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Son of Nehalem due this year



people, intel's codename naming conventions are basically based on the names of actual places.


Microsoft inks IP licensing exFAT deal with Panasonic

Gates Halo


isn't UDF for optocal media like DVDs and CDs?

but anyways, what benefits does UDF have over exFAT or other file systems?

is it hot swappable?

what if you're in the middle of a write and power goes out, does that damage the file system?

what security protections are built into the FS?

things like......


There's a difference

from my understanding of FAT and ext2 linux file systems is that, exFAT is more robust in that the file system won't be damaged from sudden power loss or a bad shutdown or sudden removal. therefore FAT/exFAT/TexFAT drives and cards are basically hot-pluggable. (I've never heard of a hot-pluggable linux file system)

exFAT supports files sizes up to 16777216TB

it uses free space bitmapping which helps to prevent fragmentation, and offers faster allocation, deletes and copies.

a lot of people might say Microsoft doesn't own FAT however the USPTO says otherwise:


Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher



they won't do that at all.

HTC HD2 'pink blob' patch produced


this sounds like only the HD2 has the pink blob problem (which isn't true)

many other camera phones have the same pink blob problem but only HTC stepped up to the plate and fixed their's. it's not a software issue, it's a hardware issue that affects many other phones too.


mine is the one with the windows phone in the.......HEY! who took my phone!!

MSN Video morphs into Bing



yes there was, I think it was called soapbox or maybe that's from a different division in the company.

Lighter Patch Tuesday focuses on Windows flaws


what patches?

I'm running windows 7 and I checked windows update this morning and saw 6 updates available.....5 of the 6 were office 2007 updates, and the other was an update to the malware removal tool.....

Firefox and Chrome updates spike stability bugs


using IE8 all the way

so I've been sticking to one browser for a while now and I've been hearing all the hoopla about other browsers and how IE is crap and things like that (still I don't find IE8 to crap at all), so I decided to try out the other browsers for a change......however, I found myself back using IE8

1) start up and page loading were faster using IE8 than Firefox 3.5, 3.6 beta and Opera 10 (I didn't enable turbo mode)

this caught me by surprise as I've heard everyone who hates IE said it's slow...however, that was the case. it was not slow at all.

2) IE8's fonts look better to me especially when zoomed in

3) I set my default zoom level to 118% because things are easier to read with that zoomed level for me. it turns out that when you change the zoom level in Opera 10 to something higher than default scrolling becomes horrible. FireFox 3.5 and 3.6beta scrolling was the best out of the three, but I have no problems with IE8's scrolling because it is as good as FireFox's scrolling.

4) I go for the minimalist look, I hate toolbars, I hate the majority of add-ons...I just want a browser that gives me the biggest screen real estate and I found that in IE8.

5) IE8 integrates well in Windows 7. all tabs show up in the live previews from the taskbar (I'm going to start calling it "Superbar"). the only other browser that does this other than IE8 so far is FireFox 3.6beta

I also like that IE8 integrates well with Windows live mail...because that's where I read all my RSS feeds and send and receive mail...I couldn't find out how to add an RSS feed from inside firefox or opera and have it show up in the Windows Live Mail app. it seems at the moment only IE can do that.

you all can try it out for yourself on your own machines. get yourself a stop watch when testing the browser speeds. it seems the majority of people on the internet are just going by what other people says. I would say try it out for yourself before you make a judgement.....and guys keep this in mind: synthetic tests do not mirror real world tests.

I can see why DEAD4EVER made his choice to use IE (I presume that he's using IE8...because there's no better IE so far than IE8)

@Anonymous Coward:

there are no "completely stable, bug-free, fast browser(s)", and I dont' think because he's using IE would make that any less clearer. the fact is Firefox, Chrome, Opera browsers have all been slipping up lately, they're no longer sitting on the moral high ground looking down on IE, because they have all proven themselves weak in security and no greater than IE8 in this respect.

@Big-nosed Pengie:

all I have to say to you is: grow up.

