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Obama science chief: Geo-engineer to save Gaia!

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Vendicar Decarian

Whining American Conservatives

"I don't know much about this, but doesn't sulphur in the atmosphere result in the formation of weak sulphuric acid, which drops out as acid rain? "

It does, and that is why it won't be used, no matter how much whining American Conservatives demand it.

Canadian cops cry for BlackBerry wiretap

Vendicar Decarian

Krooks is so dumb

Criminal masterminds would never be capable of producing their own encryption system.

Can't happen. Never.

Hyundai readies Volt-style hybrid

Vendicar Decarian

GM, Chrysler, Ford = Dead Meat

Japan, North Korea, China and now India are the new automotive manufacturing superpowers in the world.

The collapse of the failed American state continues to accelerate.

Ford shows off e-van concept

Vendicar Decarian

40 mph max highway speed in 20 years

"70mph is 112km/h not 131 as stated in the article." - Jason W

113 when you round up to the nearest integer. which becomes 131 with a little dyslexia.

Don't worry, in 20 years the maximum highway speed will be 40 mph, thereby reducing fuel consumption by 50-60 percent.

Don't like it? Eat a bullet.

Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive

Vendicar Decarian

Torture the Bastard

The standard operating procedure in America for getting information that the State Police want is to ship you off to Guantanimo, and beat and torture you.

What's the problem?

As long as they don't bursta ny of your organs it's all fair.. Right?

Cheery Chinese car maker makes splash with EV hatchback

Vendicar Decarian

Cherry + 15 years = ??

"Unlike American and European vehicle's which have nuts and bolts that are made out of a metal " - Coward

What better material to use in order to limit the lifetime of a product through corrosion?

American automobiles are built to be sold to S.U.C.K.E.R.S. who are too stupid to know any better.

As to the quality of Chinese automobiles, the claim that they are built badly has some merrit I believe. But so too did that claim when it was made against Japanese automotive products in the 60's. By the mid 70's Japanese automobiles were built better than American made cars.

So too it will be with Chinese made cars. What is lacking is not the ability, but simply the quality control.

Meanwhile the American Automotive industry is bankrupt, along with the failed American state.

Good luck with that.

Crypto hash boffins trip on buffer overflow

Vendicar Decarian

C = Worst programming language ever created.

This is hardly surprising. C is one of the worst computer languages ever created. Conceived by morons, implemented by incompetents and loved by sicophants.

It is beyond me why a gazillion years after this DOS of programming languages was ever vomited upon the world, that none of the fools who use it have had the brain power to implement smart pointers - first in software - and then in hardware - in order to prevent buffer overflows.

Smart pointers would hold both the starting position of a table, along with the ending pointer, and any reference outside of that range by the pointer would result in an array bounds exception.

Once implemented in hardware, there would be <ZERO> speed penalty as the comparison can be done in parallel with the pointer computation.

Is GETS still part of the C standard Library?

Ahahahahahahahaahahh. It speaks volumes to the quality of thought that went into the language when it's own standard library function GETS overflows if the input data stream is too long.

Standard mental C midget solution? Make the buffer bigger.



Wanna see how to use Win 7 UAC to pwn a PC?

Vendicar Decarian
Gates Horns

Bullet to the head. Death is immediate

All of this is just another bandaid on a bandaid on a bandaid, layers and layers thick.

If CALC can be exploited in this way then it points immediately to an underlying failure in the interior program connectedness within Windows itself.

Fixing the problem (and not putting a bandaid over the symptoms) means reordering the connections between the appliations. This will undoubtedly break compatibility though, and that directs the failure to the people who implemented the connections in the first place.

You know, kinda like thinking - Gee Wow, why don't we have thrid party applications be executed as soon as I roll the mouse pointer over an icon.

Bullet to the head. Death is immediate.

Cuba crafts extra-communist Linux distro

Vendicar Decarian

Total Information Awareness

No rational government can employ windows in sensitive applications, for there is no way of knowing if the BUSH Government hasn't issued some secret finding that demands that Microsoft insert code and backdoors into the OS in order to faciliate Government and Corporate espionage.

