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El Reg dresses The IT Crowd



I agree that I certainly hope season 3 is better than 2. 1 was great. But it seemed to have lost something with the loss of Denholm. It would be nice if they could bring him back... perhaps something along the lines of he had a hang glider waiting on a ledge he jumped onto then he tried to escape the country only to be caught and now is giving orders from prison, with a nice mockup office in there. Something like that.

Northrop in electric blaster cannon milestone


Hey good start

I for one am looking forward to the possibility of laser hunting guns... though may be trouble for police ballistics in the future.

Bush makes last-minute grab for civil liberties

Black Helicopters

Eh.. dont care.

They want to keep track of all my comings and goings great.. then I don't have to ask.. hey what did we do two weekends ago and get blank stares.. I'll just ask my local G man. Why should anyone give a crap that isn't doing things they shouldn't. I say lets get it on. We can still say and think what we want... its not like 1984... it is like in that they record everything but I doubt I'll end up in a room with a rat cage hanging off my nose.

Let them black helicopters fly. As long as they don't wake me up at night.

Microsoft Silverlight: 10 reasons to love it, 10 reasons to hate it

Thumb Down

No good!

Bah! I tried to install it and it says 'incompatible processor'!!! Hpmh... they trying to push me out of my 600MHZ Athalon! Bastards!

Intel feeds Portuguese 500,000 Classmate laptops



Ashamed of themselves? Its business.. whether it comes from MIT or Intel. You want to save the children? how about feeding them. Oh look another poor developing world kid starved to death.. but heshe did have a nice laptop.

And uhhh since when was Portugal a developing country? Its like not calling Pluto a planet just because it's small. errrr yeah.

Japan kicks off electric car format war


New prefixes for you AC

They'll probably make UltraII.. or U2, U3 capacitors.. like they do with memcards.

Or... Super Ultra Mega Capacitors.. SUMC... or maybe Holy Crap dont touch those Capacitors.. HCDTTC's... or maybe the next thing after Ultra is Hyperactive.. like ADHD capacitors. I dunno. Back to work.

Pope apologises for Apple's MobileMe sins


It is amazing

Wow look at all the backlash for someone stating he believes in something. Way to go using your free speech to say what you believe in.

Most of you do realize you are all tools right? Give him and me a break. Go bow down and praise your linsux/winblows /assle piece of junk. I'll be waiting in my bunker for it all to blow over and laugh my arse off when your shit wont turn on, and then your life is completely meaningless (or more apparently so, as it actually already is).

Have a nice afterlife.


Vodafone presents punter with £500k phone bill


Spoiled brats

I agree with Dave up there. I mean come on taken care of the next morning. Does everyone sit around every evening after dinner and run through each of their bills with accounting? Perhaps they should beam over your own personal manager to complain to.. perhaps then you'd be satisfied. Problem fixed in less than 24hrs, buncha babies.

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed


@Graham Hawkins

I SECOND THAT!!... ok.. I never used 3.11... I had something called 'Headstart', which was a nice thing put out by.. ummm Magnavox. That was on my screaming 11MHZ (in turbo mode) box.

Those were the days. Ahhh yes. But unfortunately or fortunately I didnt go to windows till 95, which just blew me away from my little tree spanning directory driven 'gui'.

and I'm not old!.. am I? please tell me I'm not...

Google out-visions Jobs on Mac roadmap

Paris Hilton

Big deal

You must really be scratching for something today. Snore.

Paris would never understand what it was all about anyway.

Microsoft touts trustworthy browsing with IE8


Could you point the way to Brookland?

Where is this Brookland that you have a bridge by? I know of no such place! You surely must not be referring to the former home of the Dodgers.

Oh yeah FF2. Way to go... why change? Works well, safe and has a nice fresh aftertaste.

Grand Theft Auto reportedly inspires teen rampage



Are you shatin me? Age restrictions mean about as much as common sense these days. Both do not exist. You have a 16yr old selling 'mature' games to kids about their age. I'm sure they are going to check their ID.. hell I put an X or sometimes just sign another name on my credit card just for the heck of it.. I never ever have had anyone check anything. Give me a break.

Welcome to Rome folks. Where is my bomb shelter when people start playing out Quake?

As Gates strides into the future, we wallow in the past


Way to go!

I think its great that he's not just being self important hog and hoarding all his money till the bitter end like so many seem to do. When it comes down to it at the end his software wins and blunders will be a smaller footnote to him being a modern day Carnegie style philanthropist.

With all that cash he could do a lot of good if spent in the right direction. Who knows maybe he could fund his own renewable energy research park ... somewhere in the midwest... what do you think Bill?

I know you read these forums!

Spain plans 'human rights' for great apes



They already have been running for office here in America.. for an example see one George W. Bush. I'm sure he likes bananas as well.

Think of all the monkey business with politics anyway... perfectly suited for Apes. Just look at this bill in Spain... nothing but monkey business!

I just cant wait till they liberate our cockroach comrades.. then the song 'La Cucaracha' can really have some bite to it.


*Mines the one where the sleeves button up behind my back.

Panasonic parent makes 30in OLED TV play



Hey they have that already.... projectors! and hey you can make the screen way bigger than 37inches!

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

Paris Hilton

Business speak translation

"It has been a year of exciting and critical progress"


"Holy crap we actually sold some of this junk, and barely managed to get it limping... hit me up with another shot o that whiskey boy-o!"

Rare Mac Trojan exploits Apple vuln

Jobs Horns

Give it up

Mactards are tools. Give it up! Your seeing a tip of an iceberg here. If more people are fooled into buying style over substance.. meaning MACs, then you'll unfortunately see the market share go up... and guess what will go up with that? VIRUSES! Over priced junk I say... IPoops, Ismacks... forgetaboutit. Cut your hair, graduate college/H.S. and buy something else. A computer company is not a culture or movement... its marketing to people with empty lives who suck it up like empty promises on an election campaign.

BTW the movie was 1984.. not 1974. unless that was the joke.

Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)


whats all the hub bub

My mom has had a hand me down (from me) 600MHZ IBM with I think 512MB ram and a spiffy 20GB HD for years now. XP has never given her really any problems and I dont see why it ever will. I'm sure she'll still be running XP long after 2014 with probably no problems, just as she has the last 7 or so years. Everyone should just relax, plenty of more things going on than operating systems in life.

Spring is here.. hit a beach instead of a keyboard!

eBay pulls Vista laptop pwned in hacking contest


How about invisibility..

Forget your swords and MS stuff... does anyone remember the stories about the auctions someone was putting out to become invisible. They let those go through several times!

In fact I just checked and they are still up!!!


If thats not dangerous I don't know what is!!

Argggg our sanity be under siege me maties!