Mine is the one with the lipstick on the collar...

Windows 7 - the Reg reader verdict


@ glen 2

@Glyn 2:

I take great complaints about your comments on the OS and how it fucntions because most of what you state is false, so I will go through your comment one step at a time.

1) "And next time I go into the directory it'll have changed what columns are there again and how the items are viewed."

that is a big lie: once you change the folder and column views they stay changed until you change them again.

2) "The search disfunctionality!!! If someone can explain how they came up with the idea of listing the folder path in semi-reverse order

instead of "c:\a\b\c\d" you get "d(c:\a\b\c)"'

the search function is pretty good, I don't see how you see it as disfunctional. if I want to see file extensions, I hit the start button, type "extens" no need to type out the full word, and "show or hide file extensions" is right there as the second result. the search is fast fast fast. and the drives are listed as they should. I love that it starts searching before I finish typing because it finds what I want before I finish typing which helps in speed of actually finding what I want. I don't know what kind of hardware you're using but on my laptop with a Intel T4200 2GHz with 3GB of RAM and Intel 4500DX integrated graphics, it doesn't stutter at all.

and NO, clippy is not there anymore.....I miss clippy.....

3) I never missed hitting the dropdown power options button (on the start menu) on my laptop or desktop, I can configure the shutdown button to either sleep or hybernate when I hit it so there's really no need to use that option on the start menu.

4) "To the left of this is the search button which you CANNOT TURN OFF"

I find the search function in the start menu a welcome addition I use all the time, even if I'm looking for a program, I use the search to find it, thigns are much faster to find that way. don't know why you would not want to use it, but that's your prefference.

and also, there is no search button beside any shutdown button anywhere in the OS. if you're talking about the start menu search box, it does not have a search button because the search box auto-searches as you type....so that complaint is stupid and is a lie.

I was gonna go through all your full comment and show how lie you are with your "complaints" but then I thought I'll leave you alone because clearly your comment is not worth anymore of my type dissecting.

Dual-screen Microsoft 'booklet' uncovered


msft has prototypes......

to all those calling out FUD please remember MSFT's Codex project, it's basically the same dual screen with many of the functions that are shown in the rendered video however, not so good looking (again it's a prototype). http://wmpoweruser.com/?p=8114 go check it out over there.

that video was done a long time ago so it shows that msft has been working on this for a long time and that it's not a "response" to what appl is about to do. msft's UI concept looks really welll thought out in the render. most likely it will be based on Windows Mobile CE 6 or 7 with silverlight integrated.

Apple blueprints warranty Big Brother


this patent and your warranty

I wonder how the warranty exchange will go after they start implementing this in their gadgets?

Microsoft takes Gazelle secure browser on road trip


it seems some peopple have no clue


"OR.. they could not be huge ivory tower morons and realize that Google did a better job at solving the problem by running each website as a seperate process and taking advantage of the native platform's sandboxing capabilities."

IE8 runs each website as a seperate process, so if one website cracks up a tab, the rest of the tabs won't have a problem also the other instances of the browser are not affected.

MS no-frills security scanner gets thumbs up in early tests


Stick it in the OS

Microsoft should check with regulators first to make sure they're in the clear, get written agreement that it is ok to stick it in the OS and do it. I believe something like this is very essential to an OS as it helps to protect the consumer.

Mine is the one with the yellow Memo in the left pocket.

Opera applauds scepticism on MS browser pledge



I'm not installing Opera on any of my computers anymore....and if I go by my parents and brother's house and they have it installed I'm going to unistall it.

mine is the one with the hammer in the pocket

Bing 'better' than Google for advertisers

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Bing is working quite well for me.....I haven't searched for something there that it couldn't find.

40,000 sites hit by PC-pwning hack attack


so linux systems are being hacked I see

so the apache webserver running on linux has been hacked......I thought linux was supposed to be secure.....

mine is the one with the windows server disk in the right pocket.

Russian blows off ex-boyf's todger with firecrackers

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so she wanted to hurt him that badly?