How do you know that the NSA wasn't running a key logging application on your PC last week? Or right now? And as a result the U.S. government - which has proven itself to be both corrupt and completely untrustworthy, doesn't have the keys to your bank accounts, stock portfolios, adn encrypted drive volumes?

With Linux. many eyes will keep the source reasonably clean. On the other hand adding malicous code in the LinTard OS is significantly easier.

Can't trust the failed American state? Well then you can't trust any software that not open source, and which is produced by an American Company.

I'm a sceptic now, says ex-NASA climate boss

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Palin didn't know Africa is a continent, McCain aides say

Vendicar Decarian

RepubliKKKan Mental Retardation

Ya, we have seen Dan Potato(e) Quayle, and Ronald (I forgot my name) Reagan, and Shoot em in the face Cheney, and now I didn't know Africa was a continent Palin, and of course George, put food on your family Bush Jr.

The only people who would vote for such losers are even bigger losers themselves.

Lets not forget that Reagan spend the last 4 years of his presidency delusional and forgetful - protected by his advisors. His Alzheimers condition was the only think that kept him from being impeached for his criminal Iran Contra involvement.

More recently the current war criminal in the White House, was overdosing on Oxycotyn during his first 4 years in office, delusional, and speaking to Gawad.

During these last 4 years in office Bush was switched to Ritalin as his drug of choice.

Ford to build 'boring-EV beating' eco-engine in Bridgend

Vendicar Decarian


"It only does 20-22mpg," - NumNut

Then it is worthless.

Vendicar Decarian

Old fashioned Sucker.

"Call me old fashioned but I like an engine that sounds like its got a pair" - NumNuts

That's why auto makers spend more money on modifying the acoustics of their engines than on engine efficiency.

It doesn't make you "old fashioned'. It just makes you a sucker.

Google Willy Wonkas park fighter jet on NASA

Vendicar Decarian

What busines is if of The Register? - None.

And what business is it of the Register, how the founders of Google spend their money?

Perhaps you should include your last grocery receipt in your next article so that we can inspect your purchases.

Tiny MyCar named electric vehicle of the year

Vendicar Decarian

Welcome to the future

Welcome to the future of transportation.

Don't like it?

Too bad.

Sun's solar wind hits 50-year low

Vendicar Decarian

Solar avtivity down - Planet getting warmer.

Solar activity has declined slightly over the past three solar cycles - not only magnetic activity but also total emissions.

Over this time, the Earth has experienced a pronounced warming that has continued through the last 10 years.

Wag the Dog TV, produced a documentary claiming the opposite - that decreases in solar activity would decrease the earth's temperature.

This is hardly a surprise as the company was found to have doctored it's graphics, omitted data that was contrary to it's proposition, and knowingly mischaracterized the testimony of some of the scientists it interviewed.

You can see the fraud that was perpetrated in the final result, called "The Global Warming Swindle"

Met Office: Global warming sceptics 'have heads in sand'

Vendicar Decarian

Global average temps

Here are the global average temperatures since 1958. "o" = trend line.

Look at all those "o"'s lined up there. The trend is up, Up, UP.

And most recently the rate of increase is about 2'C per century.

View with mono spaced font.

