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Windows XP SP3 blame game begins

Gates Horns

This is getting daft

"We also asked AMD to give us its views on the XP service pack debacle, however, at time of writing it is yet to provide comment"

They're probably still trimming the expletives out of it :D

What has happened at Redmond recently, XP SP3 reboot infinity, Vista SP1 reboot infinity. WTH The fix needs a fix, which will probably need a fix also ad infinitum. So glad I didn't press that install button after I downloaded it, have now pressed the delete button instead.

No explanation necessary with the icon ;)

Sky plays the victim over Ofcom pay TV rights probe


and why do people continue to get Sky?

It's simple, freeview has nothing but shopping channels and the odd documentary channel, nothing to watch unless you like watching back to back documentaries on the war. NTL/Virgin was just plain awful, I was with NTL when they were cable and wireless. The analogue box was pretty good, the digital boxes were progressively hobbled by continuous upgrades that saw them go from just about fast enough to be so slow as to require gaps in button pushes in order to let it catch up, plus the fact that after 4 years the digital text was still classed as "Coming soon". I would have been quite happy to stay with them until the killed their own technology with bloatware and required twice daily resets.

Then, what else is there, sure there is a lot of junk on sky but you need some to be junk to appreciate the good stuff :)

...and as has been said already you only have to cough up once, I wanted to get NASN to watch NFL and NHL at one point, phoned the number and was asked for £25 a month. LOL no thx.

US warez sitemaster jailed for 30 months



'ere, don't mis quote me, I pointed out the pirated films don't force you to watch the "you've knicked this" crap, I made no statements regarding their legitimacy or not, it was a technical analysis only. Tsk tsk :P

Dead Vulture


Might want to read the DoJ statment there, he's been thrown in the hole for 30 months and is then on a 3 year supervision order when he finally sees the light of day.


Don't ya just love it

...when you sit down to watch a film you bought legitimately, and a screen flashes up, that can't be skipped, that tells you not to be a crook and steal this film. I've paid for it, stop telling me i'm a crook and rubbing it in my face by making me have to sit there until it decides to let you watch the film!!!

I don't have a problem paying for films (heck you can get most films, not the new stuff, on amazon marketplace for a few quid, why bother spending two days downloading it), what I do have a problem with is why we are forced to watch crap that can't be skipped. At last VHS had a fast search button. Pirated films, whilst generally crap quality and tedious to wait for, do have the advantage that you can start watching without having to sit around and wait to be allowed to start.

UK consumers lose £6.6bn a year to unfair treatment

Thumb Down


Yeah nice one, i've got sod all to do all day but send letters, go to the post office to get them sent recorded, file claims and go to court, oh no wait, I have a job and other obligations to family that have to take priority.

The vast majority of people don't have the hours in the day to jump through all of the bureaucracy hoops that government agencies put up or the money in there pockets to pay someone to do it, after all that's why we are complaining about it.

Spam filtering services throttle Gmail to fight spammers


Thin end of the wedge...

"4.6 per cent of all spam originates from web mail-based services"

Erm, why aren't we going after the 95.4% instead of wasting time on the minority?!?!?!? We kill them off first then start worrying about the minnows.

Thailand cracks down on cut-price castrations

IT Angle

Won't somebody please think of the dog

If whipping the nads off a teenager could damage their health then why are we still talking the pets to the vets for the same treatment??


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