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Mars suitable for growing asparagus

Ethan Cinquetti

Go right ahead and mock.

Sure, it's all My Turn at Darts and Where's My Pint, Love until the tripods show up.

Mark my words, the Earth will yet bow down to a vegetable.

That's why we've been practicing over here in The States.

@Gerard: We're on it, as soon as we finish mopping up our nasty little Klingon Problem. One civic work at a time...

Teen battles City of London cops over anti-Scientology placard

Ethan Cinquetti

Defense Fund?

Is this young man likely to incur substantial legal costs?

If so, and a defense fund gets started, I trust Ye Olde El Reg will be so kind as to post the contact info.

Sprint and Samsung unveil Jesus Phone lookalike

Ethan Cinquetti
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Ugly, but still good news

Ed's right; that is one butt-ugly UI.

Still, if it pushes the envelope on superphones, more power to 'em.

I think I'll be interesting to see if emerging competition turns the independent OS/X developer community into a significant (and lasting) edge for Apple.