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Apple lags MS in security response

Doug Petrosky

Ok, I'll step in to be branded a fan boy

This sounds like sour grapes. Yes, apple has to work with researchers who find bugs and vulnerabilities to patch them. And they may have to stroke their ego's a bit more too but the bottom line is the less anyone knows about specific security flaws in an operating system the better! It is no surprise that the day or week after Microsoft issues a patch that a slew of new attacks come out to try to take advantage of these newly documented bugs.

Also, I have to say the basic idea behind this article is flawed. Apple has responded very quickly to all actual threats to it's users (which admittedly have been few so far). It has done so well, that even the couple of trojans that exist for the Mac have gotten huge press but caught very few victims.

So, here is analogy. This is like a teacher with two students. One spends 10 minutes a night on homework and Aces all the tests and the other spends 3 hours a night but can get better than a C. This article praises the C student predicts that once the work gets harder the A student will obviously fail.

All I'm saying is that I see no facts to support the C student over the A student.


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