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Mystery HDD maker orders kit to build monster-capacity drives

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RAID 1 does not minimize access time

RAID 1 does nothing for access times, and unless you have a good controller can kill your write times. If you've got the spare cash for 2 mirrored drives, drop the size of each drive in half and go RAID 5... since usable space is (N-1) * S. Either way, use an appropriate strip size for the files you'll be storing.

You'll learn to love mobile TV

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How about donations?

Donation systems seem to work well for music... big artists get huge donations because of big fan base, and smaller bands get exposure and some cash. Granted, most artists always made their big money on performances and that doesn't translate into TV or Movies... but I'd throw some money down to save Jericho or Firefly (from the US, have no idea if either of these shows have or will air in the UK).

I know alot of viewers who see no need to support Fox, CBS, ABC, or NBC since we don't like 20 hours of their daily programming. Why pay for it?

Microsoft EULA lands it with $175m Indian tax headache

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I'm very confused...

Are people really surprised some one (company, person, intelegent ape, ext...) is trying to avoid taxes? really? Avoiding taxes is the American pass time. We started a war with the most powerfull nation on earth over this stuff... really its in our blood.

These companies need to start going over the EULAs... this one probably did what MS wanted it to do in the US and EU, but really shouldn't they have consulted local council to make sure this wasn't going to bite them in fastest growing tech country in the world?


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