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US team create carbon nanotube ultra-memory



just knocked my laptop and reset all the bits to zero

UK Communist website abused by Chinese hackers

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if this is the cpgb.org.uk site

then it's still infected.

And it seems their site runs on Win 2003, who says Linux is for Commies!

4K by 2K resolution, Ethernet-equipped HDMI 1.4 announced

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RE wireless

HUH? I'm looking forward to you trying to use anything wireless once every single device under the sun starts using it... There's only so much bandwidth and transmitting 2 1080p video signals on top of your wireless network, bluetooth keyboard and mouse, dec phone, wireless door bell and garage door opener, tv sender all withing 20' of two or three neighbours who are trying to do the same thing... LOL

Of course the manufacturers could all get together and use a single wireless comms system like 802.11x or bluetooth... LOL

Microsoft IIS6 bug exposes sensitive files sans password


"Moderately Critical"

isn't that a bit like "slightly dead" or something?

Linutop 2

Dead Vulture


a 200MHz processor and just 128MB of RAM. That's a mid-1990s level spec,

I wouldn't exactly call that MID 90s spec. More like late 90s spec. I spent £200 on a PII233 in 98 and only got 32MB to go with it.

Greens: Telcos must share cell towers to save on CO2

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OK so 300GW aint that much but

have they added in all the tedious hours councils' planning and control departments spend each year debating new masts?

There's got to be a few more GWs there too!

Budvar beats Anheuser-Busch in latest Budweiser battle

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I'd rather

drink Budvar any day of the week, month or year... especially the dark one, mmm yum!

Right-wing Oz politico in nude snaps rumpus

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Vote Hanson for total law enforcement

"The pair were drunk - Hanson on Passion Pop, Johnson on IMPORTED beer."

So it's all the fault of foreigners! What Aus needs is a more right wing government to protect its population from the effects of degenerate imported beer.

Paris, because she'd never get drunk and do a nudie photo session with anyone

Texting peer gets prison

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But officer...

my wife was the one texting while I drove.

Only a Peer couldn't have thought his way out of that one

Win 7 and smartphones targeted in Pwn2own challenge

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RE: aL

As I understand it...

Day one: you're only allowed to hack the base OS with default settings

Day two: you can also attack browsers and other usually installed software

Day three: attack anything on the machines.

With the prize money going down accordingly.

Parcelforce website cold-shoulders Linux lovers


The funny thing is

that according to netcraft:


The site runs on Sun, so it's not like they haven't spent a lot of money on it!

World's fastest production car to gain electric twin



they meant standard 110KV outlet

I'm sure anyone who can afford one of these has such things, how else would you heat the Olympic sized hot tub in your mega mansion?

SA copper thieves bid for Darwin glory


Railway track...

is meant to be very valuable... it's very good steal...

EU says Microsoft violated law with IE on Windows

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for all retards bitching about mac and linux

To start off... anti trust types laws only come into effect if you control a market in the way MS do. So you won't see mac and ubuntu hit by rulings like this unless they get to control 90% + of the market!

You can't control a market by forcing less than 10% of users to do something, stop being so stupid!

Second: Ubuntu doesn't just bundle Firefox, you have a choice of lots of browsers through the package manager, or you can just install kubuntu (also a canonical product) which uses Konquerer as the default browser.

You can also completely remove whatever browser you don't like, show me the option in XP or Vista to do that. OK the option may be there but it doesn't do anything.

As for that "Ford windscreen" comment, LOL, a better analogy would be that if you buy a Ford it will only work properly on Ford roads, while cars from all other makes work on normal roads.

Halo Bill? because it will probably slip and strangle him!

New trojan in mass DNS hijack


Could you protect a network from this kind of attack...

Buy blocking outbound access to dns servers? (apart from your own dns server that is)

Of course that would also break anyone's machine who was using opendns etc.

The Netbook Newbie's Guide to Linux


The best upgrade I made to my netbook was...

to get a high speed SD card and move /home to it. Before I did that I was getting lots of application hangs while stuff was written to the ssd. Now apps open and close MUCH faster and nothing hangs any more. Firefox was pretty much unusable, now it's just a bit sluggish!

Nokia rings warning bell

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The sooner they go bust the better

cos then my phone company won't be able to foist any more of their crap hand sets on me. After 20-30 years you'd have thought that mobiles would just work... In fact the ones I had 15 years ago did. My new nokia and my GF's new nokia don't.

DEATH TO NOKIA for this infernal, confusing, unreliable, unusable piece of crap my carrier "upgraded" me to.

Still it's got a nice metal case so I guess I can break it in half and use a piece of string to make a much more reliable phone

Price cutting rivals eat into Nokia's market share

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nokia have gone down the pan

The problem isn't so much that nokia's rivals are cheaper... more that nokia's phones and software are rubbish.

I've known lots of people who used to swear by nokias, now they just swear at them.

I certainly spent a whole day swearing at the new e51 I got from work. Not only wouldn't it import my addressbook from my old K750 but the menus are fiddly and not intuitive, it takes ages to connect a call, it often doesn't ring when people call me and it needs recharging every night!!!

Way to flush your business down the toilet nokia.

I'll certainly never have another nokia if I have any choice about it!

Sovereign immunity blocks DMCA suit against Air Force



since the USAF contracted another company to actually break the dmca for them why not go after the contractor? If having a government contract is enough to get you out of dmca then surely there are lots of cleaners who now don't need to buy windows?

Microsoft kicks Ubuntu update in the hardy herons


@Sean O'Connor

"But after it installed SP3, no other Microsoft updates would install. We couldnt even get IE 7 to install. Every automatic update and install from network admin download versions failed."

That's because the update to windows update isn't included in the SP3 update. You have to update the updater before installing that update :)

I understand this is what caused it:


Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

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re "Sorry, it's not Linux either. "

Er, just be clear on what "local bank" you work for, I might need to close my account.

of course "format c:" wouldn't work, you have to RE-PARTITION the drive silly, you did say you work in IT didn't you?

and the reason Red Hat 6 wouldn't run is that it's 8 years old... Since Linux has all the drivers built in old versions don't like new hardware, get over it. You should have just gone to one of the big distribution's web sites and download the latest copy because it's free anyway.

Women overtaking men in tech abuse


Re April fools?

I wish, my girlfriend has filled the 300G drive in my myth box with all her crap. She still comes crying to me every time her Vista dies though so there's some hope for us blokes.