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HTC Vodafone Magic

Simon J. Richards

Wait for HTC third Android for 3.5mm socket

According to El Reg, the _third_ HTC android phone has a 3.5mm socket for your headphones.


It's a bit lame that the G2 doesn't, though. Same with HTC's Touch series: only the top-end Touch HD has a 3.5mm socket built in. Very poor show!

T-Mobile intros 'Pay Once' BlackBerry deal

Simon J. Richards

Orange do the 8120 (with Wi-Fi) on PAYG

It's £145 a month in "Titanium" (i.e.dark silver plastic) and it's a fiver a month, so that's £205 for a year. Wi-Fi for an extra £20 - not bad.

Of course, both Orange and T-Mobile could jack up the data fees at a later date.

T-Mobile pushes consumer mail

Simon J. Richards

Google Mail for Mobile push mail is better!

Just download the latest version applet of Google Mail for Mobile (though they seemingly never say what version you are downloading) and under Settings tick the new option "Notify me when there is new mail" and bingo! Push Email for peanuts and virtuall no configuration.

You'll get a long vibrate and (on my SE W950i at least) a globe logo to show that new mail has been downloaded. It uses _tiny_ amounts of data.

PS3 DVR add-on launch delayed

Simon J. Richards

@The Mighty Spang

When you ask "...have you compared the energy used by" should we take it to mean that _you_ have done the sums yourself?

Thought not.

For sure using a PS3 rather than building and shipping a whole new box - with the ubiquotous 'warm' transformer adapter - makes sense in the short term, but in the medium to long term an active PS3's energy use far outstrips that of a typical PVR (especially the newer generation) even when you include build and shipping.

Nokia 3110 Evolve eco-friendly mobile phone

Simon J. Richards

Mobile manufacturers & retailers eco crimes

"Nokia estimates that if all its phone users across the world unplugged their chargers when not needed, it could save energy equivalent to that needed to power 100,000 average-sized European homes."

Oh great - so it's "our past designs are a massive contributor to global warming so that we could save a nickel on every model, but we're getting so go buy this overpriced low tech phone!".

The most ecological choice is naturally not to upgrade and just soldier on with last years model.

It's worth checking out Greenpeace's site which ranks electronics manufacturers by their "greenness". Last time I looked, Apple got a bad rating, and Sony was towards the top.

Sony's 'energy saving' TV

Simon J. Richards

Switching off saves more energy

A still picture might use less energy than a moving one, especially as the backlight is presumably turned down, but this is like saving

My Bravia claims to uses 0.3w oin standby (pretty good) but surely turning it off (at 0w) is going to be the best use.

It's a bit like the government saying that we should all be recycling more. This misses the point that by the time we go to recycle something it is TOO LATE. At that point we have already used up resources and we should instead be using less plastic cups and bags etc in the first place by using reusable ones or just, well, refraining in the first place.


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