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We-think, I-think ... and Groupthink


We-Think, I-Organise

Ok, so we may not be able to have any new ideas in the modern world? Everything has been done already? Everything I could possibly think about has been thought about my someone else?

Theoretical eclecticism, and shared ideas across the globe certainly create an image of the individual being lost within a hive mind.

However, if you look at what "thinking" really is, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Chaos is the paradox of order and disorder. Disorder is what exists outside of the mind, Order is what the mind does to filter the world into something it can make sense of.

One who structures ideas into an 'opinion' may chose their own facts, may use different ideas to the next person. Originality is no longer the "idea" it is in fact the "organisation" of information.

Plagerising is claiming an idea as your own.

Offering an opinion must include a disclaimer: "In my opinion...".


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