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Microsoft secretly yanks TechNet product keys


This cannot possibly

be legal! If you are going to remove my keys that I PAID FOR, then you need to refund some cash ASAP! Otherwise I expect all of the product that I PAID FOR to be given back.

4chan invades Tea Party website


I've got your title right here....

See, now you've gone and proven what I was just talking about with some co-workers yesterday in reference to how the new talking heads of the Tea Party (Huckabee, Palin, O'donnell) have hijacked the whole damn movement and perverted its message.

Yeah, they've turned it into a freakin' GOP redo of god botherin ass hats. The original purpose and core of the Tea party was to squash big government and get rid of income taxes in favor of a simpler plan called Fair Tax. Please keep YOUR religion out of MY government thank you very much.

It never ceases to amaze me how viral these stupid god botherin ass hats can be when they invade an organization. Now the world sees the Tea Party as some god botherin' party instead of a real middle America average citizen movement.

Makes. Me. Sick.

Why Bono is wrong about filesharing

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This is a title

Post of the year!

Beer drinking model to get caned in Malaysia

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@We never learn...By John 186 et al. similar


"The problem is of course that eternal cancer of the human race - organised religion. Responsible for half the woes of mankind since the dawn of time. But we just never EVER seem to learn."

Mozilla mauls Microsoft on IE, Windows 7 bundle


Why? It wouldn't make any sense.

Quick! Someone issue a complaint that GM unfairly bundles their radios and CD players with their cars which is obviously stifling the aftermarket radio competition.

Seriously people... cry me a freakin river already! Would Opera/Mozilla like a piece of cheese with that wine?

Polish Spitfire shoots down BNP


Correlation and causation By J

From one Atheist to another...

Precisely and very well said.

"The social, political, cultural, economical circumstances of the countries are the cause."

Which, if not very well rounded or supportive of the human condition, leads to an increased population afflicted with general ignorance. General ignorance* is what religious dogma, any religious dogma, preys upon. Ignorance when combined with religious dogma led by an extreme zealot causes the fanaticism found in all religious beliefs and in all places in the world.

Illegal aliens should be deported promptly. There are LEGAL means to enter a country. Do try to follow the laws of the country you are living in.

*General Ignorance is the guy that lost the war in the battle for Humanity and Rationality.

Honda shows off Insight hybrid


@MPG figures....... American or British?

It would seem that most are comparing apples to oranges here....

Yeah the gas/electric Hybrids are pretty pointless if you want to go through the bother of figuring all the 'carbon' emmissions just to get one on the road, but they do start that path to get away from oil*. Ugly or not... D@mn I wish I could get one of those european diesels.

So as far as the UK MPG v. US MPG

10 US gallons = 8.33333 UK gallons ( UK gallon = 120% US gallons)


67 MPG US = 80.4 MPG UK

44 MPG US = 52.8 MPG UK

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

*and this coming from a Road Racer.

Flames... well isn't that what internal combustion is all about?

Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target



"Here Here!!

Want to come and join a group of similar thinking individuals....."

No thanks. I prefer just being an individual. As you know, individuals can do more damage to death cults.


It's about time...

...that we stood up against the oldest form of repression and anti-thinking!

Religion\God -

Created by man-kind and the eventual downfall of man-kind.

Death and destruction brought to you by religion in the name of GOD.

US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits


@Jonathan Adams

"Belief with no room for compromise _ON EITHER SIDE_ of the argument is irrational."

While your statement is true about arguments of a rational nature, belief in any religion without compromise is, by it's very nature, an irrational argument and therefore cannot be argued.

Not believing is not a belief, rather a rationalization that the belief is false.

Coat please... The one with "Truth" on the front and "Science" on the back.

MS DNS patch snuffs net connection for ZoneAlarm users


@ all you Zone Alarmists

"I blame Microsoft blah, blah, blah...."

Software 'firewalls' are a joke. Zone Alarmist is probably the worst of them...

get real, get rid of it, & get over it

China in anti-monopoly investigation of Microsoft


Pot, meet kettle....

@ Wing Stand: Exactly

@ Best defense is a strong offense: Exactly

Does MS software cost too much? Yeah probably but then again so does oil. (by about $60 to $100 per barrel). Why don't they take aim at a real target then? What about the EU and US and pick a conglomerate... why don't they do something about the strangle hold that speculators and OPEC have on the world? Talk about your monopoly.

China is nothing more than a bandwagon wh*re.. jumping on when and where they can and stealing anything they can get their greedy hands on!

Flames? Well they are the other Red state....

LiveLeak pulls anti-Koran documentary


All Religions and Dogmas are...

...the creation of man and they will be the downfall of man.

Mine is the white lab coat with truth on the front and science on the back.