1958 14.08 *******o***************

1959 14.06 ********o************

1960 13.99 *********o******

1961 14.08 **********o************

1962 14.04 ***********o********

1963 14.08 ************o**********

1964 13.79 **===========o

1965 13.89 *********====o

1966 13.97 **************o

1967 14.00 ***************o*

1968 13.96 **************==o

1969 14.08 *****************o*****

1970 14.03 ******************o

1971 13.90 **********=========o

1972 14.00 *****************===o

1973 14.14 ********************o******

1974 13.92 ***********==========o

1975 13.95 *************=========o

1976 13.84 ******=================o

1977 14.13 ************************o*

1978 14.02 ******************=======o

1979 14.09 ***********************===o

1980 14.18 ***************************o**

1981 14.27 ****************************o*******

1982 14.05 ********************========o

1983 14.26 *****************************o*****

1984 14.09 ***********************=======o

1985 14.06 *********************==========o

1986 14.13 **************************======o

1987 14.27 *********************************o**

1988 14.31 **********************************o****

1989 14.19 ******************************=====o

1990 14.38 ************************************o*******

1991 14.35 ************************************o****

1992 14.12 *************************============o

1993 14.14 ****************************===========o

1994 14.24 **********************************=====o

1995 14.38 ****************************************o***

1996 14.30 **************************************===o

1997 14.40 ******************************************o**

1998 14.57 *******************************************o*************

1999 14.33 ****************************************===o

2000 14.33 ****************************************====o

2001 14.48 *********************************************o*****

2002 14.56 **********************************************o*********

2003 14.55 ***********************************************o*******

2004 14.49 ************************************************o**

2005 14.62 *************************************************o**********

2006 14.54 **************************************************o****

2007 14.56 ***************************************************o*****

-------------------------------------------> Temperature

Correlation Coefficient .8529209

Source NASAS -> http://data.giss.nasa.gov:80/gistemp/tabledata/GLB.Ts+dSST.txt


AMD employee charged with stealing Intel secrets

Vendicar Decarian

FBI = One arm of the Fascist American State

1. Is there any evidence that AMD has those documents?

2. Is there any evidence that they were passed to anyone?

3. What business is it of the FBI to provide information secirity to IBM

4. If he had access to these documents was he not permitted to access them?

5. If he was not permitted, then why did he have access?

And finally

6. He did not "take" the documents, he apparently "copied them" A probable requirement for looking at them.

Mythbusters RFID episode axed after 'pressure' from credit card firms

Vendicar Decarian

Reduced Profts = Slander

"The First Amendment to the US Constitution which guarantees Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, simply says that the government cannot a priori stop you from saying/printing an article/opinion/whatever about something. It does not mean that once spoken/printed, you cannot be sued by other citizens for slander, libel, etc. With Freedom comes Responsibility." - Burns

And if through speech you reduce the profitability of an AmeriKKKan corporation then you have been irresponsible and will have your ass sued. And those with the deepest pockets will win.

Its the AmeriKKKan way

Vendicar Decarian

No wonder American Fascists are so Ignroant.

I am reminded that corporations will engage in any and every evil that is tollerated by the public in persuit of money. Keeping the consumer ignorant is therefore Job #1.

Why the US faces broadband price hikes

Vendicar Decarian

AmeriKKKa a third world nation

AmeriKKKa is already way behind the times in terms of providing it's population with high speed network access.

This ruling is going to do nothing more than keep AmeriKKKa operating at a third world level of network acccess.

If anything, high speed access should be subsidized so that work at home business schemes can be more readily adopted, and the collossal waste of time that is commuting back and forth to work, reduced.

Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered

Vendicar Decarian

Denialism = Non Science Nonsense

"AGW believers, AGW denialists - neither terms have anything to do with science; politics and psychology maybe." - Wilkinson

Denialism has everything to do with irrational, emotionally driven non-science nonsense.

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Vendicar Decarian

Don't offend the inferior. It makes them feel inferior.

"Since RealClimate is obviously your spiritual and emotional home, Vendicar, why don't you go back there instead of insulting and ranting at every other poster here?" - Alan

I don't tollerate liars Alan. And neither do I tollerate fools.

Hence I do not tollerate AGW denialists.

Vendicar Decarian

La La Lu

"I could address all your "criticisms" at length," - LU

Doubtful as you obviously have no concept of how science works and barely any knowledge of how the natural world works.

"Firstly, I never suggested/implied Al Gore invented Global Warming, I merely used him as the main spokesman for the theory we're discussing here." - LU

And a spokesperson who is solidly supported by the scientific community "his ilk" as you put it, and the scientific literature.

"Science knows that adding CO2 increases the earths temperature because science has measured with great precision the absorption spectra of CO2. And since Science knows what frequencies at which CO2 emits and absorbs, Science can readily compute how much scattering back toward the earth's surface there will be, and hence how much heating will result." - Vendicar

"So, you've correctly explained how we calculate THEORETICAL heat increases caused by CO2. You see, in our system (Earth, Sun etc.), there are a host of other factors which cause both increases and decreases in temperature. Now, your assertion is that we have made allowance for these factors, and we've concluded that the CO2 is the main one." - LU

Correct. The output from the sun is being measured constantly by solar astronomers as are all other sigificant factors that you might care to mention that might alter global surface temperatures.

