ a transparency with the photocopy, a latex attachment to the finger won't be easy to notice...

not to mention the attitude of people who'll be working the stuff will be the same as those who work supermarket tills.

Please everyone... refer to me as Ms. J Smith.

DARPA to begin mysterious 'Project GANDALF'

Paris Hilton

I don't have anything to add...

just wanted to say i only clicked onto the article because the feed blurb showed DARPA with the asterisk next to it.

I scrolled the entire article to see what witty name had been given to them this time.

This latest one is my favourite. ahem.

Oh and paris, because she knows more about darpa than i do.

HP loads PC with nonexistent web browser

Thumb Up


Surely this is the sort of security that should have been present from genesis?

The fact that applications can litter every part of my system, linger after uninstalls, alter the registry and system folders is wrong.

They should all be contained within one directory alone per program, and easily reset and removed.

i welcome etc.

Royal Society says goodbye to creationism row vicar


Even though noone will read this down here...

WRT the article - I too think it's a shame he was forced to resign, as the RS should have stood up for it's views, and taken a stand against the media which has twisted the message.

My GCSE tutor took an entire lesson to allow the debate to take place - allowing students from a creationist background to UNDERSTAND not only EVOLUTION/ BIG BANG etc, but the SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES behind the theories. therefore WHY THEY WERE BEING TAUGHT IN SCIENCE.

Whether they believed in it or not in the end, they understood why it was science, and not another religion - and why humans didn't just "one day pop out of a gorrilla".

Can I also please point out that neither "Creationism" nor "Intelligent Design" cannot be considered theories, and calling them that is misleading.

A theory must be able to predict outcomes of an experiment or observation - applied as a hypothesis.

We cannot test "creationism" or "ID", cannot form a hypothesis from them, and cannot predict any outcomes over a given time. "God will do x" does not count.

With the theories of Evolution and Natural Selection we can accurately predict outcomes given conditions. This is what the galapogas island finches are famous for - and the reason Darwin is in your wallet.




ASA rules against citing 'hits' in ads


@HITS/shop analogy

Actually, it's the equivalent having the shop assistant tallying every item that a customer sees when they are inside.

so if a customer looks at a display case of 50 rings it would register their view from outside, everything on their way to the case, and then each and every ring. it's more likely that customer will atleast look all around the shop once... so for each and every customer you tally every item and details, then the wallpaper, the architecture, the shop assistant etc.

you can see how misleading it is then. hundreds of hits, as a result of one single visit. and not even one item bought.

Scottish gov OKs Europe's biggest onshore wind farm

Thumb Up

It's enough to make you sick.

Yet another thing to praise the scottish for. it's just not cricket. i'm getting ridiculously jealous south of the border. i even like the rain and cold. ah well.

Post Office aims to collect ID card fingerprints?


First they cut us off, now we have to do their dirty work?

We own a sub-postoffice and while it's likely we won't be chosen in the first place- though we do passports already, i'm completely against id cards... so it isn't something i'm happy about.

Can the post office refuse? would they? (say if enough sub-postmasters were against it).

What are the governments other options?

it'd be interesting to know.

Brown pledges annual commons debate on surveillance


One must ask:

Does he honestly beleive in everything he say? Does the government actually beleive itself?

It's much more worrying if they do.

Thief swipes cabinet minister's laptop from Salford office


I don't know what's worse...

Hazel blears losing top-secret, potentially dangerous or atleast important information, or, there not being anything of value on what is undoubtedly an expensive, paid-for-by-tax laptop bought so that it could be worked on. Except her holiday plans and pictures she hasn't yet added to myspace.

Of course i'm being sarcastic! i don't honestly expect there to be work on it.

ITU calls for single child helpline


In the spirit of double entendres...

What about children with siblings? it seems only fair they should have a helpline too.

in all seriousness though...

it sounds like a good proposal, though i didn't think this was a problem. an easier, unbilled number is a good idea nevertheless.

Reding would OK charges to receive mobile calls



Reding is holding ridiculous position on this.

No european operator in their right mind will start charging for received calls if they wish to retain customers. especially seeing as some of them get other companies to call you in order to sell you a contract you already have.

UK culture sec wants a public service web



While the guy is probably a bit useless, and probably wouldn't know an ip from his elbow...

i... err don't see evidence in that story of him wanting to regulate the interweb. He just seems to think the regulation-free internet shouldn't lead to the erosion of standards on tv.

We have broadcasters to do that already. And Barry Scott.

LG premieres world's first phone with built-in Bluetooth headset


What a shame that...

I had this idea the moment i read the headline and excerpt.

I wish i had before. people should say integrated bluetooth more often, i'd have appreciated the royalties.

Oz mobe vid flasher caught red-handed


I think we're all missing the point...

Someone actually used the video call function on their phone.

T-Mobile calls it a day for WAP


Not to be an apple-basher, but...

While the phone's GUI might be nice, Opera mobile and Opera mini have been far more influential, worldwide. They will run on most phones, on any connection speed with a nearly perfect interface.

I do think it's their browser, and the tech behind it that's really made mobile browsing a viable option, even if not everyone's heard of it yet. I hate to see it not get a mention.

I must concede that browsing on an iphone must be nice though.

Naomi Campbell charged with assault

Black Helicopters

@Not to defend her.

You seem to have forgotten that she was flying on a british airline, from T5, from heathrow.

