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Angela Merkel's phone was being listened in on by FIVE foreign powers

Todd Anderson

Adobe must be happy

Adobe MUST be real happy the press is spending so much time on Merkel…. What happened to the sender of a message taking security precautions and encrypting transmission? Why downs' t the Great Chancellor of Germany have and use an encrypted phone?

MS patent looks just like Unix command, critics howl

Todd Anderson

So, where's the EFF?

Where is the great EFF with a law suit to challenge the legitimacy of this patent?

Symantec boss on US Commerce Secretary shortlist

Todd Anderson
Dead Vulture

We're in trouble

Do you think that he did a good job with Symantec? A security company that gave us PC Anywhere; a tool that has been involved in numerous remote attacks of small restaurants and retail establishments. This is just the old-boy network at work.

Congressmen say Chinese hacked their PCs

Todd Anderson

Act of War?

Why wouldn't this class of hacking be considered an act of War? Isn't there evidence that this is supported and funded by the PLA?

Hannaford cc data thieves planted malware on 300 servers

Todd Anderson
Thumb Down

No way were they compliant!

Two of the core sections (1.3.5 and 1.3.7) of PCI clearly state that there must be outbound filters and policies in firewalls to prevent this sort of data leakage. There is ABSOLUTELY no way that they were compliant at the time of the attack if these sorts of batch files could be transmitted to an arbitrary location outside of the company.