Solar ouput for example, has been in slight decline over the last 30 years for example, and hence solar output can be excluded from the factors causing the observed Warming of the Globe.

"If you do some research, you'll find that scientists have found that we aren't even close to understanding all the heating and cooling mechanisms which affect our system, and there's simply not enough data to be able to reach any conclusions." - LU

Research consists of reading the scientific literature, something that you are incapable of doing, and something I do with regularity.

Your concept of research is regurgitating the mindless nonsense that you read on KKKonservative blogs. Nonsense passed down from other nonsense KKKonservative blogs, which is based on half truths obtained from yet other nonsense Denialist blogs.

Scientists as a profession don't write for KKKonservative blogs, don't read KKKonservative blogs, and don't publish their research in KKKonservative blogs.

The communiation media of science is peer reviewed and not rewritten by a corrupt, lying, MORON who illegitimately occupies the AmeriKKKan White House.

"Now, I'm not gonna provide any links, " - Lu

Of course not. You don't have any creditable links. All you have is Denialist Bullshit and and Denialist Ignorance.

Vendicar Decarian

Wheelan and Goddard caught lying again.

As the following image shows, the arctic meltdown continues at it's near record pace.

Every day that passes, the terminus of the northern slush pack retreats further and further.

Dispite the real world measuremetns that show the slush pack retreating every day, Whelan and Goddard continue to lie about the ice pack growing in extent.


Vendicar Decarian

Whelan caught in yet another lie.

"Here is a map of the only region that has any blockage.


Indicating that there is no blockage unless you consider 2 pixel widths which corresponds to perhaps 10 miles total of slush with a concentration of 30% ice and 70% water.

Whelan appears to be completely ignorant of the fact that BLUE represents WATER, not ICE.

You can't get any dumber than that.

"The passages are now blocked by ice. I think an apology is due.

http://ice-glaces.ec.gc.ca/prods/WIS56CT/20080811180000_WIS56CT_0003912829.gif" - Whelan.

Now Whelan tries to claim that the passage is ice blocked by pulling up a map from August 11th.

What little ice existed then has been pushed to the northern shores of the surrounding islands and this combined with the ongoing melt - his own reference provided earlier claimed that the sea water temperature was +4'C in that area, have melted the entire channel clear over the last week.

Now is it incompetence that causes whelan to post a map that is a week old and then claim that it shows current conditons?

Or is he knowingly lying?

Vendicar Decarian

Fools and Liars

"Nope. Sorry. The U.S is still the number 1 emitter of CO2 both in absolute terms and per capita." - Vendicar

"Based on what?" - Whelan

CO2 emissions.

"And don't start calling people names just because your argument is being dismantled." - Whelan

I recognize a fool as a fool, and a liar as a liar.

You have proven yourself to be a fool and a liar on multiple occasions.

If that upsets you then perhaps you should be something other than a fool and a liar.

Vendicar Decarian

Lie, Lie Lu

"For example, we're currently studying how things like ocean depth affects global cooling, but we've only just scratched the surface, we barely understand it. The same goes for average cloud cover, ocean currents, etc, etc etc."

Ignorant Claptrap.

All first order inputs to the climate system have been identified and quantified and in fact were quantified 20 years ago. In large part all second order unputs have also been identified and quantified, and with a few exceptions that effort was completed 10 years ago.

The primary unknown variable in computing climate change has for quite sime time now, been the estimate of the Stupidity of the Human Race.

LU's efforts to raise the stupidity quotient are noted.

Vendicar Decarian


Your devotion to NSIDC calculations is admirable, but they are not the only possible interpretation of the data. If you want to convince me to use the NSIDC numbers, then explain to us why the CT maps show a much larger extent difference vs. 2007. I'm looking for a technical explanation - your apparent love of government data sets is not a compelling argument." - Steven goddard

It's already been explained to you in detail. You make the assumption that any ice = 100 percent ice, while real scientists omit any ice concentration below 15% as it is marginal, transient, and destined to melt.

Sadly Steven Goddard hasn't got a clue. And his analysis has been found to be fraudulent.

