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Big Mike is going to make HPE's life a living Dell: Server sales surge


Re: Anyone mention

Dear collegue, you forgot to mention Dell EMC Services are 2nd to none!


Dell gets a frightful haircut in Q1


Re: Dell's laptops are shingles

well, if you were smart enough to purchase warranty and make use of Dell's ProSupport things would be right on track. So who's at fault here?

Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book



The main point of not having a backlight is so you can save your eyesight for a little longer!!

You can buy an small clip-on light to attach to this device, check out Amazon and eBay.


to the editor of the Register Hardware

If you guys actually started reading manuals of the devices you test your reviews would be so much more accurate...

"Did we say reasonable speed? Well, for moving from one page to the next, yes. But for flipping back from say page 235 to page 45 because you forgot what one character said, or to flip back and forth to any maps you have forgotten to bookmark - vital if The Lord of the Rings ever comes out as an eBook - it's really just a little slow and cumbersome."

Well, those 10 little numbered buttons on the right side of the device are there for a reason - so you can type in any page number and jump right to it without much of a wait! There is also "bookmarks" feature button, can mark pages and revert back to them at a touch of a button (or 2) :P

All I can say - Read The Freaking Manual ! :))))

This is a great little device, I have been using it since April 2008 and it's been a joy all the way, especially during long flights!

Can't wait for the next version due out in October 2008!!!


@Rik Hemsley

Hey, there are plenty of free books published on the web, I have yet to pay for a book since I got the device for $300 from the US.

Watch out for the new 3rd version of Sony Reader coming out in October 2008!

Dell launches Inspiron 9 mini laptop


to: Eric Van Haesendonck - Acer Aspire One for £240? Where???

Please tell me where can I buy Acer Aspire One with XP for £240????


@spegru "Elonex One 10" with Ubuntu from free at Carphone"???

Elonex makes chip 7 inch laptops for kids for 99 squid - what are you talking about???

Any URLs to support your statement?

Sony e-book reader to debut in UK tomorrow

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you need number buttons to dial a page to jump to ...


Anti-Kremlin website owner shot dead in police custody


very funny....

... to read a bunch of IT nerds squabble about something they think to understand 'cause they read the news...

P.S. Most of the Georgian wine on sale is counterfeit... even if bought in Georgia

Sony to bring E Ink eBook reader to UK in September

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Been using Sony eReader for the last 4 month

This is a great little eReader, beats all other offering on the market by a mile. I got it from US for $300, has 2 memory slots for SD and MemoryStick, plays MP3, does not destroy your eyesight cause no backlight. Plenty off eBooks and audio books available for free on the web and torrent networks.

This is a very nice shareware to use with Sony eReader:


And plenty of ebooks available for free on websites like this one:


Dell hits all the wrong keys – again


Dell are still the best

Dell have the best products in most PC categories on A-List


...as well as having the best tech support!

...as well as growing faster than the market rate!

I love Dell

Dell guilty of defrauding New York customers



All you losers should stop bitching and go buy an overpriced PC from "friendly neighbourhood shop"

Dell swings axe at five per cent of EMEA staff


All makes sense...

Logically thinking experienced people are getting paid the most money.

"first in last out approach" does not work anymore.

Customers give Dell the finger over keyboard screw-up


A lot of silly comments here...

"Makes you want to buy an Apple..." - excuse me, what makes you buy an Apple? Two thousand quid burning a hole in your pocket?

Dell is making company leaner and better, which is great! There are plenty of jobs on the market for those who have any IT skills. So stop bitching, if you can't stand the heat - get out of the kitchen.

Orange signs up testers for mobile newspaper service

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I would say - "fortunately PRS-505 has no wireless "!

I would say - fortunately PRS-505 has no wireless !

It's the best device I ever used, perfect for storing and reading books.

It serves the purpose just rigth, I really don't want to see RSS feeds or any other internet crap when I am on the road. Plenty of that on my office PC....

If you want colour you will get backlight and glare - no thanks!

Microsoft to Yahoo!: Surrender or else

Jobs Horns

"Magoo" means "I can" in Russian

"Magoo" means "I can" in Russian, not an appropriate name for this could-be venture :)