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Apple refuses frozen iPhone repair



Apple treating their customers like shit? Move along folks, nothing new to see here.

Why is Google's new Nexus S like no other smartphone?


1.0Ghz, 512MB

...So the same as the one-year-old HD2 then? Just with NFC hardware and made by a significantly inferior company (have you seen some of Samsung's branded ROMs? Jeeesus!). Yawn. I think I'll pass.

By the time NFC for payment has come into proper use (rather than just with a few companies), there'll be something better anyway.

Dell crowned Bad Santa computer maker by angry customers


Home users...

From a quick glance at this thread, most of these retards are buying from Dell HOME division. First mistake. NEVER EVER buy from home, always order from the business side of the operation, then you get treated like a human being. The machine build quality is better and the support is better.

And also, I completely agree with Ian @ 21:10! It's simply suicide to keep large inventories stocked in the computing business. Technology can change in the blink of an eye, leaving you with stock that isn't worth half what it was when you bought it 12 hours ago. Can anyone think of any companies that enjoy screwing people over in this way... whats that you say? You can't? How about Apple, that bunch of useless wankers that bring out new machines or MASSIVE price reductions with no warning to the end user before they order!

Bottom line is, if you want RECENT hardware at reasonable prices, use your fucking brains and don't expect people like Dell to keep it on ice, it isn't feasible. Simple as. Perhaps also do SOME of your xmas shopping more than two weeks in advance when you KNOW that theres going to be competition for certain things. Like computers. It's pants-on-head retarded to do anything else.

(and yes I know the Apple-bash was a little off topic, but it is a valid point)

Microsoft's about turn: Windows 7 tech testers will get free copy of OS


@AC Monday 3rd August 2009 11:33 GMT

Quit preaching. Not everyones needs are met by Linux/Macs. Mine are (Linux). There's no point in telling people Windows sucks unless you can give them an alternative thats better at ALL the things that they want to do. Currently nothing does this and for this reason Microsoft are still in existance, as you might have noticed.

I've never used a Mac server, but if you consider the point-of-view of an existing company they're about as comerically viable as burning down an uninsured building. The software might be cheap enough, but the hardware needed to run it ISN'T. At all. Imagine how hugely expensive it would be to replace all the servers AND workstations in one business. Unlike Windows Linux/UNIX there is no option for using existing hardware. This makes Apple (from what I've seen) a JOKE when it comes to business computing. Although I won't argue that they have their good points, as does anything.

Moral of the story is: What works for one won't work for everyone.

Snow Leopard, Jobs to miss Apple geekfest


@By Anonymous Coward Posted Wednesday 13th May 2009 21:00 GMT

Yes but if you multiply Planck's constant (6.63E-34) by 2 it's still a very fucking small number. This is also a good analogy for Apple's products. Were shit. Are Shit, just very slightly less so.

Flames cos you know when they come for you.

Ubuntu gets pre-Koala cloud love


@The Fuzzy Wotnot

I'm running Lenny on a Dell D630 with no hassle. I only had to configure ndiswrapper (which is the ONLY way of getting my WIFI working on ANY distrib) and am enjoying the fact that I can just work without having to worry about shoddy code maturity and the lack of QC that Ubuntu suffers from like AIDS.



Yet more stupid names from the worlds most useless Linux distro. They've taken Debian and painted it shitbrown.

iPhone chip designer trumpets multi-core GPUs



Who cares? I have a LAPTOP when I want some mobile GPU output. I refuse to become a sheep for Apple's latest fanboy wankfest.

Of laptop data security


@AC - 9/2/209 07:40

Who the hell needs cloud computing? Ever heard of VPN?

Motorola parades touchscreen talker



A Motorola device that might actually be useful for something other than shitty adverts and bloody annoying ringtones. Motorola stuff has sucked since analogue days, but this might change the trend (yes, I know there are other motorola devices that run WM but as far as I'm aware, those weren't touch devices.

An iPhone with a keyboard?


No keyboard? Oh well.

Who cares if it doesn't have a keyboard? It doesn't bloody matter. Lets take a look at some of the things missing from the iPhone;

1. Decent email (even if it is coming in the iPhone 3g/2/"The sequel" or whatever you wish to call it.

2. Good Microsoft intergration. Like it or not (I don't), most of the worlds businesses are run on Microsoft products. The iPhone doesn't have good support for them.

3. A decent mobile OS. The iPhone/iTouch OS is a JOKE compared to the flexibility and power offered by its Windows Mobile and Symbian competitors. What they hell were they thinking when they crippled what would otherwise be a reasonable device by gutting it's OS of critical things such as Java support and Adobe's Flash Player?!?

Until they fix these things, it won't matter two squits whether or not it has a keyboard as business users won't touch it. Especially given that most mobile software is WM based.

I have got a HTC TyTn and I love it. A decent array of software, good intergration with work's machines and its great for email.

DOJ sinks another EliteTorrent admin

Thumb Down

Someone has to pay for it...

Do they have any idea how much it costs to keep a person in prison for 10 years? I'm not exactly sure (used to know but can't quite remember now) but it's a huge figure. What a great way to spend taxpayers money(!) Catching and imprisoning people that they couldn't care less about while terror/drug dealing/murder/rape etc etc etc continue unstopped.

eBay pulls Vista laptop pwned in hacking contest


@Misha Gale

I agree. If they've actually got this super fantastic magical software (which I doubt) why can't they use it on any vista box?

What a crock of s***.

Mines the one with Zire72 in the pocket.


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