Vendicar Decarian

LuLu Lu

"Al Gore and his ilk have forced a logical fallacy upon us, one which all the armchair scientists accept, because it's one of the most common logical errors, so you don't realise your mistake." - Lu

Ya, Global Warming was invented by Al Gore.


It's astonishing that you can manage to feed yourself, when your appreciation of the world is so limited and myopic.

I'm sorrry that you are upset by the fact that Gore is a very good reporter of Global Warming Science. But by what spark of childish illogic do you conclude that Gore invented Global Warming Science?

Of course anyone who is involved in climate science knows that the original calculation of how much temperature rise could be expected from a doubling of CO2 was done well over 100 years ago by one of the greatest scientists of all time - Svante Arrhenius.

Gosh I wonder how Arrhenius did that ay? Did he consult with Al Gore first?


"You take a fact: average global temperatures are increasing (for argument's sake, as we're not even sure of that anymore)" - Lu

Well you might not be sure, but I can assure you that every legitimate scientist on earth is sure.

I have posted a plot of temperature over time twice now. Did you purposely ignore it?

"You take a second, coincedental fact: Human CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are increasing at the same time You suddenly, incorrectly conclude that one caused the other." - LU

As I said, your knowledge is lacking and your appreciation of science nearly non-existant.

Science knows that adding CO2 increases the earths temperature because science has measured with great precision the absorption spectra of CO2. And since Science knows what frequencies at which CO2 emits and absorbs, Science can readily compute how much scattering back toward the earth's surface there will be, and hence how much heating will result.

These calculations rely on <NOTHING> more than the fundamental laws of radiative physics and thermodynamics. And if those are wrong, then all of science developed over the last 200 years - every shred of it... Is also wrong since all of it is based in part or in total on those basic laws of physics.

"Now, here's the thing - at the moment, climate science is in it's infancy, and the fact of the matter is that we don't even KNOW what all the factors are which affect global temperatures. In fact, the ones we do know, we are only just beginning to understand." - LU

Sorry. We do. You don't. But then you are scientifically illiterate.

"Hence, we have NO IDEA what effect CO2 has. And no way to predict temperatures any distance into the future. Not at the moment, anyway." - LU

Sorry. We do. You don't. But then you have proven yourself to be scientifically illiterate.

"This is why Dodgy Geezer quite correctly states :" There is NO proof which shows definitively that human CO2 is responsible for any measured change"" - LU

Outside fo mathematics science doesn't provide proof of anything, and never has.

Your regurgitation of a "criticism" of there being no <scientific proof> is therefore yet another example of your Scientific Illiteracy. The natural sciences never provide proof, and never have.

I would say that your general level of science comrpehension is on a par with a grade 5 public school student.


Vendicar Decarian

Geezer shows that his questions weren't honest ones.

Vendicar Decarian - Questions answered - most were childish..

"Child-like questions are the best ones" - Geezer

Only when they come from children. It gives adults the ability to train them.

When adults ask such questions, it simply shows their intellectual inferiority.


the biosphere and human culture has evolved for the previous temperature regime.Any variance from the norm is necessarily immediately suboptimal.

>We know that there have been several ice ages, where the earth has been cooler than it is now.

A couple of dozen in fact.


"The two answers above are odd - you seem to be saying that life has evolved to be able to withstand ice ages and interglacials in the past, but now we have suddenly stopped evolving?"

What makes you think that life evolved to withstand ice ages? How readily would human civilization to scraped off the map by 2 mile thick glaciers scouring over North America?

What I said was that the biosphere has evolved to be optimal for it's current state. I didn't say that it had evolved to be optimla for a glacial cycle.

And since it has evolved to be optimal for it's current state, then any change of state is necessarily suboptimal.

It really is quite simple to understand. I fail to see the origin of your confusion unless it is simply willful ignorance on your part.

"Or does 'suboptimal' mean no more than we must adapt again, as we have always done? If so, it doesn't mean much..."

Suboptimal means a reduction in the count, of individual organisms in any niche, and a reduction in the number of niche that are available to be occupied.


Within the next 90 years the earth will have warmed such that it will be warmer than it has been for the last million years.


