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World's biggest ISPs drag feet on critical DNS patch

Jamie Mitchell

3 in UK are vulnerable used by 3 is vulnerable... and if you are using their wireless broadband modem you cant hardcode DNS server addresses

EDS beagles blast 'absurd' BSkyB

Jamie Mitchell

BSkyB's Supplier Service Line

I wonder if it all went wrong because BSkyB's supplier service IVR is as bad as their customer service system


Jamie Mitchell


Does Lex Luthor defeat Superman? What about the Joker, does he overcome Batman? Will the Silver Surfer beat the Fantastic Four? Has civilisation failed this Friday morning casting us all back to barbarism?


What is going on?

Vodafone's new pricing model excludes VoIP and P2P

Jamie Mitchell

Who cares about Vodafone data anyway?

Does El-Reg need to waste bandwidth reporting on Vodafone's data costs when T-Mobile have data plans that mean you don’t have to worry about every single byte?

The only worry I had when I came across the T-Mobile data plans was "what's the catch?" and so far there isn’t one.

Ok T-Mobile still use "unlimited" to describe 1,3 and 10Gb limited services and there are restrictions on use: the 1Gb plan is limited to 'phone based web browsing, the 3Gb plan allows you to use the phone as a mobile modem but not VoIP and there are no usage limits on the 10Gb plan, but the marketing men have to have something to do all day.

I think T-Mobile should be applauded for offering useable data plans and other operators derided until they follow suit.

Microsoft shows its hand to stay in the mobile web war

Jamie Mitchell

Nokia N95

Have you looked at the browser on the Nokia N95?

Pages seem to render "normally", then when you start scrolling around the page a thumbnail view is automatically overlaid.

This is the best small screen solution I've come accross.

If only it was a touch screen and the google maps application would communicate with the gps it would be perfect.