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Parallels opens Windows on the Mac desktop


Upgrade poor

The thing is, if you had v3 and upgrade, your likely to waste many hours.

On the face of it, its very cheap software for what you get. However, if you waste at least a day (and the forums back this up) upgrading, is it really such a cheap / viable solution???

This has been the worst upgrade experience I have EVER had (as is the case for many others).

And the claimed speed improvement after finally upgrading? Not a chance! The last build of v3 was fine, v4 is awful.

Its very sad, I would love for them to succeed in competing in the vitalization market, but this is not the answer unfortunately.

More dodgy phone-ins cost BBC £400,000


And who really pays?

Of course! Us!

Surely some other kind of punishment could have been used.

Adobe cuddles up to Linux Foundation


Linux support

This can only be a good thing. Adobe is finally taking Linux seriously. They have always been way behinf in Linux Flash player on Linux but since version 9 have attempted to bring releases in line with Windows and Mac versions.

They appear to be following suit with AIR.

I have also come across another related tool - Shu, which I reckon will get lots more adoption of AIR, and if that means on Linux too, can only be a good thing.