I tihnk she tried to give him a piece of her pain: like "you hurt me this much, so I'm gonna make you feel the pain too...." so she blew off his dingaling. she wanted revenge? I wonder how she's feel is someone put a load of firecrackers in her hole and lit it....then she would know its really not the same pain. I'm honestly think she should of gotten more than 12 years. and if it was a guy who did it, he would prolly get life in prison.

if a guy had done it to a woman, I'm sure no one would find it funny, it shouldn't be funny on both sides. it is a serious matter.

Microsoft arms half-wit developers with PHP handgun



"which means they both fail at failing.

It's mathematically complete." um, faill and failling is a negative and a negative right? in math that would make a positive. for MS, thats a good thing, no?

mine's the one with the php hand book in the right pocket.

Microsoft IIS hole fells university server


I think the question

why haven't they upgraded to 7 yet? why are they still on iis6? Anonymous, Apache is ok but its not the have all end all browser. Apache would work great for the average person but IIS brings a lot to the table that large corperations and institutions need. so your question isn't really a valid one....well its half valid. however the reason they use IIS is the same reason they IE because they a lot to the table that a lot of regular users can't/won't apreciate.

That said, My school upgraded to server 2008 already. schools get a freakishly large discount on MSFT products, I'm full circle back to my original question, why haven't they upgraded yet?

mine is the one with Server 08 in it.

Six months on, Macs still plagued by critical Java vuln


that is crazy

(don't know if this is double posted)

its common to know that apple falls short when it comes to pachting your systems. thats why I'm glad I use windows coupled with safe browsing and anti-virus software. my never hasn't seen a virus for years now, and I can say no trogons for roughly 2 and half years now. its all about safe browsing. its never a good when someone's computer gets a virus or trogon so please do what is recommended and buckle down your macs to this vuln. by turning off java applets....this would be a bummer for me though because I play a lot of java based games online with my friends and family at yahoo games and games in windows live messenger with my girl.

however, to the author or anyone who can answer this question: when the user turns off java applets does that mean they can't use google docks? pesonally i don't use google docks but just for the sake of information I'd like to know.

White House confiscates hack's handset


oh really you walked away

it is disrespectful to be in a meeting and your phone goes off, this guy even has the nerve to answer and was talking on it. I honestly wouldn't allow him back to the next meeting and his employer would be hearing from me. what arrogance. I wonder if he would of done the samething if it was the actual president. next time they should make it mandetory that they all put their phones on vibrate or silence, and anyone who doesn't and their phone rings should be thrown out no questions asked. this way they will have to answer to their boss why they didn't get the full story from the meeting.

Unsafe at any speed: Memcpy() banished in Redmond

Gates Halo

they're thinking ahead

@kevin: well at least they're trying something. its better than doing nothing don't you think?

Pirate Win 7 ruse used to build botnet


I won'der.....

well how ever it goes, up untill the RC1 I've been using the beta and pre-rc releases. don't think I was in this botnet, my network showed nothing out of the ordinary. thats not MS's fault for all the botnets. its users who think everything is peaches when they download it from shady sources.

Zune phone specs spied


you are not alone

I like the zune too, the zunepass is really nice. I don't care what the rest want to say , I get the songs I pay for because I download them 10 a month and that is what my 15 pays for plus I have a slew of other free songs in the millions to download and listen to for the month......so whoever say using the zunepass is stupid, is stupid.

Microsoft challenges IBM to Websphere duel

IT Angle

This is an Opinion, right?

@Coward " Web non-standards like Silverlight"

how is silverlight this? you should stop spewing your FUD out of your ass which is your mouth.

@ the author "This site requires you to install the Microsoft equivalent to Flash, Silverlight, and I have managed thus far to avoid installing it. Because I'll give you a direct link to the PDF, which is here. Now you don't have to install Silverlight, either)."

your Article lost me when your bias became this evident while you ever so slightly force your views on the reader. I stopped reading.

