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Google sued for scanning emails of non-Gmail users

chris morton
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more leeching

ooh look, another leech trying to make money off a huge company, what a surprise!

whether the emails are coming to a gmail user or through a 3rd party mailbox linked to a gmail account, at some stage in the process someone has signed up (either sender or recipient) to gmail and google then have a legal entitlement to scan those emails for virus/trojan content etc. so no surprise that they also use the scanning for targetted ads to make money off their otherwise free service which has been their core business model from day one.

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D-Link DHP-303

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don't plan on getting anything close to the advertised speeds...

i got an 80mbps dlink starter kit to replace my aging 802.11g wifi bridge as all my neighbours have crowded 2.4ghz so much i can't hold a signal but i was getting a sustained throughput of around 5mbps which was slower than my broadband connection.

a combination of the signal passing to a different circuit in the house (downstairs to upstairs) and having cheap Ikea CFL bulbs all round the house is the most likely cause, but buyer beware.

in the end i did what i should have done to start with and just drilled a hole out of an external wall, ran an ethernet cable outside and then back in again where I needed it and i haven't looked back since. :o)

Paris, because you'll never be short of somewhere to plug yourself in.

Sony snubs Microsoft in Google Chrome browser deal

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why leave it at that?

if they want to make more in-roads they should use Chrome as the PS3 web browser being as the current PS3 web browser is so shit.

A chromified PS3 browser would maintain compatibilitiy with youtube and gmail etc. etc. it would be perfectl.

the deal is already there, so why not?

Paris because she never misses an opportunity to stick some chrome in her box.

Robo autopilot 'digital parachute' lands light plane hands-off

chris morton
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it's a shame they didn't employ the same technology to stabilise the cameraman during the landing, i was starting to feel a bit queasy there for a minute.

Paris because she knows how to handle her undercarriage!

Boffins showcase do-it-yourself flying spy drone

chris morton

draganfly have been pioneering these for over 10 years!

have these people bee asleep in a cave for the last 10 years?

these guys have been making quad and six rotor radio controlled helicopters with cameras on them for over 10 years now.


they also do lots of other cool flying machines like hot air balloons and flying saucers for exhibitions to distribute flyers from the air and other fancy stuff like that.

Bill Gates-funded boffins develop anti-AIDS stealth condom

chris morton
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one little snag

it's also going to need to be practically free so all these poor people can afford it.

Paris, because if it got anywhere near her, she'd look like Han Solo encased in carbonite due to her high sperm count.

Shifty study proclaims Brits a nation of freetards

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but it could have all been avoided so easily...

10 years ago, the first incarnation of Napster was just finding it's feet and the record industry was making a huge fussabout suing people etc. etc.

if they had just opened their fricking eyes back then to the idea that people were looking for new ways of obtaining their music they could have built up the infrastructure to deliver it at low cost to the consumer and keep their customer base secure.

unfortunately now, with the growth of the internet over the last few years the common man has had a peek into what geeks have been doing for the last 10 years and cottoned on to the idea that they can have all the music they ever wanted without paying for it.

all they have to do to get it is mentally smudge the lines of what is right and wrong and what is and isn't stealing and now the genie is out of the bottle and everyone has had a good taste of what 'fee' music is and thre's no way that the industry will be able to turn the whole thing back round to their way of thinking.

Paris cos she knows how to copyright her assets.

British court backs eBay piracy stance

chris morton
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ebay don't want to know and don't care

i bought a 'Genuine' Sandisk Extreme III SD card a few months ago from an ebay power seller based in the UK, but when it arrived, it was obviously a fake with a sandisk sticker on it.

I did various speed tests in multiple machines and the results were actually consistently worse than with a generic card I had bought on ebay months before.

i contacted the seller and he claimed it must have been a one off 'accident' from his supplier and if i sent it back he would refund me.

I tried to make a stand as it was obvious that he was only interested in covering it up and would just keep selling fake cards, so I contacted ebay and they refused to do anything about it and kept telling me to resolve the issue with the seller.

I actually work 100 yards away from the ebay offices in Dublin and offered to bring it in to them and show them but they had no interest in stopping one of their power sellers from selling fakes goods.

Paris cos she doesn't need to fake it.

Mystery chip found inside talking iPod Shuffle's earphones

chris morton

hmm, enough with the bashing folks, it's all over the net already

i've seen several new stories from different sites quoting headphone manufacturers as sources stating that the chip is there for authentication purposes and that licencingfrom apple will be requied to produce 3rd party headphones for the new shuffle.

check out ilounge and engadget for more info, but it's not something that el reg is making up, so quit bashing them.

Miracle airship tech sustained by DARPA pork trickle

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I was thinking the same thing...

"But why not simply compress the helium into high-pressure storage tanks when it's not needed?"


as far as bouyancy control goes for something like that it seems like the most obvious and relatively simple option.

a few cannisters spread out evenly around the ship that are able to hold enough compressed gas so as to keep gas expansion down to a minimum whilst increasing weight without actually venting gas seems to seems like an option that ticks all the required bxoes for what's needed.

surely such a simple solution would not evade epople smart enough to build an airship? well, aside from the hindenburg lads, they weren't overly bright wth the whole 'flammable gas' idea. :o)

Paris, cos you can't stop her from going down either!

Robot airliner anti-missile escorts proposed

chris morton
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manpads? seriously?

could someone not have come up with a better name?

manpads, now with wings!

Wireless browsers shut out of the Olympics

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Then now come the BBC is trialling streaming p2p?

if this is the case then how come the BBC is involved with the newly evolving torrent streaming protocol?

SwarmPlayer (http://trial.p2p-next.org/) is still in beta, but it's basically bittorrent with streaming capabilites and the BBC is involved with it's developement.

There's even one of those sneaky bittorrent sites (which I shan't name) already using the new protocol to p2p-stream all the olympics coverage since it started so the BBC blocking 3g users seems like too little too late.

Technology will always find a way. :o)

Paris because you can stream her from anywhere!

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo sued for foetus sex selection ads

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a big part of the problem is...

that the biggest expense of having a girl in India is that she is expected to provide a dowry to her husband upon marriage which would have to be provided by her family. This would traditionally consist of large sums of money, property or goods which a lot of poorer Indian families would not be able to afford to give.

This also has the reverse effect that if you have lots of boys, when they are married (potentially at least) they can bring a lot of wealth into the family.

For a poor Indian family it's a simple choice and one that is hard for them to see the big picture, i.e. India ending up being a total sausage fest.

All they see is girl = bankrupcy and boy = wealth.

Ideally, the authorities should use it for force all the richest people to have only girls and the poorest people have girls that way, eveyone gets to share the wealth. Unfortunately, the authorities will likely be at the richer end of things and most likely won't want to give up any perks. A perfect plan with only one minor problem then. :o)

Paris cos she can't quite see the big picture either. (phew, I was wondering how I was going to manage to slip her into this one).

Chinese takeaway biodiesel man in garage explosion horror

chris morton

I don't think words mistakenly used by people who don't know what they are on about count....

"Scotch is used (though I'd say it was somewhat dated) to refer to anything originating from Scotland, including its people."

what, like tape, mist or eggs?

we have a bunch of them you know.

from a Scots alien in Ireland.

Naomi Campbell banned from BA flights

chris morton

Naomi Campbell banned from BA flights

I ain't gettin' on no damn plane fool!

Did anyone try giving her a glass of milk with sleeping pills in it?

Thailand cracks down on cut-price castrations

chris morton

so if you wnet there with 4,000 baht in your pocket

you'd leave with all your pockets empty!

tux cos he looks like he just sat on his. :o)


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