In such circumstances terrorists do not need to fear the highly unlikely and anomalous result that the exploding bag will be on the same flight as they are.

They only need to have a vendetta against the italians- who will be receiving it instead.

Boffins sound exam cheat warning on brain enhancing pills


@AC, the parent.

While your arguement was valid and interesting i felt compelled to comment should you re-read this post.

Your decisions to dismiss everyone elser arguements based on the idea that they hadn't taken ritalin or weren't a parent of a child who does is ridiculous.

For all you or i know matthew may be a doctor with many patients on the drug, or a researcher. Or he may simply have a very strong interest.

This 'if you haven't X then your point is invalid' is one that annoys me no end, and weakens your own well made arguement.

i haven't ever jumped off a cliff, shot myself in the foot, or gone nude into town however i know from empirical, and anecdotal evidence, as well as a general social understanding that none would do me any favours.

Lewis Hamilton and friend targeted in computer blackmail plot



I'm probably being cynical and skeptical but it's about page hits, adverts and the like - just like ITV.

If the title said "Sutil and friend targetted in blackmain plot" I probably wouldn't have known who he was, not cared... and left it at that. The Lewis angle will make people read it. Still... "and friend" is a bit cruel.

That and also, the magazine probably cared more about Hamiliton too.

When flash mobs go bad


@Billy Goat Gruff

I've not seen the videos/ damage etc - so I can't comment on the real extent of any damage.

I'm not racist, (some of my best friends are young people... all of them are to be honest, being a student - it's inevitable)... but...

In the minds of some yoofs, destruction *is* fun.

If it is really *just* a mess, well they ought to be 'invited' to come clean it up, or pay for it, or the council should just stop whining - they're paid to maintain it afterall.

If there was substantial damage though, It's still criminal - even if worse could have happened.

You're right though - It should have been designed with "fun" in mind. So it seems a bit daft on the designers' part if anything in there was fragile, and unable to withstand a super-soaker.

Goodness... I feel old...


@AC above...

It's early so my comedy meter's a bit off, but...

There's a massiver difference between enjoying yourself, and destroying public property for 'fun'. A Water fight sounds great... and i can't imagine the foam to have caused too many problems, but tearing the place apart is criminal damage, and people shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.

I doubt you'd take the same tone if it was your house, or the park you take your kids to...

Independent dubs El Reg lesbian


It's the Indy though...


As much as I "like" paper (in that it's the only one I can stand to read) I've noticed their hacks cannot cope with any science/technology of any sort, and will always get it wrong - even in their Sci/Tech/Business articles.

The SIndy had a four page spread on the dangers of t'internetting - that was almost as funny as some of the Reg's friday Pub-lishings.

Do you think they even bothered to open up the page, or just stole a quote from google?


I for one would not have any problems with 'L' Reg branching out in order to appeal to a wider demographic.

(Hehe... did you notice the pun there... didya? didya?... Ahem...)

Regulator slams MoS premium rate promo


You're wrong...

The answer was...


BOFH: PFY's mum pays a visit


@ Simon & El Reg, In general

More and more I find myself craving for a month of fridays, on which I can read the BOFH - I've exhausted all the archives, and I fear I would now be a nervous wreck come 2.00 on friday without it.

Kudos on another brilliant episode - and character.

What is quite worrying though Is that lately, I've been able to understand aManfromMars... It's wrong. Will someone please check on him?

MS patch system poses 'significant risk', say researchers

Paris Hilton

Paris... but i'm on a phone...

and don't want to go icon hunting...

i'm still... Slightly confused...

a third are exploited before or after...

does this just mean two thirds never have an exploit?

(Wasn't so hard to find after all... thankyee opera)

Ofcom taps water network for next generation broadband

Paris Hilton

Tomorrow's headlines:


The government has announced a browsing ban due to overwhelming demand for it calls an "unexpected" paris hilton video.

This despite the fact that IT experts had previously warned the govt about this phenomenon, known as GLOBAL PERVING.

Customers in this region are already hard hit by fibre operator, THAMES FIBRE's inability to repair data leakages which apparently cost the online shopper millions.

A spokesman for the company said 'it isn't our fault that other operators can fix their lines. our mangers need those bonuses'.

</ end news>

Yes... umm, tomorrow is a bit optimistic eh?

And sorry, global perving was the best i had.

Downing Street removes Labour Party link


Why it matters...

Downing St should not be advertising the newlabour party. In my eyes it's the equivalent of them stringing vote labour across the roof of the commons, just because they lead parliament.

Ethical issues aside is not against 'guidelines' to use public money to fund a campaign for a party?

I doubt that newlabour pay for the bandwidth, hosting, design etc of the site.

UK.gov password protects Aryan Governance Summit site



The swastika represents prosperity in hinduism.

Any chance the design was outsourced to india?

seriously though... it's at a slant, couldn't be more NAZI if it tried.

Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)

Gates Halo

@Aubry Thonon

While making an Image of your HDD with a fresh install is a good idea - to get an installation disk with all the updates - follow Greg's advice.

I used nLite and it saved me so much time and energy I could have kissed whoever made it.

I don't recommend you slipstream SP3 - but rather SP2 and the individual updates following - mainly because I'm against the way WGA works, and if i remember right, it's bundled with SP3.

It's nice to note XP will be supported for longer? But err... who uses MS support?


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