"Ooh, what an assertion!" - Geezer.

Wrong. It's a scientific calculation.

"I presume you haven't read the latest debunking of the hockey stick? The MWP was much warmer. Don't you know that Wahl and Amman has been shot down?" - Geezer.

Which one? There are dozens of hockey sticks in the scientific climate change literature, all based on different data sets, and all supporting each other.

Are you referring to the hansen hockey stick that was reviewed and vindicated by peer reviewers at the the American Physical Union?


Why is there variance? The system is chaotic. and various natrual inputs perterb the system.These inputs have all been quantified, and Co2 turns out to be the driving factor in the current temperture excursion.


"Oooh again! Some inputs have been guessed at. Did you see the paper on desert sinks for CO2 a week ago? A totally new sink which is not understood at all yet. We really know very little about the climate system." - Geezer

And one that is completely irrevalant, since the observed rise in atmospheric CO2 has unequivaquiibly been shown to be a result of the emissions of man.

Unless of course you are going to claim that a CO2 sink is a source of CO2.

"What has happened is that CO2 has been ASSUMED to be totally responsible for the current (minor) warming fluctuation" - Geezer

No, It is Computed that CO2 is the cause of the recent warming. And this computation was performed first, well over 100 years ago.

There are no assumptions required. Only the emission/absorption spectra of CO2, and H20 and the equations discribing the change in water vapour concentration with temperature.

"some computer models have been created which model that assumption, and these have then been manipulated to match the recent historic data which shows temperatures rising. - Geezer.

You are delusional.

If the models - which are the life work of hundreds of researchers, are being manipulated then this would involve a conspiracy amount thousands of unrelated scientists from all over the world. And would require that tens of thousands of others remain silent about the falsification.

Sorry. That little KKKonspiracy is a figmant of your delusional mind.

" Unsurprisingly, if you continue that trend, you will see amazing temperatures. However, this trend has reversed in the last few years!"

Quite impossible since climate trends are not defined over such a short period of time.

Climate trends are defined over the time frame of decades, and for you to claim that climate change has reversed over a period of a few years, shows that you are completely ignorant of what climate is, how it is defined, and what the term means.

Further, there has been no change in the trend. Global temperatures continue to rise.

The universe doesn't care how much you lie about it. Your delusions do not change the measured facts.

"There is NO proof which shows definitively that human CO2 is responsible for any measured change." - Geezer

There is no scientific proof that you aren't a banana.

Science doesn't deal in proof, and never has.

Demands that science provide proof are the demands of someone who is scientifically illiterate.


Generally this is not a result of altertions in the depth of the ocean byt alterations in the height of the ground.Historical norms are not important if all major U.S. coastal cities are under water as a result of CO2 emissions.


"Ground height variation (and erosion) are all happening much faster than absolute sea level change."

Erosion isn't a significant factor in ground level change. Unless you are referring to the build op of silt at river delta's.

Ground level changes occurr primarily as a result of tectonic faulting, or the upwelling of magma from deeper in the earth's mantle.

"Why do you blame CO2 emissions?" - Geezer.

Becuase scientifically it's impossible not to.

> If the sea level rose 20 ft over the next 200 years, would 1 billion people drown, > or would they slowly move (to prevent said drowning)?


If 1 billion refugees moved to America to escape the loss of their homes due to global warming, would the U.S. be willing to accept them?


"Well, these figures are complete guesses, based on no reality." - Geezer

Most people on this planet live in coastal cities. And by the tiime 2100 comes around there will be 9 billion people on this planet. If only 20% of them need to be resettled due to the flooding of coastal cities, then that is 2 billion people.

Are you willing to accept them?

"No country has yet had to consider relocating people because of Global Warming," - Geezer.

Your question regarded a rise of sea level by 20 meters. And you asked about the repercussions of such a rise.

Now when one facet of those reprocussions are provided to you, you now claim that your own assumption - a 20 foot rise - was unrealistic.

I can only conclude that your question was therefore a dishonest one.

