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Pratt changes name to Bruce Willis

Mark Powell


Passive-aggressive sticking it to the man! That's the sort of cut-and-thrust go-geting staff our supermarkets need.

Fixing the UK's DAB disaster

Mark Powell

I'm so BORED of this arguing about DAB

Personally, I think the sound quality of DAB is awful, but it does allow AM only stations e.g. Virgin, TalkSport, 5 Live to be at least listenable in the evening in those parts of the country that aren't very near an AM power-tower.

I've got 3 DAB radios, but they're all usually switched into the FM mode because the only half-decent station in the Manchester area is FM only.

Whatever happens with radio technology in the future, I'm definitely not interested and I certainly won't be wasting any more money on this guff. Yes, and I do have a perfectly good CRT "lo-def" TV which won't be getting "upgraded" any time soon either.

I think there is a silent majority out there who simply will not spend any money on DAB+ sets, however hard people try and push it. The buck stops with DAB.

They had their chance, they blew it. I presume FM has no switch-over date because 88-108 MHz is not prime government real-estate. Either way, it suits me. FM forever!