I generaly find Silverlight videos sharper and more better looking than flash videos. plus I've seen a lot of silverlight apps and they're quite nice.

If you want to hate the company go ahead but don't spew your FUD or implicitly force your views on the reader.

Oops: Microsoft wonk hits Live Messenger red button


hmm how many users got that message?

well I for one are one of those who thinks the redesign was well needed. at least this problem isn't as bad losing all or some your mail.

I honestly believe Microsoft should create a sort of "kill switch" for emails: where they can delete/unsend a previously sent message on their network. this way they can selectively delete and block malicious email from user's mailboxes if enough people reports it as spam or "virused" message (make it an added feature where users can turn it on or off as they wish). overtime this would undoubtedly remove the need for a "spam folder", each email has a visible "spam?" button beside it and not tucked away behind some menu.

bellow is off topic but I just want to say it anyway:

I don't use gmail (don't think I will) because I don't really trust google. I hear a lot of people praise there email service and how you can navigate your email with searches, but if that's true then that means google has done set their spiders on your email messages and so technically your email is permanently cached in their systems. is there any option to turn off indexing of the emails? I don't think so.

@ Jay

man you must of been living under a pine tree or something but you would be surprised at the number of different devices that uses Windows CE.

iPhone's Wi-Fi problems cause heated speculation


well this is interesting

so my girlfriend has been complaining about her iPhone that it drops a lot of calls, that sometimes when she comes out the train she would have to wait a number of minutes for it to find signal. I suggested her phone needed the update that is available. so last night we set out to update her phone, however 3 times in a row the over 200mb download finished but was corrupted so she gave up, probably because I was pointing and laughing at her about how her iPhone and iTunes sucked (so yeah, I didn't get any last night). however, reading this now is a good thing she didn't get to install it last night.

Microsoft 24 hours late with IE8 pwn protection


danny get real


guy, please read the article correctly....it was the beta version/release candidate that was hacked and the actual released version that had the protection in it came out the next day. it seems the article's heading threw yoi to just mke a comment without knowing what you're comment on. next time read.

Apple plays catch-up with new iPhone features


It is Sad....

what is sad is that copy and paste, mms, etc are "new features" and that they're actually "big" news! I wonder what has happened to todays consumers? why so backwards? can we move forward please? where is the innovation here? what, the innovation is following microsoft's local peer to peer (or social) that is implemented on the Zune? so now apple is following microsoft? what has this world come to?

the reason no multi-tasking is implemented I believe is because it would exponentially degrade the phone's performance (maybe I'm wrong about this, but it sure seems like I'm right).

Move over Storm - there's a bigger, stealthier botnet in town

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so which os is bring comprised? is it OS specific? is it XP, vista, or both? is macs in the mix too? how bout linux? which AV detects the worm? which doesn't? without bits of info like that this article is virtually useless.

Intel demos 'Nehalem' chips clocked to 3.2GHz


I bet you above is no other than an AMD fanboy

to comment 1: I am getting the feeling you'r just an amd a*s head. I bet if it was amd who said "we're now introducing hyper threading in our new CPUs" you would be all hoolahoop about it. I'm not an intel fanboy but since core they've been working real good for me. in the athlon64 days amd was king and I respect them for that, now in core time intel is king and I respect them for that also. you should keep in mind that there are specialized apps out there that are made to take advantage of intel's HT; the desktop platform isn't the only platform in the world and it also benefits from HT: the threads might not be simultaneously going down the pipe line but they are going down a half step or should I say "semi-simultaneous" as it takes advantage of idle resources in the cpu. I believe this is an advantage not a disadvantage. HT on the pentium 4 might not have been much because it was a poor architecture anyway. this time around things might be a bit different as it will be implemented on a slightly optimized core architecture. small changes to the implementation of HT could relay huge benefits to the end user.

I would really like to see how intel implement it, I would Laugh at them yet disappointed if they actually "muk-it-up" on such an excellent architecture.

I bet apple will take advantage of HT.

Note to you: quit being a fandoy, its despicable.