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Mr. and Mrs. Boring sue Google over Street View pics

Sean Charles
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Hooray for some 'common' sense...

Google may have scanned, photographed and digitised the Earth but they most certainly do not own it... I live in the UK, which apart from the highest CCTV hit-rate-per-person-per-day (> 300) it also probably also got the worst, most corrupt and incompetent government that has ever jay-walked down the corridors of power. They can't manage a piss up in a brewery without taxing it out of existence unless of course one of their family members works there for 40K a year doing bugger all.. identity cards ? I don't think so.

In this country they (read: The Man) actually wanted to use satellite imagery to calculate the Council Tax we have to pay. For Petes sake what next ?

I am glad these people made a fuss, whatever their motives; if we don't act soon, 1984, Orwell, Brazil, will all seem like a nice place to be.

AJAX patent threat to giants under the hammer

Sean Charles

Software Patents

I've been 'in' IT software dev. for 22 years and I remember the 'first' furores over patents... the whole thing is just a pathetic exercise; enough developers will do things the same way given enough time, time and time again. Why *penalise* everybody for having the same good ideas, almost makes you wanna be dumb.

Hey M$, got any vacancies ? :)


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