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McDonalds burger app gives it to you straight from the horse's mouth


Re: Please

Of course, able to track the animals back through generations, records of what they are fed and any injections are things any commercial farm is obliged to do. You should see the stuff you need to record for PIGS!

Google rewrites dot-doc death note


Changed their minds?

Why would you say they changed their minds?

The first announcement said they will no longer support *DOWNLOADING* old MS Office formats, so does the second.

They only re-worded it to make it more clear it was only downloading/exporting they were talking about. Nothing changed.

Oz sysadmin says Windows 8 not ready for business


Did better than I did

I lasted a little under an hour of use before I had to give up, it took longer to install it.

Got stuck on the "pictures" screen, unable to leave. No icons, no menus, no way to navigate back to that odd start screen. Only way out I could find was to hard power down the machine

I found out later that you may be able to press the Windows key, which this (old, but fantastic key feel) keyboard doesn't have

Mullumbimby’s plan to save the world peters out


People say there is proof but where is it?

I've read a lot of the links posted here, and followed links from there elsewhere and from what I can tell there has never been any proof.

No scientific journal would publish his paper, so he self published on his blog. The paper itself leaves out a lot of information

In fact the only scientific article I could find was one that questioned his press releases, mostly talking about the fact the machine produces too much copper

No idea if his machine works or not, but if people keep saying "there is proof" I'd like a published paper from Rosi showing it and several other laboratories able to reproduce the results.

For Australian small biz, NBN retail prices look fabulous


Small business, thats me

I fall in the range of a small business (Entirely Internet reliant) that can't really justify the 2k a month for a corporate account. I'm getting by with a 1tb ADSL2 which is good enough.

In my little industry, I know a half a dozen other companies I do business with that are in the same situation. Dunno if the NBN is any good, or crap, or too expensive, or the devils work... but for us (Small Bus.) it's fantastic!

Google 'sacked Apple pioneer over leaked Schmidt memo'


A fool and his money?

Doesn't really make any difference if the bonus was in cash or German Christmas Dumplings

Employee was specifically told, multiple times, not to do something

Employee did that thing for 5 minutes of Internet Fame amongst his buddies

I'd have sacked him too

Fog of cyberwar: internet always favors the offense


Using the wrong meaning of defense

I thin the above posters, @cartercole and @lou may be reading the word "defense" incorrectly

The person quoted is a general, he doesn't mean "firewalls and making sure your PHP is safe" sort of defense, he is talking about the military meaning of the word

In other words, you fight an enemy offensively or defensively. When fighting defensively you may allow them to come to you, and pound themselves against your walls or trenches and you kill them there

Obviously, in cyberwarfare, allowing hackers to attack your site deliberately to "kill" them as they do so isn't going to do anything.... You "must" fight offensively, seek their strong holds out and kill them where they live.

Canadian cops taser 'naked and agitated' man


It isn't Holywood

Police are trained to shoot at the trunk, only in the movies is it easy to shoot a moving suspect in the leg cleanly from 50 meters away with one shot...


@ Tazer as ana alternative to simpyl talking to someone = bad

Yeah, chatting to screaming, naked druggie always works...

It's a wonder that all those people being stalked by ex's for 20 years, who stand outside their house at 4 in the morning screaming abuse (then begging to be forgiven, then screaming abuse) don't try this easy, fail proof method method

(Whats the end sarcasm tag again?)

Google uncloaks the Nexus One


Errr.... yeah right...

> and will keep you out of the douche "i've got an iPhone, I'm cool" category.

Yeah... no it won't... There will just be a new category "I've got a google phone. I'm alternative!"

I still want one though :(

Microsoft signs off on Windows 7

Thumb Up

It's worth the wait

I've been running it on a work machine now for a few months as has several other people in my company. Frankly, a beta version of Win7 was an order of magnitude better than a release copy of Vista

2060: Humvee-sized, bulletproof meat-eating spiders attack



> The arachnids of the Devonian period got not bigger than 2 meters.

You say that like it is a good thing...

LG fu**ed off with swearing


Don't understand

I don't understand this article.

It's not April the first, and there is nothing in the article body (or video) that directly implies it is a joke, but rather both take the idea seriously.

The video contents however, are technically impossibly and patently ridiculous.

Is this a joke video the author didn't get? Or is the article itself so deep, filled with extended irony, that it went over my head completly? (Probably the latter, I don't mind that, I'd just like to know)

Drunk sorority girls quaff booze 'to impress boys'


@David Wiernicki

> "Rooted in the Jesuit tradition" is particularly funny if considered from an Australian perspective.

Well, that sort of depends on your recollections of the Jesuit School you used to go to doesn't it? :)

Motorised meat-smoker droid vigilante patrols Atlanta


Couple of videos available



Even a radio interview on YouTube

How an app called WarmTouch nailed a grenade-stockpiling cyber extortionist


Same old same old

It is always a "Quiet white male over the age of 30 who has problems fitting in at work, a loner who has trouble in social situations"... *always*

That bloody software probably has one button and a messagebox that pops up with that exact same message over and over


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