"though a lot of rubbish is talked about it by politicians who are hoping to get money." - Geezer

Money grubbres like yourself are always worried about other people stealing their money. If it's not whining about warming, it's whining about the scientific link between cancer and tobacco, or the link between CFC production and Stratospheric Ozone depletion, or the link between the emission of sulfuric acid by smoke stacks and the falling of sulfuric acid from rain clouds.

The world has come to ignore the whining of money grubbers like yourself, as we know that your motivation is not only anti-scocial, but explicitly immoral in the extreme.

But you have made your motivation clear. You are a coward who fears that he will be forced to pay for the part he plays in the destruction of the Biosphere.

Awwwww. Tooo bad...

"However, if we just accept this figure at face value, 1 billion refugees over 200 years is 5m per year."

Where did you get the 200 year figure? It's different than your previous assumption.

Aren't you going to make an honest attempt even to stick within the constraints of your own question?

"The US currently accepts between 1m and 2m per year legal permanent migrants. So, assuming the migrants were spread over the world, I would guess that no one would notice the slight increase." - Geezer

An increase of 150% is a Slight increase?

And if we use your original time frame it's 300%?

And if we are realistic, it's closer to 600%.

Honesty doesn't appear to be your strong point Geezer.

"But it's not going to happen." - Geezer.

I See, so you wouldn't accept the refugees that you create.

And the conditions in the question you asked will never happen

If so, then why did you aske the question? Child.

"Degree-level icon, because NO ONE should just be asking someone else for interpretations of data at this stage of the game." - Geezer

Mindless, Incoherent drivel.

Vendicar Decarian

Whelan's own link shows ice continuing to melt.

"Below normal cold in the Canadian Arctic

http://iup.physik.uni-bremen.de:8084/nwp/nwp07.png" - Whelan

And this image you link to, shows <LESS> ice than the one you provided yesterday.

The sad fact of the matter, is that Global Warming Denialists really are as idiotic as Shawn Whelan here.

The arctic ice continues to melt.

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Vendicar Decarian

AmeriKKKan compliance assurred.

"Note that China is now the number one emitter of greenhouse gasses "

Nope. Sorry. The U.S is still the number 1 emitter of CO2 both in absolute terms and per capita.

And on a Per Capita basis, China emits 1/6th that of the U.S.

China will eventually exceed the U.S. emissions rate in absolute terms. But it will <NEVER> reach the current U.S. rate of emission.

And the U.S. will never again emit at the rates it is currently emitting.

Non-compliance with emission controls will result in trade sanctions being placed against the failed AmeriKKKan state.

If AmeriKKKa will not act rationally then it will be starved into submission.

If even stronger measures are needed, I will not hesitate to implement them.

Vendicar Decarian

Goddard still can't figure out that 15% <> 100%

"As of Sunday, August 17 - the UIUC maps show 2008 about 25% larger extent than their 2007 map. Looking at the trend, it appears that this season will end with about 15-20% greater extent than last year. The NSIDC graph and the CT maps appear to be converging somewhat over the last week." - Goddard

And 50% of the existing "extent" has an ice density of less than 50%.

Now there definately is going to be more ice this year than last, but the trend for this year is also clearly less ice this year than in all years prior with the exception of last year.

This year will have the second smallest coverage of ice since records began.

Vendicar Decarian


"Check it out for yourself Alan. -8.7 deg C in Alert yesterday and you think the melt is accelerating?" - Doofus.

I just checked the temp at alert. It's -7'C but the water temparature of the salt water ocean around it is still +4.

And that is why the melt will continue for another couple of weeks.

"You don't need to believe the junk science propoganda" - Doofus

Correct. I don't believe anything you say as you clearly don't have a clue.

"There is a huge increase in Arctic ice and the Arctic is below normal for temps, which likely means the melt will soon end." - Doofus.

Nope, there is no increase in arctic ice, and I've sent you the links to satellite mages that show this to be the case.

Vendicar Decarian

Sun has been cooling for 30 years while temps rise

"So you disregard the orbit of the Earth, the position of the earth, the position of the Moon, the activity of the Sun and the million other things that affect the climate of the Earth? Quite simple." - Whelan

No, those things are considered by the existing global climate models. But since they all change over a period of tens of thousands of years, and modeling is typically done to determine changes that will occur over tens of decades, the other factors are not particularly relevant.

