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T-Mobile getting out of blighty?

Hunde Kotze

This will be the UK's (and my) loss

Their customer service is MILES beyond that of their competitors. I'm a T-mobile customer in three countries (UK, Germany, USA) - and in the UK & US, have had complex matters to deal with. They have been generous and efficient in resolving problems. [I have no vested interest here; just a really happy customer that does not want to see them go]. Have been with them in the UK since the One-2-One days (still using the old blue SIM-card!)

AT&T to sell no-contract iPhones

Hunde Kotze

Quiz Answer

T-Mobile. Best customer service of all US mobile carriers.

Nokia nixes flagship phone in US

Hunde Kotze

US carriers suck

They hate Nokia.... it's mutual.

Nokia packs great features into their phones, and the carriers disable anything which does not result in revenue. Fortunately you can get unlocked Nokias, and use them anywhere.

Circuit City mulls mass layoffs, store closures

Hunde Kotze
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Blame the Economy

But really they have no reason to exist. And they hastened their demise in recent years by firing almost all experienced staff, so they could be replaced by pimply minimum-wage store fodder.

I never went back after that episode. Fuk'em.

Dell: We went green too early

Hunde Kotze

Utter Nonsense and Excuse-idiocy

Facilities costs, in particular server-room cooling, is a MAJOR part of tech facilities expenditure. The monthly electric bill is not the immediate point. Dell trying to excuse its incompetence with this verbal footwork is just ridiculous. Are they getting their lines from the McCain campaign?

US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers

Hunde Kotze

"America" != Americans

The small fraction of Americans (like me) who are actually sentient and care about our place in the World are positively -nauseated- by this shit. I travel to Europe several times per year, and am treated 40 times more courteously by the border control people in Germany, Netherlands, et al. than I am when I return to MY OWN FUCKING COUNTRY. Jackbooted dimwitted thugs does not begin to describe these creeps. I can only meekly apologise to any Europeans who are forced to go to the US. We are not all like this. Just avoid Jeebusland. (aka 'Red States').

This idiocy will not make anyone more secure, other than the security apparatchiks themselves, who are intent on ever-expanding their Orwellian reign of surveillance, fear, and suspicion.

I can only meekly apologise to any Europeans who are forced to go to the US. We are not all like this. Just avoid Jeebusland. (aka 'Red States').

Phoenix beams back Martian postcards

Hunde Kotze
Paris Hilton

2 metre arm

Since the robotic arm is Canada's contribution to the effort (as is the case with the Shuttle programme), you can be sure that it was engineered in proper units.

Paris, because she was not fooled by this length boast.

Dell axes 900 jobs in Austin plant shutdown

Hunde Kotze
Dead Vulture

Outsource the damn management

Who will undoubtedly be paying themselves fat bonuses for putting these people out on the street. Pure unadulterated scum.


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