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Windows 7’s XP Mode — Virtually worth the effort

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Wrong. Windows 7 is 6.1 for reasons well documented on the web. Have a google.

BOFH: Testing the obscenity filters

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Accent-related humour FTW

Swede packs off GPS to make world's biggest sketch

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It's Not Real say DHL


Oh well.

"Say they're 50amp-hour batteries (about half of a 90amphour leisure battery), that GPS has to draw no more than 38mA. It's not impossible, just not very likely."

As stated by myself and others, you get around this problem by sleeping the vast majority of the time. Unless you already calc'ed that in...

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For those doubting about the technology, surely it's not that difficult? Battery lifetime: given the resolution required surely it only needs to turn itself on and get a fix every 10 minutes or so. And if you're only logging that often I'm sure a 64+GB SSD would have plenty of room. Finally the briefcase could have a whole load of interleaved aerials and a socket on the outside to attach a larger one...or the instructions to the DHL drivers could have been to always carry it on the front seat. Works for my N95...as for being inside buildings, it only needs to catch some signal going in and going out and then assume it's still at the last known position till it gets another fix or some algorithm like that.

This of course assumes he used heavily customised kit and not an off-the-shelf product. I probably made several wrong assumptions above but it doesn't seem like it should be impossible. I'm pretty sure this bloke could do it pretty easily http://spritesmods.com/?art=main

Still at the end of the day the only way he could possibly have gotten those lovely patterns over the ocean is chartering his own planes at ridiculous cost.

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

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Why not just remove the platters and take a blowtorch to them? Might take a few minutes longer per drive but a hell of a lot cheaper...

Final beta of Firefox 3 available now

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Been using Firefox 2 until 5 minutes ago...

all I can say is sweet jesus this is fast!


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