Solar factors are the most important second order driver in the climate models of course, but since the sun has been cooling over the last 30 years while global temperatures have been rising, it's pretty clear that the activity of the sun is hiding some of the effects of CO2 enhanced global warming.

Vendicar Decarian

CO2 is a metabolic waste product like urea

"CO2 is a benign beneficial gas that is pumped into greenhouses to make plants grow." - Whelan

If CO2 is benign then I advise you to hold your breath for 3 to 4 minutes and tell us how if feels.

CO2 is a metabolic waste product. And that's why your body goes to great lengths to immediately remove it from your tissues.

Vendicar Decarian

Whelan shows north pole ocean at +3'C

"Not much thawing at those temps. Actually should be ice forming in some areas.

http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/data/analysis/351_100.gif" - Whelan

Which shows that the ocean temperature 300 miles from the North Polie is +3'C

Ocean water is salty and melts at somewhere around MINUS 2'C

Vendicar Decarian

Willfull ignorance.

"Sorry Anne, the atmosphere is composed of many ingredients, that tiny amount of CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas, water vapour for one is much more important and there are millions of other things affecting the climate of the Earth."

All of the major influences are accounted for with water vapour being the most troublesome.

And of course water vapour levels are controlled by surface tempearature on a water planet like the Earth.

So small increases in surface temperature are magnified, as they cause more evaporation and higher water vapour levels.

The basics aren't rocket science.

But then, walking and chewing gum constitutes rocket science to the typical denialist.

Vendicar Decarian

Knee deep denialist Bullshit

"There is a huge increase in Arctic ice and the Arctic is below normal for temps, which likely means the melt will soon end." - Shawn Whelan

Bullshit. Melting continues, and at a high rate as the following link shows.


However the sun will soon set, and then the melt will certainly come to an end.

Vendicar Decarian

Arctic Nuclear heating.

"How much heat do those subs leave at the arctic?" Juel Edwards

Well lets estimate shall we.

Lets assume that the sub uses a 1 gigawatt nuclear reactor (much larger than what is really used). and it took a month to cross the arctic ocean.

Now the arctic ocen has a volume of about 5.1E35 cubic centimeters and over a month the sub would pour 2.6E15 joules of energy into that ocean.

The temperature rise due to the presence of that sub would therefore be somewhere around 0.000000000000000000001 'C


I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. Ya think?

Vendicar Decarian

Hanson Refused Bush's Gagg Order

"Vendicar Decarian declared "In science, data has the final say." what was obvious was you stopped at 2007, from Jan2007 to Jan2008" - Greg

Apparently Greg wants the 2008 average global temperature included before 2008 is over and the average can be computed.

You can't get much dumber than that.

"All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA’s GISS, UAH, RSS) reported a drop in avg global temperature of between 0.65C to 0.75C. your data was from GISS, GISS data is based solely on ground based readings, the least accurate due to heat island effects." - Greg

Heat island effects are removed from the analysis by either omitting unfavorable sites, or through direct temperature adjustement.

As to GISS being strictly from ground based measurements, again Greg is entirely wrong.

From NASA.

"A global temperature index, as described by Hansen et al. (1996), is obtained by combining the meteorological station measurements with sea surface temperatures based in early years on ship measurements and in recent decades on satellite measurements. Uses of this data should credit the original sources, specifically the British HadISST group (Rayner and others) and the NOAA satellite analysis group (Reynolds, Smith and others). (See references.) "


"you are aware I hope that the data being generated by GISS was found to be flawed and was indeed too high. Hanson admitted blame for it but claimed it was a computer programming oversight." - Greg.

Yes, a trivial error was found in a compensation factor for one set of satellite measurements. Within 2 days NASA provided credit to those who found the error, and a corrected recomputation that used an appropriate factor.

The net result of the "error" was to throw off the global temperature by a single digit in the third decimal place. A variance so slight that it is impossible to detect in a plot of global surface temperatures.

"considering his track record many wonder if the oversight was intentional."

Hanson is now one of the favorite whipping boys of the Denialist camp since he Publicly refused to be gagged by the orders issued by George Bush in his attempt to gagg scientists of all types.



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