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Anonymous collective begins leaking Bank of America emails


These aren't the same email that Wikileaks has.

"Julian Assange, has been otherwise engaged over recent weeks, so it has fallen to hackers affiliated with Anonymous to release the documents, published through links advertised in a new Twitter account"

If you read the communications with the ex BoA employee, you'd see that the releases by Anonymous aren't the same email that Wikileaks claim to have.

There is more to come, if Wikileaks finally get around to releasing what they do have.

Spandau Ballet get the Tourette's karaoke treatment

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That was fekin hilarious.

Nice one, that had me laughing so hard that I was crying. Tourettes, the only ailment that allows you to beat on your friends and family, spit and swear at strangers and say cunt with impunity.

It must be hard on the sufferer, but I'd say the courage mostly goes to those within a 10' radius.

Microsoft should starve on radical penguin diet

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@The past is littered...

I'd say it's littered with the bones of those that trusted rather than underestimated Microsoft.

They come with sweet words of encouragement and great wads of cash, then they stab those that trusted them in the back and take, or remake the products in their own image.

EU fails to shift unwanted perv scanners



I'm sure any airport in the UK could find a use for them.

Yahoo! to! buy! social! networking!


Yahoo vs Flickr

@ Ad Fundum

"Yahoo! to! take! on! Flickr! for! photosharing!"

I'm fairly sure that Yahoo already owns Flickr.

SLED 11: a distro for businesses, not idealists


ubuntu and root

Either, "sudo -s" will keep you in a shell with root privs so that you don't need to keep adding sudo to every line, or "sudo passwd root" will allow you to give root a password and log on as root from then on.

No big deal really.

Red Hat chief calls for open source missionary work


@Solomon Grundy

"What's the point of being in business if you give your product away?"

This isn't talking about products that they sell, it is about internally developed and used software. This software could be expanded for use in other areas and become useful to other entities.

Most of this internally developed software gets to the point where the developer/company wants it to be and development stops whilst the software just does its job. This could be passed out to the development community and expanded into areas that weren't originally envisaged by its developers. This is free software improvement and upkeep for the original company that had the forsight to pass development of the software to the open source community.

"99.98% of the developers of open source software couldn't market or sell themselves out of bed, much less a successful marketing campaign."

Well, 99.98% of goat herders couldn't either. Why do developers need to be good at marketing? They are developers, not marketers. Leave the marketing for those that do it.

Boris backs weed for pain relief



I smoke lots of weed and I can honestly say.. ermmm .....

where was I....

did I just say that or was I about to say it? ermmmm. Yeah, mines a snickers and some more rizla blue please..


Ofcom slaps Beeb for Live Earth swearing



I am a foul mouthed c$*t myself and my daughter grew up hearing it all without self censorship.

She isn't foul mouthed because of it and has learned that there are times when swearing is unacceptable because of others sensibilities. i.e don't swear in front of your gran, but when with friends it is fine.

I have never believed that children needed protecting from words that someone somewhere has deemed to be offensive. I am sure that I could string together sentences that don't use foul language that would offend far more people than simply saying mother-fu@*3r.

Official: OOXML approved as international standard


If it doesn't implement the standard, gov can't use M$ Office anyway ?

If, as I am constantly seeing, OOXML isn't currently implemented by anybody and is also unimplementable, then M$ office still isn't in the running for Gov procurement because it still doesn't use the OOXML standard.

The only true working standard then, is still ODF. If govs mandate standards document file types only and do purchace M$ Office, they are breaking their own rules and can be pushed to move to software that uses a real implemented standard.

I would still like to see somebody put in an objection to ISO in the next month or two as stopping this in the first place will be better than having to attempt damage limitation later.